Star Wars: White Lightsaber Meaning & Most Famous Users

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When it comes to the world of Star Wars, we often think about how colorful lightsabers can be because different Jedi and Sith have different lightsabers with various colors. Of course, the most common lightsaber colors are blue, green, and red. But there is a lightsaber color that stands out when it comes to how unique and rare it is: the white lightsaber color. So, what does the white lightsaber color mean?

The white lightsaber color represents purity and the absence of corruption. That’s because the only way for a lightsaber crystal to turn white is when a Jedi uses the Force to purge the corruption out of a “bled-out” red Kyber crystal that the dark side of the Force had previously corrupted.

While there may be unique lightsaber colors, the white lightsaber is one of the most unique because only a few characters have wielded this color. Of course, one character stands out when compared to the others. So, with that said, let’s look deeper into the meaning of the white lightsaber color.

What does the white lightsaber color mean?

There are a lot of different lightsaber colors in the world of Star Wars, but there are only a few that we could truly call rare. Of course, we can call the black lightsaber the rarest lightsaber color of all because the Darksaber has been the only black lightsaber we’ve ever seen on our screens. But the opposite of the color black is almost as rare as the black lightsaber. Yes, we’re talking about the white lightsaber.

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One thing that makes the white lightsaber extremely rare is that it isn’t a light color that can be achieved by resonating with and attuning to the Kyber crystal. Instead, it can be achieved using a three-step process. While other lightsaber colors can be achieved when the Jedi attune to the crystal, the white lightsaber is quite unique.

So, before going there, we must discuss how the red lightsaber color can be achieved. A Sith or any user of the dark side of the Force has to “bleed” an attuned Kyber crystal using the dark side of the Force to turn it red. That is when it produces a red lightsaber blade that the Sith and other dark side users prefer. And this is where the white lightsaber becomes achievable.

The only known way for a white lightsaber to be achieved is whenever a Jedi or any wielder of the light side of the Force uses the Force to purge the corruption out of a bled Kyber crystal. This removes the darkness from that crystal and leaves it with a pure-white color, producing a white lightsaber blade.

It involves a three-step process of attuning with a Kyber crystal, corrupting the attuned crystal, and purifying it. That explains why the white lightsaber color is so rare.


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So, the meaning of the white lightsaber crystal is related to purity. When we look at the color white, we often see it as pure and clean. In fact, that is why the medical profession uses white for the uniforms of doctors and nurses, as this is the closest color to cleanliness and purity.

And many different occasions, such as weddings, also use the color white to symbolize the purity of the event.

Now, when it comes to the white lightsaber color, it represents the purity of the lightsaber and the Force wielder that owns the lightsaber. While the members of the Jedi Order use an attuned crystal with colors that represent their devotion to the tenets of the Jedi Order, they aren’t exactly pure because some Jedi may harbor different thoughts and beliefs that may be different from what they should believe in.

On the other hand, the white lightsaber color symbolizes purity at its finest because it is purged of all of its corruption from the dark side. It also doesn’t have the standard color that most lightsabers come with, and that means that the user isn’t also exactly a conventional Jedi. And that is why looking at the most famous users of the white lightsaber allows us to understand the nature of this lightsaber color more.

Most famous white lightsaber users

Ahsoka Tano

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Ahsoka Tano is the first character to ever wield the white lightsaber color onscreen. She wields a pair of white lightsabers that go well with her Form V: Shien Jar’Kai style of fighting. Ahsoka acquired these lightsabers after defeating an Inquisitor without the use of any weapons and by purging the corruption out of the Kyber crystals in the spinning dual-bladed lightsaber used by this Inquisitor.

This lightsaber actually represents the fact that Ahsoka is a Jedi but isn’t exactly a Jedi. That’s because Ahsoka left the Jedi Order long ago but still remains loyal to the teachings of the Jedi and the light side of the Force. Her beliefs and ideals are pure because they aren’t affected by her allegiance to an actual Jedi Order and to the leaders running this Jedi Order.

Instead, her beliefs are her own, and we all know that Ahsoka is as true of a Jedi as any Jedi can be.

Cal Kestis

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Cal Kestis has a customizable lightsaber that can swap out lightsaber Kyber crystals. One of the newest lightsaber colors added to ‘Star Wars Jedi: Survivor’ was the white lightsaber color. As such, Cal became one of the newest characters onscreen to wield a white lightsaber. And there must be a good reason why the developers allowed players to have the option to use a white lightsaber in this game.


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When we look at Cal Kestis, he is a Jedi but not exactly one because the Jedi Order no longer exists. At the same time, he is still struggling with his identity as a Jedi while fighting the Empire. And the fact that he can use a white lightsaber gives the player the option to see Cal as a Jedi that may or may not believe in the Jedi Code but is still aligned with the light side of the Force because his actions are all for the good of the people that he loves.

Orla Jareni


Orla Jareni was a Jedi Master who lived during the High Republic. That means she is yet to be portrayed in a movie or a series, as most of the High Republic storylines are told in the books. But Orla was one of the few Jedi in history to ever wield a white lightsaber as well, making her unique in her own right.

Although we don’t know the story behind how Orla acquired her lightsaber, this is a unique lightsaber because it is a dual-bladed lightsaber with a hinge in the middle to transform it into a weapon with parallel blades. And Orla used her lightsaber during the many different events that transpired in the High Republic era, including the Great Hyperspace Disaster and the wars against the Nihil.

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