All 11 Lightsaber Colors Meanings Explained & Ranked

lightsaber colors

We know that there are a lot of different lightsaber colors in the world of Star Wars, as these colors are the product of the crystal color that has been attuned with the Force of a Jedi. In that regard, several different characters wield different lightsaber colors. And while the color of the lightsaber doesn’t always mean something, there are times when the colors have underlying meanings that make them special.

Of course, some lightsaber colors tend to be rarer than others due to how unique the circumstances of the creation of these sabers are. That’s something that we are here to talk about, of course. So, with that said, let’s look at all of the lightsaber color meanings and rank them according to the best.

11. Cyan


The ‘Star Wars Jedi’ video game series introduced new lightsaber colors that we haven’t seen in the Star Wars canon in the past. That’s because Cal Kestis can tinker with his lightsaber and change the color of its blade according to the player’s preferences. This is one of the unique features of Cal’s character, as he is the first canon character we saw who could freely tinker with the color of his lightsaber.


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Cyan is one of the new additions in the canon and is a lightsaber color unique to Cal Kestis. This color is a lighter shade of blue and is quite pleasing to the eyes if you think the standard blue is too common.

10. Magenta


Like Cyan, the magenta lightsaber color is one of the newest lightsaber colors in Star Wars as it was added in the ‘Star Wars Jedi’ video games as one of the colors that Cal can use for his lightsaber. The Magenta color is unique only to Cal, as he is the only one in canon to use this lightsaber color. This color is between violet and pink, meaning it is the most “feminine” out of all of the lightsaber colors we’ve seen so far.

9. Indigo


The final lightsaber color added to ‘Star Wars Jedi’ is indigo. Like all the new colors added in that game, the indigo color is unique to Cal as he is the only one known to use it. Indigo is a color derivative of blue and is somewhere close to purple in terms of its shade.

8. Yellow

rey lighsaber

While not a lot of Jedi Knights and Masters are seen using the yellow lightsaber color, it is actually pretty common in the Jedi Order because this is the lightsaber color that the Jedi Temple guards use. All of the guards in the Jedi Temple are known to use double-bladed yellow lightsabers. Of course, little is known about this particular color and why it is associated with the Jedi Temple guards.


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However, we also know that the newest Jedi protagonist of the Star Wars world, Rey Skywalker, forged her own lightsaber instead of using the lightsaber hand-me-downs from the Skywalker family.

Her own lightsaber has a yellow blade and is similar to the ones that the Jedi Temple guards use in terms of the appearance of the hilt. In that regard, she might have chosen this lightsaber color to symbolize her newfound purpose of becoming the guard of the new Jedi Order while overseeing the next generation of Jedi Knights.

7. Orange

orange lightsaber

One of the newest lightsaber colors in the Star Wars world is the orange lightsaber. In the past, this color was only seen in ‘Star Wars Jedi’ as one of the lightsaber color options that Cal Kestis can use for his saber whenever the player tinkers with its colors. However, this lightsaber color has seen its first live-action appearance outside of video games.

In the ‘Ahsoka’ trailer, the orange lightsaber is the color of choice for the mysterious villain Baylan Skoll and his apprentice, Shin Hati.

Little is known about the orange lightsaber color, but there’s a good chance that this lightsaber color was chosen as the blades of the ‘Ahsoka’ villains to symbolize that they are closer to the dark side than they are to the light side, considering that their lightsabers give off a darker orange color that is already close to red.

6. White

ahsoka tano 1

The white lightsaber color made its canon debut in the ‘Star Wars: Rebels’ series when Ahsoka Tano was seen wielding a pair of white lightsabers. Of course, Ahsoka continued to wield these lightsabers after the reign of the Empire, as she was seen using these sabers in ‘The Mandalorian,’ ‘The Book of Boba Fett,’ and the ‘Ahsoka’ series. And before ‘Star Wars Jedi,’ Ahsoka was the only one known to wield the white lightsaber color.


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There is only one known way (other than Cal’s method) of achieving a white blade on a lightsaber. This requires purging the corruption out of a red lightsaber crystal that had already been “bled out” by the dark side.

