‘Ahsoka’: Does Sabine Wren Become a Jedi?


One of the things that we know about the ‘Ahsoka’ series is that Ahsoka Tano is now looking to fight alongside an apprentice because she knows that she can’t defeat the duo of Baylan Skoll and Shin Hati all on her own. That is why Sabine Wren is so important to her journey, especially when it comes to her capabilities as a fighter. Ahsoka thinks that Sabine could become a Jedi. So, does that mean that Sabine is going to become a Jedi?

Sabine Wren might become a Jedi. Ahsoka has already started her training as her Jedi Padawan because she thinks that Sabine’s uniqueness and hardworking nature can make her a good Jedi. But we aren’t sure about Sabine’s future as a Jedi, especially because Luke’s Jedi Order still exists.

While it might be possible that Sabine will end up becoming a Jedi, the thing is that her future is still a mystery because we know that Luke will be the last Jedi by the time of the sequel trilogy. This means that it will be difficult to see Sabine’s future as a Jedi, especially if she survives the events of ‘Ahsoka.’ Now, let’s look at this topic in greater detail.

Huyang doesn’t think Sabine is worthy

In the first two episodes of ‘Ahsoka,’ we learned that Ahsoka Tano took in Sabine Wren as her Jedi apprentice at one point in the past. Nevertheless, she abandoned Sabine for a reason we aren’t sure yet. But the thing is that Sabine was going to train to become a Jedi under Ahsoka. In the final portions of episode 2, Sabine joined Ahsoka as she was now ready to help her as her Padawan.

Huyang, of course, wasn’t quite sure about Sabine becoming a Padawan. That’s because Huyang has been around for 25,000 years and has been a witness to the history of the Jedi Order. He has seen his fair share of Padawans and said that Sabine falls short of all of them in terms of her Force abilities or lack thereof.

Then, in episode 3, Huyang brought the topic up with Ahsoka again by saying that Sabine’s potential was never impressive. He went on to say that there was no way that the Jedi Order would have ever accepted her as a Padawan because she just wasn’t cut out to be a Jedi when it came to her innate Force abilities.

That means that Sabine, to some extent, can use the Force but isn’t strong enough in it to be good enough to be a Jedi under the rules and standards of the Jedi Order. As such, Sabine’s Midi-chlorian count may be weaker than what the Jedi Order required under its standards.

Ahsoka believes Sabine is what the Jedi need

Ahsoka never rebutted Huyang’s belief that Sabine would have never been accepted into the Jedi Order under the standards of the Jedi. But while that may be true, it is also true that the Jedi Order still fell regardless of what kind of standards they had. In a sense, Ahsoka knows that the standards of the Jedi did not save them from certain defeat at the hands of the Sith around 30 years before the events of the ‘Ahsoka’ series.


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That is why Ahsoka thinks that the rigid standards of the Jedi were never really required when it comes to choosing a Padawan who could have the potential to be a Jedi. There was no point in following the standards of a Jedi Order that no longer existed at that time. As such, Ahsoka could take in anyone as an apprentice if she wanted to.

Ahsoka also sees something in Sabine that no one else sees. She may be weak in the Force and isn’t the easiest person to teach because of her innate Mandalorian stubbornness. But while that may be true, Sabine was a hardworking woman who knows the value of sweat equity when trying hard to be the best person she can be. And Ahsoka also knows that Sabine’s heart is in the right place.

As such, Ahsoka told Huyang that she didn’t need Sabine to be a Jedi. Instead, she wanted her to be herself. She believes that Sabine is the kind of person that the Jedi Order needs because she is different in her own right and is still quite strong and capable in a fight. We did see Sabine defeating Ezra Bridger in a duel in ‘Star Wars: Rebels’ because she combined her lightsaber training with her Mandalorian style of combat.

So, if that’s the case, Ahsoka knows that Sabine’s nature as a Mandalorian and her Jedi training could be useful in protecting the galaxy from those who want to threaten the peace that they worked so hard to achieve. And that is why Ahsoka wants Sabine to be a Jedi.

Sabine’s future is unknown

Even if Sabine does become a Jedi at one point in the future, the thing that needs to be considered is that around 25 years into the future, the Jedi Order will be destroyed again. According to the sequel trilogy, Luke Skywalker was the last Jedi during the time of the First Order, which means that the other Jedi were already dead.


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So, if Sabine becomes a Jedi, her future is still uncertain because we know that the Jedi Order will be destroyed again. This opens up the possibility of Sabine dying between now and the events of the sequel trilogy because we know that there were no other Jedi at that time.

That is why we aren’t sure whether or not Sabine will formally become a Jedi or just be a Jedi-trained Mandalorian warrior who may or may not be a part of Luke’s Jedi Order. That is where the future of the ‘Ahsoka’ series and the characters involved in this storyline becomes interesting from the perspective of people who know the future of the Star Wars storyline during the events of the sequel movies.

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