Did Ahsoka Train Sabine? Yes, but She Also Had Another Master

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The ‘Ahsoka’ series has introduced to us the concept of a comparatively weaker character named Sabine Wren as a Jedi Padawan. While we did say that Sabine is weak, we are referring to her Force aptitude or lack thereof. As such, she is a unique character because she is learning how to be a Jedi. Even though she doesn’t have the talents of the usual Padawan, she is still taken in by a familiar Jedi. So, did Ahsoka train Sabine?

Ahsoka Tano is currently Sabine’s Jedi Master. However, she first learned how to wield a lightsaber from Kanan Jarrus, who was Ezra Bridger’s master at that time. But Kanan and even Ezra only taught Sabine the basics of lightsaber combat instead of actually teaching her how to be a Jedi.

While it might be true that Sabine first learned how to use a lightsaber from Kanan Jarrus, Ahsoka was the first to teach her how to be a Jedi. In that regard, Sabine is now a true Padawan, but she is only learning to fight like a Jedi under Kanan. Now, let’s look at Sabine’s background as a Jedi Padawan and how she started learning how to be a Jedi.

Who was Sabine’s first Jedi mentor?

Back in the events of ‘Star Wars: Rebels,’ we met Sabine Wren as the resident weapons expert of the Spectres because she is a Mandalorian warrior. That means that she excelled in all forms of armed combat and was great at using any kind of weapon in her hands. Then again, using a lightsaber was a different kind of challenge that she needed to overcome.

sabine and kanan

Sabine ended up wielding the Darksaber at one point after finding it in an abandoned Nightsister settlement on Dathomir. Urged by Fenn Rau, a fellow Mandalorian, to try to learn how to wield the Darksaber, Sabine eventually started training under Kanan Jarrus. That means that Sabine’s first Jedi mentor was Kanan, who was Ezra Bridger’s mentor then.

But the thing is that Kanan only taught Sabine how to wield a lightsaber. At that time, he didn’t try to take her as his Padawan because he already had Ezra as an apprentice. Moreover, Kanan didn’t think that Sabine had the makings of a Jedi because she wasn’t innately strong in the Force, unlike Ezra, who was immediately able to learn how to use the Force after Kanan found out that he was sensitive to the Force.

In that regard, Kanan’s role in Sabine’s life was to teach her how to use a lightsaber because she wielded the Darksaber then. Sabine initially struggled to use the Darksaber because it felt heavy in her hands. Kanan told her that her inner struggles and negative energy made it difficult for her to wield the Darksaber properly because the person’s energy constantly flows into the saber’s blade through the Kyber crystal in the saber.


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As such, she couldn’t properly wield the Darksaber as her negative thoughts and inner doubts were clouding her mind and making the blade heavier than it should be. Kanan recognized that Sabine’s inner Mandalorian personality made it difficult for her to use the Darksaber. She was far too stubborn and bullish to be a Jedi. But when she finally learned how to clear her mind and accept herself for who she was, she could finally wield the Darksaber properly.

While Sabine was learning how to use the Darksaber, she learned the basics of lightsaber combat from Ezra Bridger. That means that she knows the fundamental lightsaber forms that all Jedi should know. Sabine even defeated Ezra in a sparring match after combining her lightsaber skills with her Mandalorian way of combat.

Of course, Sabine had to give the Darksaber up to Bo-Katan Kryze after realizing she was meant to lead the Mandalorians. Still, Sabine got a new lightsaber after Ezra left his lightsaber to her before he disappeared together with Grand Admiral Thrawn.

When did Ahsoka train Sabine?

At this point, it is undoubted that Sabine Wren is training to be a Jedi. That’s because she has now taken up the role of Ahsoka Tano’s Padawan learner. But the thing is that Ahsoka and Sabine actually started their master-and-apprentice relationship before the events of the ‘Ahsoka’ series.

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During the epilogue scene of ‘Rebels,’ Sabine and Ahsoka are seen leaving Lothal together as they are about to embark on a journey to find Ezra Bridger. There is a good chance that Ahsoka took Sabine as her Padawan at that time after learning that she had already learned the basics of lightsaber combat under Kanan Jarrus’ mentorship.

The fact that she already knew the basics was probably why Ahsoka thought that Sabine would be easier to train. But she must have learned the hard way that her nature as a Mandalorian made her stubborn and closed-off.

Still, Ahsoka and Sabine mended their relationship during the first two episodes of the ‘Ahsoka’ series. Sabine decided to return to action as Ahsoka’s Padawan. Meanwhile, knowing that Sabine had the makings of a good yet unusual Jedi, Ahsoka decided to accept Sabine once more as her Padawan.


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In episode 3 of ‘Ahsoka,’ we saw that Sabine underwent basic lightsaber combat training once more after spending years slacking off on her training. After all, the fact that she lacked training made it easy for Shin Hati to beat and almost kill. But Ahsoka went on to say that Sabine had improved a lot during the short time they worked together using the Zatochi training technique.

In that regard, Sabine was always a naturally talented fighter because of her Mandalorian upbringing. This made it easier for her to learn how to fight using a lightsaber. Still, the biggest challenge for her is learning how to use the Force. That is where she needs to step up, as she knows that she needs to become a better Jedi Padawan if she wants to be able to assist Ahsoka in their fight against the evil Force wielders they are now up against.

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