A Mandalorian Can Become a Jedi, but It’s Rare & Here’s Why

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We know that many different species and races can be Jedi in the Star Wars world because anyone can be sensitive to the Force. But for some reason, the Mandalorians tend to be quite unique about their relationship to the Force and how they see the Jedi, as this led many people to believe that Mandalorians can’t become Jedi. But the truth is that a Mandalorian can still be a Jedi despite how rare the instance can be. So, why is it that there aren’t a lot of Mandalorian Jedi?

Mandalorian Jedi are incredibly rare because the Jedi and the Mandalorians didn’t always agree with one another. In fact, they used to be at war with one another. As such, the Mandalorians closed themselves off to the Force, which they saw as sorcery and as the weapon of their ancient enemies.

It’s not that the Mandalorians can’t use the Force. Instead, it’s just that they weren’t always open to it at all due to the very nature of their culture as a warrior race that only believed in strength in combat. In that regard, the Mandalorians didn’t open themselves to the possibility of using the Force or even in its existence. That said, let’s look at why Mandalorian Jedi were so rare.

The Jedi and the Mandalorians were ancient enemies

First things first, it is important to understand that the Jedi and the Mandalorians are two of the strongest groups of people in the history of the Star Wars galaxy. The Jedi, of course, were known to wield the Force and were full of different powerful knights that kept the peace in the galaxy for 25,000 years. Meanwhile, the Mandalorians were a group of people that resided on the planet of Mandalore and were known to be a warrior race that basically worshipped strength and weaponry.

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For some reason, the Jedi and the Mandalorians clashed with one another in the past, as this could be due to the very nature of the Mandalorians as warriors. The Jedi, who wanted to maintain peace in the galaxy, were natural enemies of a warrior race. On top of that, the Mandalorians didn’t understand the power that the Jedi Order wielded, and that was why they often clashed with one another in a series of different wars called the Mandalorian-Jedi War, which happened during ancient times.

It was the wars between the Jedi and the Mandalorians that allowed the Mandalorians to advance their weapons and fighting styles. They realized that they couldn’t defeat the power of the Force, which they didn’t understand. That’s why they decided to develop more advanced weapons and fighting styles, including the use of Beskar Steel, which could only be found on Mandalore. The fact that Beskar Steel, the strongest metal in the entire galaxy, could withstand the power of a lightsaber allowed the Mandalorians to fight the Jedi on par.


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On top of that, most of the different weapons that the Mandalorians used were catered toward countering the power of the Jedi. This included using jetpacks, flamethrowers, wrist rockets, and grappling hooks. We’ve seen repeatedly how such weapons could aid the Mandalorians against the Jedi. And we can’t forget how Beskar can defend against the heat produced by a lightsaber.

The wars fought between the Jedi and the Mandalorians damaged Mandalore, making almost the entire planet a barren wasteland. Mandalorians were forced to live inside domed cities because the entire planet became scorched. Even after the end of the wars, the Mandalorians still couldn’t forgive and forget what the conflicts with the Jedi Order did to their planet, causing them to develop a tradition of despising the Jedi and any other group of people who wielded the Force.

Mandalorians close themselves to the Force

As a result of the different wars that the Jedi and the Mandalorians fought against one another, the Mandalorians didn’t entirely believe in the Force or, at the very least, dreaded its existence. In ‘The Mandalorian,’ the Armorer explained to Din Djarin the nature of the Jedi as a group of sorcerers who wielded a strange power they didn’t understand. As such, the Mandalorians had no room in their hearts for the Force.

The very culture of the Mandalorian people also made it more difficult for them to embrace the Force or become open to it. Mandalorians are known to be proud, stubborn, and bullish people who value strength above anything else. To that end, they were born to be warriors who only believed in the strength of their weapons and training. As Din Djarin once said, weapons were part of the Mandalorian religion.


Because of that, the Mandalorians were closed off to the Force. The thing about the Force is that, while it exists in every living being, the person needs to open themselves up to it to use it or, at the very least, feel its presence. But because the Mandalorians were closed off to it due to their culture and warrior ways, it was rare for them to become Jedi, even if a Mandalorian was born strong in the Force.

This explains why Mandalorian Jedi were very rare in the galaxy’s history, while almost all of the other species and races throughout the galaxy had numerous representatives within the Jedi Order. 


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Of course, there’s also the fact that Mandalore was never a part of the Republic, and that was why it was difficult for the Jedi Order to go to Mandalore and seek a Force-sensitive Mandalorian to be trained in the ways of the Force. And even if that were possible, the family of the Mandalorian child wouldn’t agree to send their child to Coruscant to train to be a Jedi instead of as a Mandalorian.

Tarre Vizsla was the only Mandalorian Jedi

As mentioned, Mandalorian Jedi were incredibly rare. In fact, it was mentioned by Pre Vizsla that there was only one Mandalorian Jedi in history, and that was Tarre Vizsla, who was part of the Jedi Order more than a thousand years ago. He also created the Darksaber, which ultimately became a symbol of power among the Mandalorian people.

Then again, it is starting to look like Tarre Vizsla won’t be the only Mandalorian Jedi in history as Ahsoka Tano has been training Sabine Wren in the ways of the Jedi in the ‘Ahsoka’ series. There is also ‘The Mandalorian’s’ Grogu, who was born strong in the Force but has chosen the path of the Mandalorian. While he probably won’t be a Jedi due to his choice, Grogu will likely become the only Mandalorian capable of wielding the Force with such ease.

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