Who Is Victoria Kord in ‘Blue Beetle’? Meet Susan Sarandon’s Character

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The storyline of ‘Blue Beetle’ is quite unique in the sense that it focuses more on an entire family instead of just putting the spotlight on one character. Of course, while we know that Jaime Reyes is still the main protagonist of the storyline, he and his family face a common antagonist that makes their lives a living hell. We are talking about Victoria Kord. So, who is Victoria Kord in ‘Blue Beetle’?

Victoria Kord was the head of Kord Industries and was the main antagonist of ‘Blue Beetle.’ Played by Susan Sarandon, Vicky wanted to get her hands on the Scarab because she needed it to use its technology as the framework for her advanced OMAC system, which she was looking to sell to different governments worldwide.

The entire character arc of Victoria Kord revolves around her need to turn Kord Industries into the best weapons manufacturing company in the entire world, and everything rested on the Scarab, which she knew had the most advanced weapons tech on Earth. So, with that said, let’s look at what we know about Victoria Kord and what happened to her in ‘Blue Beetle.’

Vicky Kord is the movie’s main antagonist

‘Blue Beetle’ didn’t really waste time when it came to introducing one of the most important characters of the entire movie. Early on, we saw Carapax greeting Victoria Kord, who had just arrived on a dig site where her people were trying to get their hands on the Scarab, which had been hidden for 15 years. And it was clear that Vicky had important plans for the Scarab because she couldn’t wait a single minute to get her hands on it.

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As the movie progressed, we learned that Vicky Kord was the head of Kord Industries and was now trying to steer the company to a different future. Her niece, Jenny Kord, found out that Vicky and her people were developing a proprietary tech called the OMAC, which stands for One-Man Army Corps. This tech was designed to be used for security purposes and was meant to be able to provide its buyers with a private army in the form of only one man. And it was clear that the OMAC was created based on the same Scarab technology.

During the movie, we also found out that Vicky started Kord Industries together with her father. However, we found out through Jenny that the company was passed on to Ted Kord, her father, instead of Vicky. And that didn’t sit well with Vicky, who thought the company should have been hers instead of Ted’s.

During Ted’s tenure as the head of Kord Industries, he steered the company away from being a weapons company. Instead, he wanted it to be more of a tech company that helped steer the entirety of Palmera City into the future. And Ted also used the resources of Kord Industries to secretly develop technology based on the same technology that the Scarab uses, as he eventually became the hero known as Blue Beetle.


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Upon Ted’s disappearance, Vicky took control of the company and decided to turn it into a weapons company. However, the problem is that the OMAC was yet to be completed because it needed the source code of the Scarab for it to function. That is why Vicky wanted her people to crack open the secrets of the Scarab, which could only activate when it finds a suitable host. And things became more complicated when Jaime Reyes accidentally became the new host of the OMAC.

As such, Vicky tried to get her hands on Jaime as he was the key to the Scarab. Now that the Scarab was fully activated, she could obtain its source code by transferring it from Jaime to the OMAC. And it was only through doing so that she could finally complete the OMAC system that she thought would finally make Kord Industries even bigger.

What happened to Victoria Kord in ‘Blue Beetle’?

Victoria, obsessed with getting her hands on the Scarab’s technology, attacked the Reyes family home and forced Jaime to appear. That was when she was able to capture Jaime using a claw-like machine that was meant to neutralize the power of the Scarab. After that, she took Jaime to Pago Island, which served as the base of operations of the entire OMAC development process.

While on Pago Island, Vicky and her head scientist, Dr. Sanchez, transferred the source code of the Scarab to the OMAC so that the system would become fully operational. Of course, the man wearing the OMAC was Carapax, who Vicky described as the perfect candidate to serve as the test subject of the prototype. Even though Sanchez warned Vicky that the transfer process could kill Jaime, she didn’t care because the only thing she wanted to achieve was the success of the OMAC.

Eventually, the transfer process was complete. But because Jaime had completely bonded with the Scarab, he didn’t lose his life. Still, Carapax was stronger than ever because the OMAC now had powers and capabilities similar to what the Scarab was capable of. This led to an all-out fight between Jaime and Carapax, while Vicky tried to flee the scene with a captured Jenny Kord.

However, Jenny used a prototype bubblegum weapon that her father developed to neutralize Vicky as their helicopter crashed. They safely landed on the island using the bubblegum, all while Jaime was about to kill Carapax. 

But Jaime saw Carapax’s memories through the Scarab, as he discovered that Carapax was just a boy when he lost his family to one of Kord Industries’ weapons years ago. He went on to fight as a soldier in South America before a landmine severely injured him. That was when Vicky came in and “saved” Carapax while manipulating him into becoming her personal soldier.


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Touched by Jaime’s gesture, Carapax decided to atone for everything he had done. He grabbed Vicky Kord and overloaded the power source of his OMAC suit to destroy the entire facility on the island. Jaime, Jenny, and the other members of the Reyes family could safely escape the island. However, Victoria Kord died in the explosion as Carapax decided to take her with him as a means of atonement.

After Vicky’s death, Jenny Kord became the new head of Kord Industries. She promised to make sure that Kord Industries would never become a weapons manufacturing company, as it was clear that she was following in her father’s footsteps.

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