Star Wars: Did Kylo Ren Have a Sister or Other Siblings?


The sequel trilogy of Star Wars allowed us to see the next generation of the Skywalker family when Kylo Ren, previously named Ben Solo, became one of the most important characters in the storyline. In that regard, we saw Kylo Ren having problems with his family as he blamed them for all the miserable things that happened to him, including his fall to the dark side. Of course, in the end, he returned to the side of the light and died a hero’s death, leaving no other Skywalker alive. But did Kylo Ren actually have a sister or any other sibling?

As far as the current canon is concerned, Kylo Ren never had any siblings and was born an only child to Han Solo and Leia Organa. That means that Ben Solo was the sole heir to the Skywalker legacy during the time of the New Republic. And his death all but ended the Skywalker bloodline.

It might be a bit sad that the Skywalker bloodline had to end with the death of Kylo Ren, but the thing is that there are rumors that his bloodline may not have died with his death. There is still hope for the Skywalker family, and we may see it in the next generation. But as of now, Ben Solo died as the last person linked to Anakin Skywalker’s legacy because he didn’t have any siblings that we know of.

Ben Solo was the sole heir to the Skywalker legacy

Introduced as one of the most important characters of the sequel trilogy of Star Wars, Kylo Ren was the angry and emotionally conflicted villain who led the First Order and was one of the primary antagonists that Rey and the rest of the Resistance fought against. Fueled by his desire to end the Jedi and complete his turn to the dark side, Kylo Ren wanted to kill his own family, as this would have allowed him to cut his attachments to his former identity, Ben Solo.

Yes, Ben Solo was the son of Han Solo and Leia Organa. His parents were the very same Rebel heroes who helped defeat the Empire during the Rebellion to usher in a period of peace in the galaxy. It was just after the final defeat of the Empire on 5 ABY that Ben Solo was born into the union between Han and Leia.

The fact that Kylo Ren was the son of Leia Organa meant that he was born with Leia’s innate abilities in the Force. That’s because Leia was the daughter of Anakin Skywalker, the Chosen One. Due to his Skywalker heritage, Kylo Ren’s abilities and natural power in the Force were stronger than most people. And he proved himself so talented in the Force that he quickly became Luke Skywalker’s star pupil when he was sent to his uncle to train in the ways of the Jedi.


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However, we all know that he ended up sacrificing himself at the very end when he used all his life force to bring Rey back from the dead. He redeemed himself when he went against the emperor as Ben Solo instead of joining him as Kylo Ren. And when he gave his life up for the sake of the person he loved, Ben died and became one with the Force, just like all of the other Skywalkers who died before him.

As such, Ben Solo was the last person who carried the Skywalker bloodline that started with Anakin. Regarding what the canon says, he had no sister or any other siblings, as he was the sole heir to the Skywalker legacy.

Nevertheless, if the theories and rumors are true, there is a good chance that he not only transferred his life to Rey but also his life source. As such, Ben may not have died as the final Skywalker, considering that Rey took on the Skywalker name and legacy and could actually be carrying Ben’s child conceived through the power of the Force.

The Solo family was too busy with other affairs

To some fans, it does sound odd that Ben was the only Skywalker heir. After all, it would have made sense for Han and Leia to have more children because the galaxy needed Jedi. Of course, Luke would have taken in all of the other Skywalkers under his wing as his apprentices. But the fact is that the Solo family and even Luke himself were all busy after the Rebellion.

Shortly after Ben’s birth, Leia returned to the life of politics as she had to serve the New Republic. She understood that the New Republic needed her leadership because the galaxy was still recovering from the effects of the fall of the Empire. As such, she was quite busy with her political life. 

Meanwhile, Han could never leave a life of excitement. After Ben was sent off to train with Luke, Han decided to try his hand as a racer. He lived far away from his family during that time but maintained constant communication with them.

There’s also the fact that the entire Solo family was destroyed by the revelation that Darth Vader was Leia’s father. Some of Leia’s political rivals leaked the secret regarding Vader’s identity as Leia’s father and that Leia was never an Organa. Not even Ben was aware of this fact, as learning about his heritage only confused him more because he didn’t understand why his parents would hide this fact from him.


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As such, there was no time for Leia and Han to have another child because they were too busy with important affairs. Leia had to serve the New Republic. She and Han needed to try to fix their broken family after Ben learned the truth about his heritage.

It makes sense that they were never able to try having another child after Ben, as there were a lot of different circumstances that prevented them from doing so. Of course, the rise of the First Order also necessitated Leia’s return to action as the leader of the Resistance. Meanwhile, Han became estranged from his family and decided to return to the life of a smuggler. And that is why Ben remained the only heir to the Skywalker legacy. 

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