50 Greatest Scarlet Witch Quotes: Comics, Movies & Shows

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Wanda Maximoff was initially seen as a simple ally to powerful Marvel superheroes – until her transition to the Scarlet Witch, and she’s made some intriguing statements. Her perspectives often switch between good and evil, leaving fans with plenty of thought-provoking worldviews. Stick around for the most iconic Scarlet Witch quotes of all time from Marvel Comics, MCU movies, and TV shows.

Best Wanda Maximoff quotes of all time

Wanda is well-known for her insane magical abilities, being able to influence probabilities while bending reality as she pleases. She is one of the most powerful magic users in the entire Marvel universe – and one of the most loveable yet terrifying figures overall.

She is an extremely popular Avenger as well as a complete badass within Marvel Comics and live-action releases. Her Scarlet Witch alter-ego reminds fans just how much she is capable of, and she’s passed on some incredibly complex statements.

Below are all of the best Scarlet Witch and Wanda Maximoff quotes of all time, ranked in no particular order. Major spoilers alert for those who haven’t gotten through all Marvel titles featuring Scarlet Witch yet.

50. “I can protect myself.

Scarlet Witch is a master lone wolf, being able to do most things without help from anyone – captured in this quote from Captain America: Civil War (2016). Although, the motive behind this quote is slightly different, as it involves concerns for others’ safety in light of how dangerous she can be.

49. “Ultron can’t see the difference between saving the world and destroying it. Where do you think he gets that?”

This quote was featured in Avengers: Age of Ultron (2015), and it marks one of the first moments Scarlet Witch begins developing moral awareness. She starts questioning the motives and methods of Ultron, which ultimately leads to her turning on him and joining Marvel protagonists later down the line.

48. “I’d never hurt you. I’d never hurt anyone. I’m not a monster.”

Scarlet Witch really lost the plot when it came to handling her grief in Doctor Strange and the Multiverse of Madness. She was now willing to take countless innocent lives – despite this approach being similar to the one who took her own loved ones.

Scarlet Witch durability

America Chavez ultimately gave her exactly what she wanted – to be reunited with her two sons. However, her sons saw her for exactly who she was at that moment and were afraid of what they saw (in contrast to the Wanda who mothered them).


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She ironically responded with this statement after throwing Wanda into a wall, and the moment served as a strong wake-up call for Scarlet Witch. While irreversible damage was done, she would later attempt to make things right in the main MCU universe (or, at least better, Scarlet Witch killed countless people).

47. “I’ll let you in on a secret. Everyone can rewrite reality. People do it all the time. Either you’re making choices that lead to change, or you are part of the changes that other people choose. There are no sidelines.”

Wanda makes a powerful statement regarding the concept of fate in Marvel’s Voices Infinity Comic Vol. 1 #48. She compares her own abilities to simple aspects of life, such as making decisions – while it’s nowhere near what she does with her powers, it’s an uplifting statement that reminds us we can influence our own realities.

46. “Wanda Maximoff is in the room, and she can speak for herself.”

This quote stems from Avengers: The Children’s Crusade Vol. 1 #4, and it really captures Wanda’s personality. She is always willing to stand up for herself and does not appreciate being overlooked or having associates speak on her behalf.

45. “I have everything under control.”

This quote stems from Wandavision Episode 4: “We Interrupt This Program” (2021). Since the WandaVision TV series took place following the events of Avengers: Endgame, Wanda was already in the process of grieving Vision and her children.


It sparked the beginning of a rather unhealthy grief process, where Wanda seemed incapable of coping without them in her life – instead using her magical abilities to take control over a small town, recreating Vision and her two sons in the process. S.W.O.R.D. agents became concerned, but she had complete confidence in her powers and creations.

44. “I got it, thanks.”

Wanda has a pretty laid-back attitude when she’s at her best, although she is still getting the hang of being a superhero. Although Wanda can be (relatively) harmless, she often has unnecessary outbursts – usually having to reign in her powers for even the simplest of tasks.


