50 Most Iconic The Flash Quotes (Comics, TV Show, Movies)

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The Flash is an incredibly popular and powerful DC character that has been around the comics for decades. He’s also popular in adaptations, be it in animated format or movies and TV shows. Sure, Barry Allen’s (or Wally West’s) powers make him popular, but the thing that makes the Flash such a beloved character is the fact that he has a genuinely kind heart and righteous mind.

I could go through the lore and find a million proofs, but I think these 50 iconic quotes from the Flash will be enough for you to realize just how awesome the Scarlet Speedster is! Enjoy.

Most iconic quotes from The Flash in the comics

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“All of us have powers, skills, and abilities. Where I come from, heroes use those powers to fight, to make the world a better place, whether it’s their world or not.”

This particular quote came from The Flashpoint Paradox, where multiple Flashes from different universes gathered together against a large, multiversal threat. When the ‘main’ Barry asked for help, most of the other Flashes declined, saying the battle was not in their world and that it was not their fight. That’s when the Flash delivered this epic quote and explained his motivations.

“I’ve got to get back to Bruce! The dome’s down. We’ve got a chance! We’ve got a chance!”

This quote came in Convergence: The Flash Vol. 1 #1, in an event where a big dome was over Gotham City, trapping everyone in there, and every metahuman’s powers were lost, including Barry’s. However, when this particular quote came, it showed how determined and optimistic the guy is and how he never loses hope – there’s always a chance.

“Life is locomotion if you’re not moving you’re not living but there comes a time when you’ve got to start running towards something you’ve got to forge ahead.”

This quote from Barry Allen is from The Flash Vol. 1 #52, and it was said to Nora Allen by Barry. It explains his life philosophy and kind of reflects mine, too. If you just stay put and never get out of your comfort zone, you’re not living; you’re merely existing in time and space until you expire.

“One thing you should remember about me, Digger. I don’t mind running.”

Another cool quote from Barry Allen that came in The Flash Vol. 3 #4. Obviously, it was said to the Digger by the Flash. It was a sarcastic remark, but it clearly had a lot of truth in it. If there’s anything the Flash likes doing, it’s running faster than one can conceive.

“I wonder what it would really be like to be the fastest man on Earth?”

The quote from Barry came in Showcase Vol. 1 #4. It was actually the first time the Flash had ever appeared in DC comics. Barry was a police scientist who was doused with chemicals that were, at the same time, struck by lightning. 

When he wakes up, Barry realizes he got exactly what he wished for – he was bestowed with new powers, namely, the unfathomable super-speed and a suit that can take friction and is retractable into his ring. 

He then fought with a villain named Turtle Man, who was dubbed the slowest man on the planet, and the Flash’s super-speed played him numerous times and was actually a detriment until Barry learned how to control it and use it to his advantage.


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“Life doesn’t give us purpose. We give life purpose.”

Barry Allen might sometimes seem like a goofy guy, but he gets deep quite often. I absolutely loved this quote from Blackest Night Vol. 1 #8, a crossover event that included numerous characters such as Green Lantern, Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, Hawkman, Martian Manhunter, Green Arrow, and more.

“Do what you have to… we must save the world. We must save the world…”

This particular quote might be the most heartbreaking on this list. It actually came in Crisis of Infinite Earths Vol. 1 #8. In order to save the world – not just the world, but the Multiverse – the Flash had to sacrifice his life. He did just that without hesitation. He knew what needed to be done, and he did it, regardless of the price.

In the issue, the Flash finds the Anti-Matter energy core that powers the Anti-Monitor’s cannon. He runs faster than ever around the source and causes it to collapse on itself. However, the huge influx of energy is too much for Barry’s physical body to take, so he begins phasing through different points in the time stream before he loses all physical cohesion and dies.

All that is left of him is his costume and his ring, but billions of lives across the Multiverse are saved.

“Whoa! Whoa! No details about my future, all right? I don’t want to know how I die, Wally. All I can hope is that, however it happens… I make a difference.”

