‘Blue Beetle’: Who Is Jenny Kord? Meet Bruna Marquezine’s Character


One of the things that we know about the events of ‘Blue Beetle’ is that the movie explores the entire Reyes family, with Jaime at the focus point. Of course, we also know that there is infighting among the members of the Kord family, as Vicky Kord, the main antagonist, is facing stiff competition from her own niece, Jenny Kord. This is one of the most important parts of the movie, as Jenny doesn’t like what her aunt has been doing to Kord Industries. But who exactly is Jenny Kord in ‘Blue Beetle’?

Jenny Kord is the daughter of Ted Kord, who used to be the CEO and head of Kord Industries. However, ever since Ted’s disappearance, Victoria Kord has been acting as the head. Jennifer is against Victoria’s actions and is the one responsible for stealing the Scarab from her and giving it to Jaime, who ends up becoming its host.

While Jennifer Kord really isn’t part of Jaime’s origin story in the comics, she is nonetheless an important part of his transformation into a superhero in the ‘Blue Beetle’ movie. Of course, due to the things that they went through together, Jenny also became romantically involved with Jaime. So, with that said, let’s look at what we know about Jennifer Kord in the ‘Blue Beetle’ movie.

Blue Beetle’s origin story is different from the comics 

In the comics, Jaime Reyes bonded with the Scarab when he happened upon it one day, floating in the river. The Scarab decided to bond with him and formed an exoskeleton around him that resembles an extremely high-tech suit capable of endowing the user with superhuman powers.  In the movie, however, Jaime bonded with the Scarab due to a fateful encounter with Jenny Kord.

Earlier in the movie, Jaime meets Jennifer for the first time when she is having an argument with her aunt, Victoria, in the Kord mansion where Jaime is working as a cleaner. Jaime stopped Victoria from hitting Jenny, as he was able to prevent the situation from escalating. In turn, Vicky fired him from his job. However, Jenny offered Jaime a job to make up for what he did for her and told him to go to Kord Industries the next day so that they could meet up.

The next day, Jaime went to Kord Industries to try to get a job from Jenny. However, Jenny had infiltrated the Kord Industries lab to steal the Scarab from Vicky. She slipped the Scarab inside a fast food container and gave it to Jaime out of desperation because she was running out of options. When Jaime opened the container, he saw the Scarab, which bonded with him after it chose him as its next host.

Jenny Kord played a huge role in Blue Beetle’s origin story 

The fact that Jenny was the one who gave Jaime the fast food container that contained the Scarab inside is the very reason why she played a huge role in Jaime’s superhero origin story. But while the Scarab chose Jaime to be its next host, Jenny’s role in his life didn’t stop there.

Jaime tried to look for Jennifer to find a way to remove the Scarab from his body, only for him to see her getting chased by Kord security. This allowed Jaime to get entangled in the affairs between Jenny and her aunt. And Jenny promised to try to find a way to get the Scarab out of Jaime by taking him to the Kord Estate, which used to be Jenny’s childhood home.


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In the Kord estate, that was when it was made clear that there is a connection between Jenny and Ted Kord, who we know is the second Blue Beetle in the comics. And it was through this connection that Jaime was able to get to know more about the nature of the Scarab.

Jenny Kord is connected to Ted Kord, a second Blue Beetle 

As mentioned, there is a connection between Jenny Kord and Ted Kord. That’s because Jenny was Ted Kord’s daughter. It was established early in the movie that Ted Kord disappeared mysteriously years ago, and this was the event that thrust Jennifer into her role as one of the directors of Kord Industries.

Under Ted Kord, Kord Industries was a tech company that focused on making the future a better place for the people of Palmera City. However, ever since his disappearance, Vicky transitioned Kord Industries into a weapons manufacturing company. And her life’s work was the OMAC system, which was a police system that relied on technology that’s similar to the one that the Scarab uses.

After Jenny took Jaime and his Uncle Rudy to the Kord Estate, she opened up a hidden passageway leading to a hideout. Rudy quickly recognized the costume in the hideout as the one that once belonged to a superhero named Blue Beetle. He was quick to conclude that Ted Kord used to be the Blue Beetle.

In that regard, Jenny was the daughter of a superhero that relied on technology to serve the people of Palmera City. However, Ted wasn’t a host of the Scarab, so he tried to emulate the Scarab technology by inventing gadgets with similar capabilities. Rudy also found out that Ted had a mentor named Dan Garrett, who used to be a host of the Scarab. In the comics, Dan Garrett was the first Blue Beetle before he passed the Scarab and his mantle of the Blue Beetle down to Ted Kord, even though the Scarab didn’t choose the latter as its next host.

What happened to Jenny in ‘Blue Beetle’?

As the events of ‘Blue Beetle’ progressed, Jenny got entangled in the family matters involving the Reyes family, who got into this mess when she gave Jaime the Scarab. After Vicky Kord got her hands on Jaime and caused the death of Jaime’s father, who died from a heart attack when Kord Industries attacked their home, Jenny realized that she needed to help this family.

That was why Jenny brought the entire Reyes family over to the Blue Beetle hideout, where they rode a Beetle ship that took them to Pago Island, which was the very same island where Vicky was holding Jaime in an attempt to extract data from the Scarab to be used for the OMAC.


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Jenny also allowed the members of the Reyes family to use some of the weapons and gadgets that her father designed. After infiltrating the island, Jenny and Jaime’s sister Milagro planted different explosives that were meant to discombobulate the Kord security on the island.

However, Jenny got herself captured by Vicky after she got separated from Milagro. Nevertheless, while she and Vicky are on a helicopter escaping Pago Island, she uses a bubblegum gadget that her father invented to escape the helicopter and take Vicky down with her back to the island. After Jaime defeats Carapax and causes him to reform, the former villain used the OMAC suit that he wore to self-destruct and take the entire island with him, as he also killed Vicky in the process.

Vicky’s death allowed Jennifer to take the seat of the head of Kord Industries. As the company’s new CEO, she decided that Kord Industries would never manufacture weapons again and would focus more on helping the people of Palmera City. Jenny went to the Reyes family home, which had been burned down by the attack of Kord Industries, and promised to shoulder all of the expenses necessary for rebuilding the home.

After that, Jenny said that she needed to return to Kord Estate to reminisce about her childhood life and to admire the paintings that her mother left behind. Jaime offered to give her a ride using his suit, and they shared a kiss together before bolting.

Jenny Kord is played by Bruna Marquezine

Bruna Marquezine is a Brazilian actress and model. She was born on August 4, 1995, in Duque de Caxias, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Marquezine began her career as a child actress and gained fame for her role as Salete in the Brazilian telenovela “Mulheres Apaixonadas” (2003).


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Since then, Marquezine has appeared in many other Brazilian telenovelas, including “Salve Jorge” (2012) and “Em Família” (2014).

Bruna Marquezine has received several awards for her acting, including the Contigo Awards for Best Child Actress and Best Supporting Actress. She has a large following on social media, with millions of followers on Instagram and Twitter.

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