Sabine Wren Is Not Related to Kylo Ren! Here’s Why Fans Think They Are

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There are a lot of different important characters in the world of Star Wars, and all of them have their own stories. Sabine Wren, of course, is an important character in ‘Star Wars: Rebels’ and in ‘Ahsoka.’ Of course, we know that Kylo Ren was incredibly important during the events of the sequel trilogy movies because he was just as important as Rey. As such, both of these characters played incredibly important roles in their own storylines.

The thing is that fans often like to speculate regarding the connection between one Star Wars character and another. This is incredibly common because there are many different characters who have connections to the different characters we have seen throughout the different timelines in the world of Star Wars. As such, fans actually think that there’s a connection between Sabine and Kylo. And we are here to talk about these theories. 

Last names that sound familiar

Sabine Wren, introduced in the 2014 ‘Rebels’ animated series, was one of the most important characters of that storyline. Taking place during the Rebellion era, Sabine provided the firepower that the Spectres needed while they were operating as a small Rebel cell throughout the galaxy. Of course, she became an even more important character in the ‘Ahsoka’ series, where she plays a secondary role behind only Ahsoka Tano herself.

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On the other hand, Kylo Ren was one of the most important characters in the sequel trilogy movies. Introduced in ‘Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens’ as a dark-side Force wielder allied with the First Order, he was an antagonist who hunted the Resistance down so that he could destroy them and ultimately get to Luke Skywalker and kill the last remaining Jedi in the galaxy. However, Kylo became a protagonist near the end of the story as he contributed to the defeat of the resurrected Emperor Palpatine.

So, while we do know that Sabine and Kylo have stories that take place in different timelines, the thing is that fans think that they are related to one another because they both have similar family names. Without reading their names or checking the spelling, “Wren” is pronounced like “Ren.” This is one of the reasons why there are theories that point out the possibility that they are related or, at the very least, connected to one another.

Sabine Wren and the Knights of Ren

On top of the fact that Sabine and Kylo have last names similar to one another in terms of pronunciation, some rumors and theories are related to Sabine Wren having a connection to the Knights of Ren.

The theories state that Sabine could have been one of the Knights of Ren, which was a group of Force-sensitive individuals who worshipped the power of the dark side of the Force and were led by a man named Ren. Fans speculate that Ren could actually be Sabine or, at the very least, is related to her.


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Of course, before the events of the sequel trilogy, Kylo Ren earned the title of the leader of the Knights of Ren. He eventually killed all of the members of the Knights of Ren with Rey’s help during the events of ‘Star Wars Episode IX: The Rise of Skywalker’ after he returned to the dark side. Nevertheless, it is the fact that Kylo became the new leader of the Knights of Ren at one point that fans think he is connected to Sabine Wren, who theorists believe could be related to the Knights of Ren.

Jedi backgrounds

Finally, there’s the fact that both Sabine Wren and Kylo Ren have Jedi backgrounds. Sabine was first introduced as a Mandalorian warrior during the events of ‘Rebels,’ wherein she was clearly an expert in Mandalorian warfare and weaponry. Meanwhile, Kylo was the son of Leia Organa and Han Solo and was Luke Skywalker’s star pupil before he fell to the dark side.

While Sabine was initially just a Mandalorian, she became Ahsoka Tano’s pupil even though she wasn’t inherently strong in the Force. Ahsoka still decided to train Sabine because she believed that her uniqueness would make her a good Jedi. As such, despite not having the Force sensitivity that the Jedi Order usually required in the past, Sabine became Ahsoka’s Padawan.

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The fact that Kylo used to be a Jedi himself is why some fans think he might be connected to Sabine, who was also a Jedi Padawan before Kylo became one. There is a Jedi connection that fans cannot help but try to link between these two characters.

The flaws in the theories

Of course, while there’s no doubt that we cannot stop fans from trying to speculate when it comes to the different characters of Star Wars and whether or not they are connected to one another, there are a lot more reasons to dispute the connections that fans made about Sabine Wren and Kylo Ren.

First off, while they may have similar-sounding names, “Wren” is spelled differently from “Ren.” The “W” in Sabine’s last name makes all the difference in the world. And the fact that there’s a deep history in Sabine’s family name already breaks any connection between her and Kylo Ren.


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The Wren clan is a prominent clan in Mandalore and had a deep history before Mandalore’s destruction during the time of the Empire. On the other hand, the “Ren” name has a history that’s mysterious but is nevertheless very different from Sabine’s Mandalorian roots. Ren was the name of the character who founded the Knights of Ren after appearing out of nowhere from the Unknown Regions of the galaxy. The fact that Sabine’s history is clearly established is one of the reasons why there is no way that she is related to Kylo.

There’s also the fact that the Knights of Ren were established during the time of the Empire and long before Sabine even started working as a Rebel. This means there is no way she was the founder of the Knights of Ren. And it is also unlikely that she ever joined this group of cultists.

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Finally, “Kylo Ren” was never Kylo Ren’s name. As mentioned, he was born as the son of Leia and Han, meaning he was a Solo. He was given the name “Ben,” which was obviously taken from Obi-Wan “Old Ben” Kenobi’s name.

The only reason why Ben Solo became Kylo Ren was that it was customary for the leader of the Knights of Ren to take the Ren name. Ben fell to the dark side, joined the Knights of Ren, and killed the leader to become Kylo Ren. As such, he was never named Ren before he took the Kylo Ren name as his new identity.

With all that said, there is hardly any connection between Sabine Wren and Kylo Ren if you look at it from a deep point of view. Whatever similarities and connections they have are simply circumstantial and forced.

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