In New Earth Vol. 2, Wally West is the new flash, and he travels back in time to speak to Barry Allen and ask for his help. However, when he gets all too deep into the details about Barry’s inevitable demise, the Flash answers with this incredible, inspiring quote, showing just how awesome of a guy he really is.

“I was never a saint. I was just a guy chasing justice.”

We all make mistakes, and so do our favorite superheroes. That’s what makes them human. And the Flash realizes that – you don’t have to be perfect; you just have to strive to do good and to get justice. There are a few things that the Flash cannot catch, and justice is often one of them. The quote came from the first volume of Rebirth.

Most iconic quotes from The Flash in the Arrowverse TV shows

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“We only break the rules to save people.”

Barry Allen is such a powerful individual; he could easily use his powers for all the wrong purposes and for his own personal gain. He chooses not to, however, and sticks to the rules. However, when sh*t hits the fan, Barry is not above breaking the rules. He explains it with this particular quote in episode 22 of Season 1 of The Flash.

“My name is Barry Allen. I’m the fastest man alive.”

This particular quote, in some form or fashion, was always a part of the opening sequence of the show. It’s a really nice quote that not only gives you an idea about who Barry is but also serves as a nice tribute to the Flash’s comic book debut. In it, he wondered what it would be like to be the fastest man alive – before he got what he wished for.

“Not every hero wears a mask. Some heroes save the day in the simplest of ways. By just being there for us, or letting us know we’re believed in.”

This particular quote from Barry Allen only amplifies what a great person he is. Despite all the powers and accomplishments he has as a hero, he still firmly believes that the true heroes in his life are his loved ones. Namely, Joe, and Iris West, a couple who adopted and raised him as their own child when Barry’s parents passed away.

“You can’t let go of your love for somebody ’cause you’re afraid of what might happen. You gotta take the good with the bad, no matter what.”

Barry might seem goofy, and his undying optimism might be overwhelming at times, but if there is one thing that can describe the Flash’s character, it’s devotion. When he loves, he loves unconditionally. 

This quote came early in The Flash TV show and shows just how deep his love and affection towards his wife Iris is, despite his understanding that it’s not going to be ‘peaches’ all the time.


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“Being alive means running. Running from something; running to something or someone. And no matter how fast you are, there are some things you can’t outrun. Some things always manage to catch up to you.”

This particular quote is kind of a theme for this iteration of Barry Allen. A similar version of “you can’t outrun your past” appeared in the show multiple times. However, this exact quote came in the episode called Things You Can’t Outrun.

We see huge character growth in Barry over the years. As determined as he is to plunge himself into battle, he is as determined to run away from his problems instead of embracing them. This quote was the moment he realized that you can’t outrun some things and that the only way to deal with them is to face them head-on.

“I thought being the fastest man alive would make my life easier, that I could outrun anything. Turns out, no one can outrun pain.”

This quote plays into the previous one, as Barry explains what exactly is that thing even he can’t outrun. It’s pain – no matter how far away you try to run from it, it still comes right around to bite you. You can either face it or embrace it and let yourself heal over time.

“The people we admire aren’t always who we’d like them to be.”

This is an awesome quote that is actually so deep and layered one should really think about it. It came when Barry Allen realized that his long-time friend, and mentor, Harrison Wells, was, in fact, the notorious Reverse-Flash – the A-hole messing with him for so long.

The quote Barry delivered can be translated to our everyday lives, too. We often admire certain individuals – actors, singers, influencers, and other celebrities – for what they appear to be in public. However, that doesn’t mean they really are who we think they are. One must be careful about who they view as an ideal and who they admire.

“Things change. But, change can be a good thing, you know?”

Things change. People change. And it’s absolutely scary but not necessarily bad. Barry explains this notion with his own experience. After being struck by lightning, he barely woke up from a coma. Pretty horrible, right? Well, yeah, but only before he realized that the incident gave him epic superpowers.

