Top 10 Greatest Superheroes with Black Hair (Marvel and DC)


If you haven’t been around lately, you probably don’t know that I’ve made it a personal mission to talk about superhero hair color. Why, you ask? No reason really. I just woke up one day and thought it would be a good idea. Whether or not it is, is to be determined. Either way, after talking about both blonde and red hair color, I decided that black should be next on my agenda. 

Different from the previous two, black-haired superheroes were a little easier to come up with but less easy to decide on which one would make the cut. Alas, I did and now I’d like to bring it to you. Let’s take a look at our list of best superheroes with black hair.

10. Iron Man

Iron Man

As I almost always do, I feel it important to preface this inclusion by saying that I don’t actually enjoy the Iron Man character. For reasons all to myself, he just doesn’t resonate with me. My biases aside, he’s very deserving of being here.

Iron Man is, of course, Tony Stark and Tony Stark is Marvel’s resident genius, billionaire, playboy, and philanthropist. Through his unheard-of wealth and naturally gifted intelligence, Tony is the proud owner of the most advanced weapons suits on the market. These suits (MK III, MK IV, Extremis, Model 07, and others) grant Tony incredible power. With them, he can fly at supersonic speeds, has superhuman strength, speed, durability, agility, and reflexes, utilizes energy repulsor technology, and can project middles of all shapes and sizes. 

Although his ego often gets in the way of his capabilities, there’s a reason that he’s one of the founding members of the Avengers and the premiere characters of the last 20 years. 

9. Nightwing

Origin of Nightwing

The most famous of all of Batman’s one-time sidekicks, Dick Grayson took the knowledge he gained as Robin and translated it into a successful solo career. After becoming Nightwing, Dick stepped into his own and became one of, if not the best of all of Batman’s protégés

Don’t agree? Read on. Dick is nearly as good a detective as Batman, one of the best fighters in DC, an incredible leader, and is the reason that Bruce continues to take in orphans. Think about it. If not for Dick’s monumental success, Bruce probably would’ve stopped taking in children decades ago.No Jason Todd, no Tim Drake, no Carrie Kelley, and no Damian Wayne.

What I’m saying is that the world owes Dick Grayson a huge debt of gratitude.

8. Dr. Strange

Dr Strange Enemies

Created by Stan Lee and Steve Ditko, Dr. Strange has allowed Marvel Comics to explore themes and ideas not typically associated with the publisher. However, for a short while, Stan Lee wasn’t too sure about him. “Well, we have a new character in the works for Strange Tales (just a 5-page filler named Dr. Strange) Steve Ditko is gonna draw him. It has sort of a black magic theme. The first story is nothing great, but perhaps we can make something of him– ’twas Steve’s idea, and I figured we’d give it a chance, although again, we had to rush the first one too much.


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Through Steve Ditko’s beautifully orchestrated drawings, the world that Dr. Strange lived in was as lively as an acid trip. Doctor Strange comics were so far-fetched and out there that many readers of the time thought that Ditko was on an acid trip each time he put a pencil to paper. This was as far from the truth as imaginable but his imagination made people believe it. Certainly, Ditko deserves a ton of credit for what he did with Spider-Man, but I’d argue he deserves more credit for Dr. Strange.

Over time, the character had become synonymous with the hippie movement. Not only did the pages of his books mimic a euphoric high, but the content inspired the readers to study Eastern mysticism, religion and philosophy. Strange’s books became a living and breathing metaphor for the age that they lived in. Best yet, he did it sporting a wavy set of luscious black hair.

7. Zatanna

Top 10 Zatanna Facts

Zatanna began her story inside the pages of Hawkman #4 back in November 1964. She was created by all-time great Gardner Fox and artist Murphy Anderson. As mentioned, she is the daughter of the Golden Age of Comics character Giovanni Zatara and a member of the Homo Magi race of species.

As a member of the Homo Magi, Zatanna is capable of casting spells that control the Earthly elements, is able to heal wounds, and manipulate the minds of others. Zatanna is so powerful that Oliver Queen, the Green Arrow has claimed that she is the most powerful member of the Justice League. When you think about it, it’s quite a compliment. Remember, this is a group that includes both Martian Manhunter and Superman. 

What makes Zatanna unique in the realm of magic users is that, unlike most others, to use and control her incantations she recites the words backward. This means that LUOF NOMED EB ENOG translates to Foul Demon Be Gone. Even though it seems strange to recite spells backward, Zatanna does this by choice. As one of the most powerful magic users in all comics, Zatanna is easily one of the greatest superheroes with black hair.

6. Wolverine

Wolverine X-Force

Giant-Size X-Men #1 did a lot for the X-Men franchise. Not only did it revitalize the franchise, but it also introduced a number of new characters. Although Wolverine was not introduced in the issue, it did see him join the team. Of course, he first appeared as a cameo in The Incredible Hulk 180 and famously made his first full appearance in The Incredible Hulk 181.