What remains is a pure white lightsaber crystal that is clear of all of its corruption. As such, the fact that Ahsoka uses white lightsabers is a testament to how she is neither Jedi nor Sith but is someone who represents the light side of the Force in its purest form.

5. Purple

windu saber

One of the lightsaber colors that used to be quite unique was the purple lightsaber color that became synonymous with Mace Windu. Of course, the interesting story here is that Windu has a purple lightsaber and is the first to have a unique saber color because Samuel L. Jackson, whose favorite color is purple, requested a purple lightsaber from none other than George Lucas himself.

Those who use the purple lightsaber are said to be the ones that have an affinity with both the light and the dark sides of the Force, and that’s why Windu was the only one known to use it before the Disney acquisition of Lucasfilm.

However, as the lore expanded, more and more characters with purple lightsabers appeared. Most of these characters lived during the era of the High Republic, as it was suggested that there were more Jedi with purple lightsabers during that era for a reason that was never really explained.

But the color has since become rarer during the latter part of the Star Wars storyline until Windu was the only one seen using it during the final days of the Jedi Order.

4. Darksaber (Black)


Arguably the most unique out of all of the different lightsaber colors is the black color, which can only be found on one known lightsaber. The Darksaber is arguably the most unique lightsaber of all time because it produces a single-edged katana-like lightsaber with a black blade.

And this sword became an iconic weapon among the Mandalorians because it symbolized power among them, as only the rightful ruler of Mandalore deserved to use this weapon.

The Darksaber was forged long ago by the first Mandalorian Jedi named Tarre Vizsla, who lived over a thousand years ago. Since his death, the Darksaber has been passed down through generations in House Vizsla until it became a symbol of power among the Mandalorians during the time of the Republic, the Empire, and the New Republic.

The blade eventually made its way to Bo-Katan Kryze during the events of ‘The Mandalorian’ and was crushed by Moff Gideon.

3. Red


The red lightsaber color is one of the most common lightsaber colors of all time because it is associated with the dark side of the Force.

That means that only those that dwell in the dark side or are loyal to the Sith wield the red lightsaber color. And this isn’t only something related to the aesthetic look of the dark side, as the red color has a deeper meaning.

A lightsaber can only achieve its red color when a person strong in the dark side of the Force uses the dark side to corrupt a Kyber crystal and “bleed” it.

This produces a red Kyber crystal that produces a blood-red lightsaber blade. Because the dark side corrupts the lightsaber itself, it gives the user a boost in their offensive capabilities as long as the one wielding the blade is also strong in the dark side of the Force. That is why it is often deemed necessary for a dark side user to bleed the crystal and turn it red.

2. Blue

obi wan stance

The first lightsaber ever shown on screen was a blue lightsaber that belonged to Anakin Skywalker and was passed down to his son, Luke Skywalker, by none other than Old Ben Kenobi, who was always Obi-Wan Kenobi. This is one of the most iconic lightsaber colors of all time because it was the color that both Obi-Wan and Luke used earlier in the Star Wars storyline and before Luke forged his own green lightsaber.


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This lightsaber color is also one of the most common colors in the Jedi Order, as most Jedi have blue lightsabers.

Blue lightsabers are probably the most common because they are said to represent righteousness and bravery within the Jedi. Of course, it is also said that a blue crystal only appears if the Jedi that attunes with the Kyber crystal can achieve true spiritual alignment with it.

1. Green


The green lightsaber color is the second most common color used by the Jedi Order and is the same lightsaber color that has always been synonymous with some of the strongest Jedi we’ve seen in the Star Wars continuity.

That’s because Jedi Masters Yoda and Luke Skywalker had green lightsabers that they themselves forged. And Luke’s green lightsaber in his final fight with Darth Vader is still one of the most iconic lightsabers ever.

This color has always been associated with harmony and spirituality, which explains why only those who seem to have achieved true harmony with the Force could wield these lightsaber colors. For example, both Yoda and Luke are two of the most powerful Jedi in history. And that’s why the green lightsaber color is often seen in the hands of some of the strongest Jedi in the world of Star Wars.

What is your favorite lightsaber color? Let us know in the comments!

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