Star Wars: Did Kylo Ren Have a Daughter?


Kylo Ren was one of the most important characters of the sequel trilogy as he represented the dark yet hopeful legacy of the Skywalker family when he turned to the dark side. However, we know that he eventually redeemed himself and became good again when he returned to the side of the light to help Rey fight Emperor Palpatine. While Ben died in the final stages of the sequel trilogy, some people think that his legacy and bloodline didn’t end with him as he could have had a daughter. So, did Kylo Ren actually have any children?

Kylo Ren never had a daughter or a child, as far as the canon storyline is concerned. There was no mention of him ever having a child or being romantically involved with any woman other than Rey. As such, any character said to be Kylo Ren’s daughter is simply non-canon or fan-made.

Even though the canon storyline states that Kylo Ren didn’t have a daughter, there are still theories related to him and Rey, especially because we know that Rey’s storyline will continue in another movie. Of course, these are only theories that may or may not be true. So, with that said, let’s look at what we know about the possibility of Kylo Ren having children.

Kylo Ren didn’t have any children

Ever since he was introduced as one of the most important characters of the sequel trilogy, Kylo Ren has become incredibly popular with fans because of the fact that he represented the Skywalker legacy well enough due to his fall to the dark side and his conflicting thoughts between his true nature as a good person and his uncontrollable anger and emotions.

As such, most of the entire sequel trilogy was spent exploring Kylo Ren’s conflicting feelings, especially with Rey involved as a character who was willing to believe that he still had a good side.

While the sequel trilogy explored Kylo Ren’s role as a villain before he returned to the light side at the final moments of the sequel trilogy, we know that the comics explored the reason why he fell to the dark side. Of course, we know that he was once Ben Solo and was born the child of Leia Organa and Han Solo. He was also the best out of all the students Luke Skywalker took in as part of his Jedi Order.

But the problem was that Ben learned about his dark past and became conflicted when he discovered the truth about his grandfather. This made it easier for Snoke and Ren to turn him to the dark side, as he eventually became Kylo Ren and a user of the dark side of the Force. In that regard, nothing in the comics told the story of him ever falling for another person. Most of the storylines in the comics explored his fall to the dark side and the conflicting nature of his personality.


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As such, we cannot say that there were instances where he could have fallen for another person and had a child with them. It is also worth mentioning that most of his time as a Jedi was spent in Luke’s Jedi Temple.

He hardly had any time for him to explore his romantic side. And from what we’ve seen in the sequel trilogy, Luke was a bit like the old-school Jedi Order in the sense that he stuck with the Jedi’s traditional beliefs, which included not having any romantic relationships with other people.

That is why it goes without saying that Kylo Ren never had any children before the events of the sequel trilogy. It is also worth mentioning that he was just around 30 years old when he died. Because he spent most of his 20s with the First Order, it is unlikely that he had any romantic encounters during his teen years or even had any children before he fell to the dark side.

Who is Kira Ren? Is she a canon character?

Some fans think that Kylo Ren actually had a child in the form of a daughter named Kira Ren. But the truth is that there is no such person as Kira Ren. No Star Wars movie, series, book, or comic book mentions this character. And that means that Kira Ren isn’t canon or even part of the Legends world of Star Wars.

Kira Ren, of course, is likely a fan-made character. That means that fans used their imagination to try to expand the Star Wars universe in their own way by giving Kylo Ren a daughter, who he must have had when he was younger. Of course, a fan-made character isn’t part of the official Star Wars lore.

Ben Solo’s final moment with Rey

Despite the fact that Kylo Ren has no children as far as the official canon is concerned, there are theories that relate to the possibility that he may have left a lasting legacy. And this came in the form of his relationship with Rey.


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We know that Kylo Ren fell in love with Rey, who was one of the reasons why he was so conflicted with his dual nature as a Jedi and as the grandson of Darth Vader. But thanks to the efforts of both Rey and Leia, Kylo Ren turned his back on the dark side and returned to the light side to become Ben Solo again.

Rey and Ben learned from a revived Palpatine that they were part of an ancient prophecy called the Dyad, which was a Force relationship involving two people who have a strong connection to one another through the power of the Force. By absorbing the Dyad’s power, Palpatine could become stronger than ever. However, he was defeated by Rey, who used the power of all of the Jedi in history to destroy the emperor once and for all.

Her final stand against the emperor pushed Rey to the limit as she died due to exhaustion. Ben, however, used the final remnants of his life force and brought her back to life. This is where it gets interesting.

Earlier in the storyline of ‘Star Wars – Episode IX: The Rise of Skywalker,’ Rey and her allies went to a planet called Pasaana, which was in the middle of a festival at that time. During the festival, one of the locals gave Rey a necklace, which is rumored to be related to fertility.

Then, when Kylo Ren revived Rey, he was doing so by touching her near the womb. So, the theory is that he must have not only passed his life force to her but also passed a portion of himself into Rey through the power of the Force. And we know that the Force is powerful enough to impregnate a person without the need for sexual intercourse to happen.

So, if that’s the case, there’s a good chance that the next chapter in Rey’s life involves her Force child with Ben Solo. This allows Star Wars to continue the bloodline and legacy of the Skywalkers without necessarily forcing it on Rey, who took the Skywalker name despite the fact that she was never a Skywalker in terms of her blood. 

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