Wolverine is arguably the most famous mutant in history. He has been the focal point of movies, led numerous comic book titles, appeared on countless articles of clothing, and offered up his likeness for action figures, statues, and more. To say that Wolverine changed the trajectory of the X-Men franchise is an understatement. Wolverine didn’t only change the trajectory of the X-Men, but he also changed the trajectory of Marvel Comics. With him came more mature themes, more violent titles, and brand recognition.

Wolverine is to the X-Men what  Stan Lee is to Marvel…the face of it…and he became the face of Marvel as one of the superheroes with black hair.

5. X-23


Different from many other Marvel and DC superheroes, X-23 was created by Matt Craig for the much-beloved X-Men: Evolution television show. One year after debuting on television, she made her comic book debut. This occurred in 2004s NYX issue number 3.

X-23 (Laura Kinney) was created to be the perfect killing machine. She was programmed to react and respond to environmental triggers. When the triggers occurred, she fell into an uncontrollable rage. The result of her rage was almost always death and dismemberment. 


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Although Laura started off as a mechanism for death, over time she has evolved into one of the most important X-Men in the last 20 years. Not only has she become an integral part of the team, but she has also, for a time, taken on the mantle of Wolverine. As a genetic copy of Wolverine, it should come as no surprise that she’s also one of the greatest superheroes with black hair.

4. Superman

I’m going to try and do the impossible right now. What’s the impossible, you ask? Telling you something that you don’t already know about Superman. Superman is one of the most instantly recognizable superheroes in the world. His name has inspired adults to do better, children to want more, and everyone in between to treat those around them as they’d want to be treated. 

Superman is one of the original members of the Justice League and almost single handily laid the foundation of what it meant to be one for all future members. He’s the light in the dark, the hope when there is none and the reason that superhero comics survived when nobody was interested in them. The Justice League was built around him and will always be built around him because, well, he epitomizes what it stands for. Of all the superheroes with black hair, none are arguably as famous, powerful, and awe-inspiring as Superman.

3. Black Panther

Story of Black Panther

In July of 1966, 28 years after the introduction of Superman, Marvel Comics gave us the first story of Black Panther. Black Panther first appeared in Fantastic Four issue number 52 and set the groundwork for industry-wide change that comic books so desperately needed.

Since their creation, comic books have played integral parts in popular culture. They echo real-world tragedies and discuss things that matter, all the while giving their readers glimpses into the lives of those that we don’t understand. Comic books have the ability to teach popular culture in a way that history books simply cannot. The X-Men have talked about prejudice, phobias, and discrimination. Green Arrow has spent time discussing drug use and the way it impacts lives. And the story of Black Panther is no different.

He came at a time of civil unrest and gave a population of people the hero that was deserved…and he did it as one of the greatest superheroes with black hair.

Hailing from the fictional African nation of Wakanda, Black Panther has become one of the premiere heroes in all comics. What makes him so important isn’t necessarily that he was an original thought or that he has any sort of special ability. Instead, what makes him so important is twofold. First, his backstory and abilities were unlike anything that comic books had ever seen. And second, he was Marvel’s first mainstream black hero.

2. Batman

New 52 Batman

And I swear by the spirits of my parents to avenge their deaths by spending the rest of my life warring on all criminals.” With that monologue, Batman cemented his legacy into the hearts of readers all over the world.

Batman is the average man’s hero. He’s proof that any person with the will, can change the world around them. Batman, through all of his adversity, has endured because he needs to. He is as important to New York, Los Angeles, Toronto, and Winnipeg as he is to Gotham.


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He is relatable. Batman is without powers or mutations and isn’t an alien from another world. He is a man who, with enough training, does what we all wish we could do…rid the world of scum. Although Batman has severe trust issues, his importance to the world of superheroes cannot be understated. He’s there to solve the toughest crimes. He’s there to be calm when there isn’t one. And he’s there to handle business in a way that only he can… with fear and violence. 

And what does all of this mean? All of this means that he is easily quintessential of all the superheroes with black hair.

1. Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman Comic

There isn’t a superhero on this list who has endured more than Wonder Woman. Not only did she survive in an era where masculinity ruled superhero comics, but she has also survived overly sexualized situations, survived a fan vote to get onto the Justice Society, thrived in the equality and feminist movements, and helped create a platform where women superheroes were rightfully as capable as male superheroes.

Wonder Woman is the reason that female superheroes have come as far as they have and the world is better for it. She’s independent, strong, a voice for the voiceless, smart, and unafraid to do what’s right. These are but a few of the reasons that so many comic book fans of both sexes grow up idolizing her.

As one of the first members of the Justice League, Wonder Woman paved the way for every female who has and will ever join the team. If it’s not obvious what I’m saying, let me say this. Of the original members, none have done more for comic books than she has.

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