All that led him to meet new friends, find the love of his life, and so much more just because he left his heart open. The full quote says: “Things change. But change can be a good thing, you know? It can bring new experiences, new opportunities, people. You can treat ’em like a potential enemy or as a new friend. Just trust that everything’s gonna be okay.”

“I used to think that keeping secrets from people for their own good was a noble decision, that it would protect them. But when you do that, you just rob those people from making their own decisions.”

This is one of the quotes from The Flash that I loved the most. Personally, I hate when someone keeps stuff from me and then tries to convince me it was ‘for my own good.’ Like, tell me what’s going on, and then I’ll decide how I want to act on it or if I want to act on it at all.

That’s exactly what Barry realized when he delivered this quote. He kept things to himself, thinking that’s keeping his team safe, but in reality, it was the opposite – leaving someone blindsided is much worse than simply confronting them with the truth.

“Every kid dreams of being a superhero. Having powers, saving people. But no kid thinks about what it’s like to be a hero and not saving people. Truth is, not much else changes. You still hurt, you still love, you still wish and hope and fear things, and you still need people to help you with all of it. In some ways, that’s the best part.”

This awesome, inspirational quote came in Season 1 of The Flash, namely, the episode Fastest Man Alive. Barry explains how being a superhero is great, but it doesn’t take away from the fact that you’re still human.

“Everyone dies. Maybe the only thing that makes it bearable is to find some meaning in it.”

I found this quote from the Flash in Season 6, episode ‘There Will Be Blood’ to be one of his best quotes from the show. He explains how it’s hard losing the people you love. It’s hard to let go when somebody dies, but the truth is – everyone dies. We can’t change that. What we can do, though, is to try and find meaning in it.


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“Sometimes, the only way to move forward is to revisit the things in your past.”

This is a Barry Allen quote from the episode Flash Back that kind of plays into the previous quote on this list. Barry’s mother was murdered when he was still just a kid, and the murder was never solved. It made Barry become a forensic scientist, as he could never move on from trying to find his mother’s killer.

In fact, he ran back into the past multiple times to try and solve his mother’s murder, creating numerous versions of Barry Allen, who were all obsessed and desperate to solve the murder, just so that Barry from the future could move on with his life.

Sometimes, it’s better to leave the past behind and move forward, but at other times, it’s impossible to move forward unless you revisit and come to peace with the things from your past. Pretty deep thoughts for a superhero show, am I right?

“There’s only one thing I know about life. I know some things happen by chance. And some things happen because we make them happen.”

When he began his superhero career, I bet that the Flash wished he had somebody to show him the ropes of how it works and what he’s supposed to do. He made numerous mistakes, and he knows it, as can be seen in this particular quote.

It came from Barry in Season 3 of the show when he served as a mentor to Wally West, aka Kid Flash. Barry altered reality, trying to go back in time to save his mother, and now, he is determined to get things back to normal; all the while, he’s tutoring the young speedster that would one day take on his mantle.

“You can’t let the threat of losing tomorrow keep you from making the most of today.”

Imagine seeing an article, a newspaper clip, or something similar from the future telling you how you’ll die. That’s basically what happened to Barry, as he saw newspapers from the future long before the Crisis on Infinite Earths happened and crossed over The Flash TV show with other shows in the Arrowverse.

Still, despite knowing he will vanish into thin air and that doom is coming, Barry still has hope and optimism not many people have. That’s what makes him such a great hero and makes us, as fans, wonder if our problems are even problems in the first place.


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This quote is incredibly inspiring and is something I believe everyone should follow. Don’t let the fear of what might happen tomorrow prevent you from acting and doing your best today. The results might take you in a completely different direction than you have envisioned in life, but that path might be a whole lot better than the one you thought you wanted.

Most iconic quotes from The Flash in the DC Extended Universe

flash dceu

“Hi Barry, I’m Diana.”

Despite Ezra Miller’s recent shenanigans and mental health issues leading to the Flash’s DCEU future being up in the air, he quickly became one of the most beloved, charismatic characters despite still not having a solo film.