Wanda Maximoff, Scarlet Witch and Her Parallels To The Real World

This is shown in situations where she simply doesn’t have the patience, such as when entering a building in an emergency. When the receptionist states that she needs to wait for him to buzz her in, she calmly responds with this statement – while using her powers to unlock and slam the door open instead.

43. “Try not to break the multiverse, Stephen.”

Wanda still has a streak of humor when she feels inclined, and it’s usually in the form of short phrases or contextual comedy. Considering all of the reality-bending events that take place in the MCU, primarily due to either Scarlet Witch or Doctor Strange, this statement is somewhat tongue-in-cheek.

42. “Sooner or later every man shows himself.”

scarlet witch quicksilver

This quote stems from Avengers: Age of Ultron (2015) and marks a pivotal moment where Wanda and Pietro begin to question Ultron’s true motives. Wanda and Pietro started doubting Ultron’s plans, and Wanda did not like that she could not simply read his mind – instead, she calmly made this statement, showing that she would be watching and waiting for his true colors to show.

41. “All we’ll ever need is each other. Absolutely, that’s true, my dear brother. But if you’d stop being so cynical for one second and take this chance with me…we might finally find ourselves a place where we belong. With the Avengers.”

Wanda and Pietro had difficult upbringings, being raised in ways comparable to test subjects and later manipulated for others’ motives. Scarlet Witch makes this statement to her brother in Avengers Origins: The Scarlet Witch & Quicksilver Vol. 1 #1, where she helps convince him that they could have a good purpose.

40. “In a real magic act, everything is fake.”

WandaVision (2021) was certainly unique, giving fans insight into how Wanda may have been had she not become corrupted by grief and pain. The Wanda seen in this TV series is the polar opposite of the Scarlet Witch – Wanda is a pure, loving, simple person who uses her magical abilities in a manner more akin to Matilda.


Rather than fighting, she makes food and organizes kitchenware with old-school humor and tangible tension that makes it really twisted for fans to see. On the side, she also does comedic magic acts and makes an odd, unsettling, yet complex statement that many feel is ambiguous – considering the context.

39. “To some, it’s about trying to find the magic in your life. To others, it’s about standing up and facing your fears. To many, it’s about staying young at heart no matter how old you get. But everyone’s story begins once upon a time…and it’s up to us to cherish the time we’re given to ensure we live happily ever after.”

Wanda is incredibly loving, complex, and philosophical as a character, as captured in this quote from Avengers Fairy Tales Vol. 1 #1. She has been through many things in life and is able to perceive topics from numerous perspectives – ultimately, the message of cherishing what we have is always the same for anyone.

38. “I have what I want and no one will ever take it from me again.”

The only reason Scarlet Witch snapped was the loss of Vision and her two sons – in addition to the entire life that she had envisioned with them. When she finally gets a glimpse of what she has lost, she makes it clear that she will not tolerate any potential threats – irrespective of the consequences.

37. “In any given space only the witch who cast the runes can use her magic.”

Scarlet Witch is an expert magic user, being able to wield magic in many forms and use it at her will. However, she is also well-versed in the lore and rules of using magic as well, having studied plenty of ancient texts and much more, and she reminds an enemy of this rule as it’s revealed Scarlet Witch cast the runes in question.

36. “You guys do know that I can move things with my mind right?”

This comedic quote stems from Captain America: Civil War (2016) and was made during a casual moment between Wanda and Avengers members. Captain America and Black Widow attempt to train Wanda as she tries to learn how to be an Avenger.

wanda fight

Wanda was new to the idea of being a hero and became slightly impatient. The members tell her that she needs to be careful, vigilant, secretive, and safe, and she simply responds with the snarky yet accurate statement above.


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Many titles have taught us that power is not everything, and it takes a lot more in order to truly be a good superhero – it would take time for Wanda to learn this aspect. Still, it was great to see Wanda’s humor shine through in this moment.

35. (“If you do this, they will never stop being afraid of you.” – Vision)“I can’t control their fear, only my own.”

