Superhero Zodiac Signs: Which Comic Book Hero Are You?

Superhero zodiac signs

According to some, stars influence our lives and our personalities. Since superheroes are at their core mostly humans (I said mostly!!!) like the rest of us, there’s no reason not to think that the same rules wouldn’t apply to them as well. In today’s post, we bring you the most famous superheroes, from both Marvel and DC according to their zodiac signs.

While you might not have superhuman strength, speed, and magical powers, I’m sure you’ll be able to find some similarities with our chosen superheroes according to your birth sign. If you’re interested in more keep reading to find out which comic book hero are you!

Aries Superheroes 

Aries superheroes
  • Wonder Woman (March 22nd)
  • Falcon (April 14th)
  • Batman (April 7th)

The most common traits that Wonder Woman, Batman, and Falcon are sharing are the fact that they are bold, determined, confident, brave, and sometimes even stubborn. The same can be said for all Aries as those are their dominant personality traits as well.

Ruled by fire sign, our most famous superhero rams do sometimes have a tendency to be impulsive as well. It goes without saying that impulsiveness and boldness sometimes go hand in hand. Wonder Woman is among the most famous female superheroes, she is known to be opinionated and stubborn which is exactly the role model we all sometimes need in our life.

Batman on the other hand while often perceived as brooding has strong principles and opinions as well. While Falcon doesn’t have an aura of natural leadership that both Wonder Woman and Batman share, there’s something to be said about his confidence and loyalty. No matter what superhero Aries you associate the most with, the fact is you burn bright and leave a blazing trail of inspiration behind you. 

Taurus Superheroes 

taurus superheroes
  • Vision (May) 
  • Green Arrow (May 16th) 
  • Carol Danvers (April 24th)

This humble earth sign is shared by Marvel’s Vision, Green Arrow, and Carol Danvers. If you were born under the sign of Taurus you probably recognize yourself as a down-to-earth and analytical person. And who is more down the earth and analytical than Marvel’s Vision? While Vision was not technically born, he became aware sometime in May. If you’re anything like Vision your friends can really rely on you and can count on you to give them impartial and objective advice whenever they need it.

Green Arrow on the other hand, while not as humble as most Tauruses, he too has shown certain level-headedness in most situations. Especially when it comes to matters of life and death.


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But when it comes to our three superheroes, the best embodiment of Taurus is Carol Danvers our very own Captain Marvel. She is described as having a “bullish” personality fitting of this earthen sign, Carol is both humble, and strong-headed and displays an impressive amount of willpower whenever she sets her sights on something. 

Gemini Superheroes 

gemini superheroes
  • Iron Man (May 29th)
  • Hawkeye (September 1st)

If you were born under the sign of Gemini, you have trouble containing all of your brilliant ideas and people quite frankly have trouble keeping up with you. You jump from hobby to hobby, rarely staying in one place for a long time. Is there a better superhero to associate with than Marvel’s most famous Gemini, Iron Man?

Just like most people born under this air-sign Tony Stark is best known for his fast-paced life and ingenuity. He is a rich playboy with a tendency to be moody at times, and most of his other teammates have trouble keeping up with his train of thought as well.

While Hawkeye can be seen as the polar opposite of Iron Man, they do share one common personality trait that all Geminis share, they are both incredibly resourceful. This sort of comes naturally to people that are interested in many things! 

Cancer Superheroes 

cancer superheroes
  • Captain America (July 4th) 
  • Black Canary (June 23d)
  • Professor X (July 13th)
  • Harley Quinn (July 20th)

Cancers have a tendency to hide in “their shells” but once they manage to become surrounded by people worthy of their attention, you will soon discover a nurturing and very caring person inside. 

Captain America probably best embodies this sign, while he was at first, insecure and totally lost about what his role in this world should be, he managed to come back on track pretty quickly. Inside his shell of insecurity, the most loyal and dependable superhero was hiding all this time.

Black Canary is a natural leader just like Captain America is, she also hides inside her shell of strictness and cool-headedness only to reveal a very caring person inside.


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Professor X on the other hand is a caring and nurturing person all around, he is a true role model for young and troubled mutants, he doesn’t make decisions likely but when he does, he sticks with them. Once in a while, we all need a “Professor X” in our lives, someone to look up to. So far, all our Cancer superheroes have been emotionally stable people with a pronounced need to take care of other people.

While Harley Quinn definitely does not belong to that group, her Cancer traits are best manifested through her desire to truly connect with others on both emotional and intellectual levels. 

Leo Superheroes 

Leo superheroes
  • Joker (August 1st)
  • Spider-Man (August 10th)
  • Black Panther (July) 

Fiery Leos are best known for being ambitious, confident, and in the spotlight wherever they show up. And that can be said for pretty much everyone on our superhero list. While Joker is not exactly a good guy, you gotta admit that he lives to be at the center of attention. He also manages to accomplish everything he sets his mind to, and is crazy ambitious.

Understandably not all Leos want to associate with Joker and might feel more at home being compared to Spider-Man. Spider-Man is extroverted and joyful but underneath that mask of youth, there is a confident and accomplished person underneath. 

When it comes to the king of all signs, who better to represent him than the king of Wakanda himself? T’Challa has a regal aura around him befitting a true king. He is a natural-born leader gifted with just enough ambition to accomplish what is best for his nation and his people. Underneath that regal nature, a true friend and a source of inspiration can be found. 