This quote came when Barry met Princess Diana, aka Wonder Woman. His powers are just as awesome as hers, but when he met her, Batman, and other high-profile Justice League members, he was kind of star-struck.

“Wonder Woman… What do you think, man? You think she’d ever go for a younger guy?”

This was such a hilarious quote from Barry Allen, namely because of the answer given to him by Cyborg. Barry is totally enamored with Princess Diana and wonders if she’d ever go for a younger guy like himself. To that, Cyborg answers: “She’s 5,000 years old, Barry. Every guy’s a younger guy.” I genuinely laughed at this one.

“Oh, awesome! That’s the Bat-Signal! That’s your… Oh, shh, sorry. That’s your signal. That means we have to go now?”

One of the reasons why DCEU’s Flash is so great is that, despite all of his powers, he’s still just one of us – the fans. When Bruce takes him to Gotham City, and Barry sees the Bat-Signal for the first time, he’s fanboying so hard that he almost gives up Batman’s secret identity. I’d probably be exactly the same in that situation.

“He was my hero.”

After Superman died, everyone was up in their feelings. Especially Barry, who was recently still just a boy, looking up to the ‘real heroes’ like Supes. Now, he’s one of the members of the team, but he still considers his fellow team members to be ‘his’ heroes. It just shows how humble, unselfish, and relatable Barry Allen is.


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“Oh, wow. They just… They really just vanished, huh? Oh, that’s rude.”

Don’t you just hate when superheroes feel entitled enough to just leave in the middle of a conversation as soon as somebody turns their head? Well, the flash finds it rude, too! In this hilarious scene, we see the Justice League members meet up with Commissioner Gordon on a rooftop, and as he turns his head for a second, they’re all gone – except for Barry.

The Flash was still standing there awkwardly, not really getting the cue when it was time to leave with the rest of the team. It just makes Barry more relatable to fans because despite his best efforts to be this high-profile superhero, and despite being the fastest among them, it still feels like he’s always just one step behind. He’s still just a kid, after all.

“I’ve never done battle. I’ve just pushed some people and ran away.”

The Flash became a member of the Justice League when they needed him the most. However, he doesn’t try to talk himself up and be who he’s not. In fact, he has no issue in admitting that he’s inexperienced and has no idea what he’s doing.

I mean, going from capturing thieves and giving old ladies their purses back to fighting aliens and avoiding an apocalypse is a pretty huge leap for a young hero like the Flash. Still, his bravery is nothing short of spectacular, and despite all the problems his battle inexperience causes, he never relents and never gives up. That’s what makes Barry a true hero, not just his powers.

“Okay, here’s the thing. See, I’m afraid of bugs, and guns, and obnoxiously tall people, and murder. I can’t be here.”

As we mentioned, Barry wasn’t exactly cut out for battle. In fact, he never did any battle. So, this quote came from the first time he experienced a real battle with the Justice League. Then Batman reassured him, saying, ‘save one person, and then you’ll know what to do next.’ It was a turning point for the Flash, who, despite his fears, showed he was just as brave as any of them.

“You just gotta go faster than the speed of light – far beyond the speed of light. You gotta break the rule, Barry, and you gotta do it now.”

In this particular scene, Barry Allen is talking to himself. After all hope is lost – Darkseid succeeded in his intentions, and the Justice League is about to give up – the Flash remains optimistic against all odds. I mean, all he has to do is run faster than the speed of light to reverse time and get another go for the Justice League, right?

If he weren’t that uncorrupted, brave, and optimistic, it would just be the end of the world. Good guy Barry saves the day.


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“Stop right there. I’m in.”

Bruce Wayne is aware of the imminent danger that’s threatening the very existence of the planet, so he goes around trying to recruit superheroes and get them to join his team and defend Earth. All he gets from everyone – Cyborg, Aquaman… – is reluctance.

However, when he meets Barry, it doesn’t even take him to finish his sentence for the Flash to accept the offer to join the Justice League. It goes to show how good of a guy Barry is and how determined he is to use his powers for good. Also, I mean, if Batman asked you to join his team, wouldn’t you agree instantly, too?

