When & Where Does ‘Loki’ Season 2 Take Place? Timeline Explained

When Where Does Loki Season 2 Take Place Timeline

October 5 is bound to be an exciting day for all fans of MCU and especially for the fans of Marvel’s notable God of Mischief, Loki, since season 2 of his standalone show arrives on Disney+. From what we can see from the trailer, the show will continue Loki’s adventure as he tries to make sense of time, space, and everything that comes in between. Due to the second season involving so much time-leaping, it’s difficult to place it in a single continuous timeline that makes sense within the context of MCU, but alas, we will try. Let’s see when & where the second season of ‘Loki’ takes place.

The second season of ‘Loki’ takes place after the events of ‘Avengers’ that took place in 2012, and at least some portion of the show will be placed in the 20th century as Mobius and Loki will come across Victor Timely, a version of Kang the Conqueror who traveled to 1901 in order to alter the future through past. Regarding where the show takes place, obviously, like the first season, the majority of the show will take place “outside of space and time,” with some portions of the show being placed in a small town under the name “Timely” associated once again with Victor Timely. 

Now that we’ve covered details regarding the second season of ‘Loki,’ it’s time to analyze them. Please take note that what was stated above draws information from the trailer, and we will likely see the bigger picture once the show actually releases, so the content of this post is subject to change. However, if you’re interested in our current analysis, stay with us and keep reading! 

‘Loki’ Season 2 likely takes place after the events that transpired during ‘Avengers’ 

Now, this is the part that confuses a lot of fans since, as you know, there are two versions of Loki within the MCU: the original Loki that sadly died during the events of ‘Infinity War,’ and the version that was introduced during the events of ‘Avengers: Endgame,’ the so-called Time Heist Variant of Loki. 

And this is the part where it gets confusing, even though the Time Heist Loki that we’re following in the standalone show was introduced during ‘Endgame’ he wasn’t introduced during that exact timeline. When the TVA captured Loki for using the Tesseract, that was actually the continuation of the events that transpired in 2012 since the Avengers time-traveled to that year to obtain the Tesseract. 

So, the first season of ‘Loki’ took place in 2012, and the second season likely takes place in that exact time frame since Loki noticed immediately that the statue of Kang the Conqueror had replaced the statue of He Who Remains, and he immediately went to explore it in more detail, and if it is possible, fix it. 


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Some portions of the show will be set in the 20th century 

During the post-credits scenes of ‘Ant-Man & the Wasp: Quantumania,’ we could see Mobius and Loki discovering another Kang the Conqueror variant called Victor Timely.

In the comics, Victor Timely, after his defeat at the hands of the Council of Kangs, decided to time travel to the past, more specifically to 1901, and started working on his plans to conquer the future through the past. He educated the people of the past regarding the principles of robotics, time travel, and technology in general, with the goal of creating an empire through factories and various other technological advancements.

loki victor timely

Victor Timely reappeared in the trailer for season 2 of ‘Loki’ in a similar context as his comic book counterpart, so it isn’t a stretch to conclude that a larger part of the second season of ‘Loki’ will, in fact, take place in 1901.

The exact timeline of the series, however, is extremely difficult to set and explain, considering that Loki has found himself in quite a dangerous and sensitive position. He keeps time slipping, being transported through the past, present, and future. 


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The second season will most likely take place in Timely and outside of space and time

The location of the second season of ‘Loki’ is no easier to determine than the time frame. We know that the TVA headquarters are isolated within a special realm outside of space and time where time flows differently, so there’s no reason to think that the second season won’t have such a similar setting for some parts. Since Loki keeps slipping through time and space, the locations are unpredictable, and the TVA headquarters seems like the safest bet to make. 

Mobius and loki

Additionally, once again, due to the presence of Victor Timely in the second season, we can conclude that the show will also take place in Timely, at least some parts of the show. 

When Victor Timely time-traveled to the 20th century, he established a town called “Timely” in Wisconsin and became the town mayor. As we’ve mentioned, he ruled this town and offered extreme advancement to its populace. However, his plans were far from being benevolent. While he was the acting mayor of Timely, Victor Timely also designed and established the realm of Chronopolis. This was where his true headquarters were located, and most of his “unofficial” business was conducted.

Chronopolis was slightly out of sync with time in the exact area of Timely, meaning that it was undetectable by Timely’s enemies. At some point, something went wrong with Chronopolis, and the tower actually became a massive crossroads between Earth’s past, present, and future. It would be cool to see this in the show’s second season.

And this is pretty much it. If you have alternative ideas of when & where the second season of ‘Loki’ might take place, let us know in the comments below!

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