Wonder Woman vs. Thor: Who Would Win in a Fight of Gods?

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The world of comic books is one with many different characters that are godlike. That’s why both Marvel and DC have characters that are actually gods or, at the very least, have the blood of the gods. We are talking about DC’s Wonder Woman and Marvel Comics’ Thor, who are both gods in their own rights in their respective fictional universes. However, in a battle between Wonder Woman and Thor, who would win?

Wonder Woman is probably going to win in a fight against Thor. While Thor is also a powerhouse, Wonder Woman’s strength and speed feats are better than Thor’s own feats. Her fighting abilities are also superior. However, this fight should be closer than anyone would think because Thor is also incredibly strong.

Marvel fans might find it difficult to admit, but the characters of DC are simply scaled at different levels in terms of their physical capabilities. Thor, of course, is still very strong, but Wonder Woman has been scaled to a level that’s close to Superman’s strength and speed. So, with that said, let’s look at this fictional battle in greater detail to understand why Wonder Woman is likely to win it.


Wonder Woman has always been known for having the strength of the Greek gods in her as she is far stronger than any of the other Amazon warriors, who themselves are stronger than regular human beings. She is related to Zeus, and that means that her own strength comes from the fact that she is a Greek demi-goddess. Of course, Wonder Woman’s strength feats are actually impressive as she was able to go toe-to-toe with Superman. Still, she isn’t at the level of the Man of Steel in terms of her strength.

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Thor is one of the mightiest Marvel Comics characters ever, as it is often said that he is physically the strongest of all of the Asgardians. That is why, throughout his time at Marvel, he was able to match the likes of the Hulk and Hercules, who are both considered two of the strongest characters in Marvel Comics history. This implies that Thor also has enough strength to level buildings or potentially an entire city.

While Thor is indeed strong, the strength scaling of Marvel is different compared to DC. The fact that Wonder Woman can match Superman’s strength. And we know that Superman is stronger than Thor, who is still quite strong but isn’t nearly as strong as the strongest DC characters.

Wonder Woman 1, Thor 0


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Wonder Woman has shown the ability to move at incredible speeds thanks to her strong legs. She is known to have quick reflexes and incredibly fast legs that allow her to move at speeds that are almost blinding. In fact, the Flash once said that Wonder Woman is fast enough to match his own speed whenever he is simply cruising. In that regard, when the Flash talks about the speed of someone and compares it to his own speed, we would know that this person is incredibly fast as well.

Wonder Woman vs Flash Comic Fight

Thor, due to his superior musculature, is much faster than the fastest human on Earth. It is said that he could move so fast that regular humans aren’t capable of reacting to his speed. However, Thor isn’t fast enough to be on the level of a speedster, and that isn’t a knock on his speed because he was never known to be the fastest character in Marvel Comics. Still, whenever he is flying, Thor can move at incredible speeds that allow him to actually travel from one planet to another at speeds that are twice the speed of light.

Of course, Thor’s flying speed is faster than Wonder Woman’s own speed whenever she is in flight. But the thing is that, in a straight-up battle, Wonder Woman can move and react faster than Thor because she can even match the Flash’s cruising speed.

Wonder Woman 2, Thor 0


Wonder Woman is said to be incredibly durable and she can withstand the attacks of some of the strongest characters in DC, such as Darkseid and Doomsday, who are both strong enough to kill weaker characters in a few blows. However, Wonder Woman’s durability isn’t at the level of someone like Superman, and that’s why she has to wear bracers that deflect attacks that her body can’t handle. Still, that doesn’t mean that she is not a durable character, as her resiliency has always allowed her to stand up once more and bring the fight to stronger or equally strong enemies.

Thor has always been one of the most durable Marvel characters, as a regular projectile and bladed weapons have no effect on his body. In fact, his muscles are so dense and strong that he could take hits from the Hulk without even getting injured. There were even moments when Thor was able to take attacks from some of the strongest entities, such as Odin and Knull without getting killed. As such, he is incredibly durable and resilient as a character.

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This might be a close one to call, but we do believe that Thor is more durable than Wonder Woman because he doesn’t even have to use a bracer or a shield to defend himself in fights. Of course, Wonder Woman should be able to take hits as well, but Thor is just better at her at surviving incredibly strong attacks.

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Powers and Abilities

Wonder Woman is often known for being a powerhouse that uses her fists and weapons in battle, and that means that she doesn’t have a lot of powers at her disposal. She may be able to use her raw physical strength and speed to her advantage when it comes to a straight-up fight, but she doesn’t have a lot of other gifts except for the fact that she has the ability to fly. Of course, Wonder Woman also has exceptionally sharp senses that allow her to hear or see things that most people aren’t capable of hearing or seeing.

There is a reason why Thor is called the God of Thunder, as he is basically a man that can command the powers of thunder and lightning. Using his hammer or axe as conduits, Thor is capable of blasting thunder that is strong enough to harm some of the most powerful entities in Marvel Comics history. Of course, Thor’s command over his powers is further enhanced during the time when he becomes the All-Father. As such, his energy projection abilities are very impressive, especially considering that he is also a physical powerhouse.

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Thor is basically the Zeus of Wonder Woman’s fictional world because he has command over thunder and lightning. As such, he might not be the same physical beast that Wonder Woman is, but his energy blasts are incredibly potent.

Wonder Woman 2, Thor 2

Fighting Skills

One of the strongest warriors in the history of DC is Wonder Woman, as not a lot of fictional characters are able to match her raw fighting abilities. In fact, in Injustice, she was able to overpower Superman a few times because she was simply the better fighter between them. That means that, even if someone was stronger, faster, and more durable than her, Wonder Woman’s fighting abilities are more than enough to allow her to bridge the gap between them. And not a lot of characters could say that they are strong enough to overpower the Man of Steel.

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Ever since he was young, Thor was already trained in the art of Asgardian combat, and that makes him an expert in many fields of hand-to-hand combat and in the use of different weapons. That means that he isn’t just a mere brawler that uses his hammer, axe, and fists recklessly in a fight. He is a trained warrior that has had numerous battle experiences under his belt. He may not be a graceful fighter but he is an effective one.


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While we do know that Thor is a gifted fighter among the people of Asgard, the thing is that he isn’t quite as skilled as Wonder Woman, who has shown the ability to rely on her fighting skills to defeat characters that she wouldn’t be able to defeat under normal circumstances. As such, this point goes to Diana Prince.

Wonder Woman 3, Thor 2

Wonder Woman vs. Thor: Who Wins?

There is no doubt that Thor is indeed a true god that has the strength and power that rival some of the strongest characters in Marvel history. But the thing is that Wonder Woman’s strength, speed, and fighting abilities allow her to have the advantage over the God of Thunder. Of course, Thor is also a strong, fast, and gifted fighter in his own right, and that means that this fight should be closer than what some people would think. Still, because of her advantages, Wonder Woman should be able to win a fight against Thor more often than not.