“Yeah, I… I need… friends. People are difficult; they require a lot of focus. They, uh… they have a rhythm that I haven’t quite been able to – like brunch! What is brunch? You wait in line for an hour for, essentially, lunch. I mean… I don’t know. People are… a little slow.”

Barry Allen, even before his newfound superpowers, was a misunderstood guy. You kinda feel bad for him, but then again, all he needs is some confidence. You’re the fastest man alive, dammit. Anyway, after he ends up accepting Bruce Wayne’s Justice League invitation, he finds just what he was looking for – friends.

“Dad? Whatever happens now, I just want you to know: your kid was one of them, dad. One of the best of the best.”

Finally, this was the moment that cemented Barry as my favorite Justice League member in the DCEU – by far. At the moment where the fate of the universe lies in his hands – or feet, however, you want to take it – Barry doesn’t think about the accolades he’ll get or anything selfish.

Instead, he is thinking about his father, just wanting to make him proud. Even if he couldn’t do many things right before, now he’s found his purpose. Now, he’s doing things right. Your father is extremely proud, Barry. We know he is.

Most iconic quotes from The Flash in the DC Animated Universe

flash dcau

“Dude, as soon as you finish your drink, turn yourself in!”

This is, like, the most Wally-West quote ever in any media form. It came in a certain episode of Justice League Unlimited, where the JLA fought the infamous Trickster. The Flash and the Trickster sit down to have a heart-to-heart conversation, with Wally taking a serious interest in the Trickster’s problems, especially his mental health.

After he explains his point of view, Wally kind of feels for him and then bangs out this hilarious quote. How considerate it is from the Flash to let the man finish his drink before he is apprehended. Good guy Flash for the win!

“If nothing else, I can at least learn The Flash’s identity… I have no idea who this is!”

I loved this episode of JLU, as it was particularly comical. In it, Lex Luthor and the Flash somehow switch bodies. Neither of them is too thrilled with the situation, but Lex, being an opportunist, at least wants to learn the Flash’s identity. However, as he removes the mask, he realizes that he has absolutely no idea who the guy in the mirror is.

Now, that is how you keep a secret identity – be so undercover that even when they see your face, they have no clue who you are!


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“I’m the last piece of your conscience.”

I loved this quote in particular because it absolutely proved the Flash’s worth to the team. In another universe, the Flash died, and Justice League turned into a totalitarian organization, Justice Lords. They were ruthless, not backing down from killing to get to their goals.

As the Flash delivers this quote to the Justice Lord Superman, the Man of Steel realizes he’s right – they would never have come to this point if the “heart” of the team was still alive. Yup, the Flash might be a jokester, but he is the heart of the Justice League.

“I may not be as strong as Superman, but I’m just as fast. Maybe faster.”

I don’t think the Flash was even aware of just how fast he was at this point. It’s a great quote that showcases his character – the Flash is humble yet confident in his skills. In fact, the two raced each other numerous times in the comics. A few times, the race was a tie, but the truth is, the Flash was holding back. When he isn’t, there’s nobody that is as fast as him, not even Supes.

“The Speed Force is calling me. I have to go now.”

This quote from the Justice League series goes to show just how devoted and awesome the Flash is. Just like in the comics, he was willing to sacrifice his life to save the lives of others, especially his Justice League friends. Luckily, this particular situation had a happier ending for the Flash than the one in the comics, as he managed to survive with the help of his friends.

“Once we clear the air, everyone’s going to be pals again.”

Come on, how can anyone not have the Flash as their favorite Justice League member? So, Hawkgirl and Wonder Woman were having a beef due to some unresolved past issues. So, the Flash casually arranged to meet with both of them for dinner to make them confront each other and become friends again.

It was kind of awkward at first, but his undying optimism eventually had the two women reconcile and become friends again. Also, the guy gobbled, like, twenty burgers on that dinner. I mean, technically, it was two dinners, am I right? The Flash is my spirit animal.