Virgo Superheroes

virgo superheroes
  • Supergirl (September 22nd)
  • She-Hulk (September 22nd) 
  • Reed Richards (September 19th) 

It’s no coincidence that two strong and iconic female superheroes share both birthdays and zodiac signs. Virgos are known to be practical, sensible, and loyal.

The same can be said for DC’s Supergirl and Marvel’s She-Hulk. Both are accomplished and incredibly gifted at what they do, in fact, everything Virgos decide to undertake comes effortlessly to them.


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That goes for Reed Richards as well, his methodical and analytical approach to everything ensures the perfection of execution. If you’re a Virgo, you can definitely count yourself among the most perfectionist of all signs!

Libra Superheroes

Libra superheroes
  • The Flash (September 30th) 

It’s no wonder that one of the most charming DC superheroes is born under the most charming of zodiac signs – Libra. Libras have the balance at the core of their personality, and we all know the Flash always strives for balance. Whether he is fighting evil or in his personal life, he always aspires to be objective and thinks twice before passing judgment. 

All Libras al loved for their impartial input when it comes to both business and personal matters. If you were born under this air sign, you’ll find that people naturally gravitate toward you due to your harmonious nature. 

Scorpio Superheroes 

scorpio superheroes
  • Doctor Strange (November 18th)
  • Black Widow (December 3d)

People born under this water sign are known to have a powerful presence and secretive mysterious nature. As fate would have it both Doctor Strange and Black Widow share those traits as well. While Doctor Strange is analytical, smart, and balanced he also has an aura of mysticism around him that demands to be acknowledged.

He is a powerful personality that most Scorpios can associate with. The other specter of Scorpio traits – mystery and secrecy is best embodied by Black Widow.

Very little is known about her, and even less about her past. She intrigues people wherever she goes, and probably even scares them a little, but as soon as you get to relax around her you see that she is just as human as the rest of us. If you’re a Scorpius you probably have trouble making and maintaining connections with other people due to your secretive Scorpius nature!  

Sagittarius Superheroes 

sagittarius superheroes
  • Deadpool (November 22nd)
  • Hulk (December 18th)
  • Loki (December 17th) 

I’m honestly not surprised that Deadpool, Hulk, and Loki are Sagittariuses. Their sense of humor and tendency to cause mischief gave them away. Deadpool and Loki, while famous for being antiheroes are the best representatives of Sagitarrius’ adventurous and fiery nature. They hate being bored, they hate staying in the same place for a long time, and most importantly, they live to break down social conventions.

If you are Sagittarius you’re probably aware that you are the life of every party and people are attracted to your energy. Hulk represents the least flattering side of Sagittarius’ nature, impulsiveness, as he has trouble controlling his second nature. That happens often with other people born under this fiery sign as well.

Pair that with their constant striving for freedom, and you’ll notice that most Sagittariuses have trouble forming meaningful relationships. The same can be said for our three superheroes as well!

Capricorn Superheroes

Capricorn superheroes
  • Daredevil (January) 

Capricorns are incredibly righteous with a side of pessimistic outlook on life, while they are trying to see the best in everyone, secretly they know that not everyone can be saved. Daredevil is a perfect representative of this nonsensical outlook on life. Daredevil is a secretive and ambitious man, driven by the desire to bring justice which is why both of his career choices gravitated toward saving people.

This is Daredevil’s best and worst personality trait at the same time. He has a constant urge to save everyone even when he knows deep inside that it is pointless and futile. As a lawyer, he is also an extremely analytical person, not prone to making decisions without analyzing them in advance, the same cannot be said for his love life though. If you are Capricorn like Daredevil, you’re losing time and energy on people who don’t deserve you. Maybe try focusing on yourself for once. 

Aquarius Superheroes 

  • Scarlet Witch (February 10th)
  • Aquaman (January 29th) 
  • Star-Lord (February 4th)
  • Thanos (February 6th) 

Aquarius is the most alien of all zodiac signs. Little is known about what motivates Aquariuses, and even less is known about the internal machinations of their minds. They are quiet and reserved, and sometimes appear to lack purpose in life. Once that purpose manifests, they are able to move mountains to achieve what they intended. 


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All superheroes on our list Scarlet Witch, Aquaman, Star-Lord, and yes Even Thanos, lacked a clear purpose for their existence but once they were aware of what they wanted – and needed – they manifested incredible amounts of power and appeared to be almost invincible. 

If you are Aquarius, you’re constantly maintaining the balance between peace and chaos, destructive and peaceful nature, analytical and impulsive. If others have trouble understanding you sometimes, it’s because you’re having a hard time with it yourself. 

Pisces Superheroes

pisces superheroes

Superman (February 29th)
Winter Soldier (March 10th)
Catwoman (March 14th) 

If one thing Pisces are known for, it’s being well-adapted to their surroundings. And who better to represent an adjustment to any kind of situation that life throws at you than Superman? Superman was born on an entirely different planet, only to be thrown into outer space and land on Earth. He could have ended up many things, and because of his unwavering morals and principles, he ended up being Earth’s staunchest protector. 

Winter Soldier is like Superman, honest and loyal to a fault, although people tend to use that against them a lot. Their friendship and good intentions get exploited quite easily. Catwoman has no problems with that, she represents a seasoned Pisces who learned the workings of the world a long time ago and managed to adjust accordingly. 

As a Pisces, you might be torn between doing what feels right and doing what is right, by letting your morals guide you, you will easily adjust to any situation. 

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