‘The Marvels’ Post-Credit Scene Explained: Mutants and Parallel Universes


The events of ‘The Marvels’ have allowed us to understand that this movie is going to be important in the future of the MCU due to how it sets up a lot of possibilities that could be interesting. Of course, the movie still focuses on the trio of Carol Danvers, Monica Rambeau, and Kamala Khan despite the fact that the post-credit scene allows us to learn more about the trajectory of the MCU’s future. So, what happens in the post-credit scenes of ‘The Marvels?’

  • Article Breakdown:
  • There are two post-credit scenes, but only the mid-credit scene actually shows something important.
  • In the mid-credit scene, Monica wakes up in a different universe that is home to a different Captain Marvel and the Mutants.
  • The post-credit scene is just the sound of a Flerken meowing.

How many post-credit scenes does ‘The Marvels’ have?

It has always been known that the MCU has post-credit scenes that help set up the future of the characters involved. Of course, because Marvel Studios still has an incredibly bright future ahead, it makes sense for ‘The Marvels’ to have post-credit scenes. So, how many post-credit scenes does ‘The Marvels’ have?


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Technically speaking, the movie has two post-credit scenes. But the truth is that there is only one post-credit scene that is actually important. This is the mid-credit scene, which sets up the future of the MCU. Meanwhile, the final post-credit scene isn’t a scene at all, and that means that it bears no importance to the viewer.

What happens in the mid-credit scene?

As mentioned, the mid-credit scene is the only important scene out of the two post-credit scenes that ‘The Marvels’ has. What happens in this scene is directly connected to the future of the MCU, especially with a multiversal event looming on the horizon.

We know that Monica Rambeau sacrificed herself at the end of the movie. Dar-Benn’s actions opened a dimensional hole that led to a new universe. And it was important for them to close this hole to prevent it from sucking in the entire universe. 

marvels vs dar benn

Monica allowed herself to become the conduit of the powers of both Carol Danvers and Kamala Khan as she went to the other side of the portal to close it. But because she needed to be on the other side to completely close the hole, she got stranded in that universe.

Upon waking up, Monica found herself in some sort of a hospital or lab. She woke up and found Maria Rambeau, her mother, lying on the bed next to her. But Maria was confused about what was happening. Beast of the X-Men appeared to tell Monica that she was now in a separate universe that was parallel to her own universe.

As Beast left, Maria was still confused about what was happening as she didn’t know who Monica was. It was also clear that this universe’s version of Captain Marvel was Maria instead of Carol, thereby hinting that this could be Earth-838 or a dimension that’s similar to it.

How does the mid-credit scene set up the MCU’s future

From the looks of things, the mid-credit scene of ‘The Marvels’ seems to tease one of the future events in the MCU. We are talking about the multiversal event that will take the form of ‘Avengers: Secret Wars,’ which will be released in a few years. And it’s more than likely that Monica’s arrival in this parallel universe will help clear things up regarding what will happen in the future.


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In the comics, the Secret Wars event was a huge crossover event that involved different characters called by the Beyonder to a planet where they were to take part in an all-out battle. Of course, the Secret Wars involved characters from the Avengers, X-Men, and Fantastic Four.

It is worth noting that neither the X-Men nor the Fantastic Four are in the main MCU universe, which is Earth-616. But we do know that they exist in other universes, as evidenced by the fact that Professor X and Reed Richards were in Universe-838 in the events of ‘Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness.’

Of course, ever since Disney acquired Fox, which owns the license to the cinematic rights of the X-Men and the Fantastic Four, it became clear that these superhero groups were eventually going to make their way to the MCU. But because the MCU has already established that neither of these groups is around in Earth-616, there’s a good chance that the events that transpired in the mid-credit scene will make it easier for people to understand what will happen in the future.


We know that Monica is now in a universe where Maria Rambeau is Captain Marvel and the X-Men exist. This universe could be Earth-838 or some other universe.


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So, now that we know that universes will eventually clash in the future of the MCU and that it was hinted in ‘Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness’ that there is an Incursion that will happen between multiple universes, there’s a good chance that this convergence will allow the main MCU universe and the universe where Monica ended up in to converge with one another form one big universe that contains the Avengers, the X-Men, and the Fantastic Four. And it is likely that this will happen during the events of the ‘Secret Wars’ movie.

What happens in the post-credit scene?

Meanwhile, as mentioned, there is a post-credit scene at the end of all of the credits. But this wasn’t an actual scene at all. Instead, the movie ended with a Flerken (possibly Goose) meowing as the logo of Marvel Studios flashed on the screen. It is a largely unimportant scene that’s merely there for some comedic flair.

This means that there is no need for you to actually wait a long time for the end credits to finish rolling because the final post-credit scene doesn’t matter. You can leave the theater to go on a restroom break without missing anything at all.

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