“Hey, Monkey Boy, why don’t you go climb a skyscraper?”

As I’ve mentioned, the Flash is well-known as the jokester of the Justice League. I loved this particular quote directed towards Gorilla Grodd, a super-intelligent gorilla wanting to take over the world with his mind-controlling abilities.

The Justice League managed to break free from Grodd’s mind control, and the Flash delivered this hilarious quote, referring to the pop-cultural ape, King Kong, openly mocking Gorilla Grodd.

“People need us. We help them.”

People were very, very negative about the Justice League after some of their work backfired against the Earth. But, when the Flash was asked why does he still want to be a hero, he simply responded: “People need us. We help them.” That’s all the motivation he needs to be the best superhero he can be. It just shows the pureness of his heart and his intentions.


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“No! Because I’m evil.”

The Flash is just so pure-hearted; it’s insanely funny that he was the one to swap bodies with one of the most corrupted individuals in DC’s history, Lex Luthor. The Flash had absolutely no idea how to be evil but had to pretend not to be discovered by Lex’s subordinates.

This quote came after the Flash (in Lex Luthor’s body) unsuccessfully tried to contact his Justice League friends from the bathroom. As he got out, one of his subordinates asked him if he was going to wash his hands, to which the Flash answered, “No! Because I’m evil.”

“We’ve got a Martian’s phone number on our speed dial. I think I deserve the benefit of the doubt here.”

This particular quote and episode were super funny. The Flash was following and chasing some villains, which turned out to be super-intelligent gorillas with mind-control abilities. He was ambushed, attacked, and incapacitated.

Later, when the JL members asked him to recollect what happened and he told them what he saw, they kind of didn’t believe him. I mean, mind-controlling gorillas, am I right? Well, the Flash gave them the perfect response with this quote.

“The problem with ‘An eye for an eye’ is that everyone ends up blind.”

That’s the thing I love about Flash. Half the time, you don’t know if his quotes are funny jokes or super deep thoughts. He is right about this one, though. If you keep exacting revenge on others, then the cycle of violence never ends.

Most iconic quotes from The Flash in The Flash (1990-1991) TV series

flash 1990

“Hey… I could vibrate my fingers through somebody’s brain!”

This quote came in Season One, Episode 22, called The Trial of the Trickster. The Trickster escapes incarceration and puts the Flash under his mind control. The quote was Barry’s idea for their course of action, which even the Trickster found gross. 

It’s funnier if you know the nature of the Flash’s powers. He can vibrate his bodily molecules at frequencies that alter his physical properties, such as body mass, density, etc. Imagine the Flash vibrating through your brain. Would you even know, or would it be over… in a flash?

“Now I know I’m in trouble. Even the kibble’s starting to look good.”

This quote came in the pilot episode of the show when Barry still didn’t quite grasp how his newfound powers worked. As he ran incredibly fast, his body started burning energy at an accelerated rate. Hence, he had to eat more – way more. As he was holding a bag of dog food, he realized just how hungry he was getting.


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“A gun, a badge, and a prayer.”

The quote came from all three Allen brothers, Barry, Jay, and Henry. They were finishing their father’s sentence which he was clearly repeating to them over and over again. It went: “Lab boys are important. But real cops, you know, work the street facing the scum of the earth with nothing to back you up but… a gun, a badge, and a prayer.”

“I never wanted these powers in the first place.”

This quote from Episode 15 came when Barry was at his lowest place mentally. Despite having such a phenomenal gift bestowed upon him, it’s true that Barry didn’t want the powers he got. It just happened, and he had to learn to accept them and use them responsibly.

“Listen, my skin isn’t affected by speed. Do I really need to wear this thing?”

Again, this quote from the Flash came in the pilot episode, where Barry was learning about his powers and how they work. He was in his suit but realized that the fast running didn’t really affect his skin. Still, he learns that it does affect his clothes, so if he doesn’t want to run around buck-naked, he has to accept the suit as the clothing norm.

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