Captain America: Civil War (2016) was filled with complexities for the esteemed protagonists, including Wanda. Some of the movie’s events saw her blamed for the deaths of civilians while being increasingly feared by the public and her teammates, all while placing the Avengers at the center of an international accident.

captain america civil war

Hawkeye is one of the few allies who provide comfort, recruiting her to the Secret Avengers while reminding her that she can only control her own stance in different situations. She passes on this perspective when Vision says that Wanda needs to take a backseat for the sake of others.

34. “You’re not my neighbor. And you are definitely not my friend. You are a stranger and an outsider. You are trespassing here and I want you to leave.”

Wanda often shows kindness and compassion for those she cares about, but she has very little patience for people who are not a part of her life. However, she is not quick to show her violent streak and warns outsiders by making this statement.

33. “I’ll give you the role you chose, the nosey neighbor.”

Scarlet Witch makes this statement as a result of an individual being far too curious about her life and her actions. While this quote is relatively polite, it’s nevertheless threatening and quite intimidating when coming from her – it implies she intends to deal with the individual in a manner she deems fit.

32. “You were pulling your punches.”

Being completely aware of just how powerful she truly is, the Scarlet Witch is always up for a fair fight – whether it’s for real or simply a practice combat session. She makes this statement toward one of her opponents, highlighting that she knows when someone is going easy on her while implying that she would be able to handle just about anyone’s full strength.

31. “I used to think of myself one way but after this…I am something else.”

Wanda started off with a dark alignment, being manipulated by evil individuals from her teen years. Although she made the switch and joined the Avengers later down the line, she still holds the potential to go dark again.

scarlet witch kill

Scarlet Witch makes this statement while reflecting on herself as an individual. She points out that she used to have a certain view of herself, possibly due to her complex childhood and her many good or bad deeds, but as she matures, she points out that she isn’t as certain of herself as she thought.

30. “In order to be in control, you have to embrace your power, not reject it. I know your abilities can frighten you at times. But you’re not seeing the beauty in them. With our unpredictable gift, we can create a greater world. But we must take responsibility for how this gift affects others.”

Wanda struggled with many things growing up, but she has always had a unique and undeniable level of mastery regarding her magical abilities. She makes this statement with the release of Love Unlimited Infinity Comic Vol. 1 #25 in reference to the responsibility of those who have superpowers.


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She states that while it’s hard to accept the unique and often challenging life brought by these gifts, it’s up to mutants to embrace their abilities. Superpowers can be a gift or a curse, but it’s up to the wielder to use them for good.

29. (“Wanda, your children aren’t real. You created them with magic.” – Steven Strange)”That’s what every mother does.”

Scarlet Witch is an exceptionally loving mother and partner, as noted by her relationship with Vision and how pure she would have turned out under different circumstances. She makes this statement in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness after Doctor Strange tries to convince her that her children are not real.

scarlet witch kids

Although she later proves them wrong by showing them the realities where Vision and her two sons lived, she offers a unique and oddly sweet response. She states that all mothers made their children with magic, comparing her mystical abilities to the love many mothers pour into raising their children.

28. “Every night the same dream and every morning the same nightmare.”

This quote is incredibly deep and complex, as Scarlet Witch explains that her existence is a nightmare. Things may have been different if Wanda wasn’t aware of her happy and peaceful life in other realities, but she was reminded of this fact every night while she slept.

scarlet witch sons

In these dreams, she saw visions of the happiness she could have had, with her desperation growing more each night that passed by. She took a moment to show Doctor Strange and America Chavez exactly what she saw in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, but there was simply no stopping her once she found a way to infiltrate this alternate reality.

27. “I’m sorry, but this will hurt.”

Wanda made a return with the release of The Children’s Crusade, although she took some time to find her feet and role within the Marvel universe. She specifically took on more mystical and supernatural missions that she felt best suited for, which included many paranormal cases.


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One of these cases involved a detective who had been possessed by a demonic being known as a Sonneillon, which was intent on spreading a “hate virus.” Wanda used her abilities in order to perform an exorcism, but she had enough compassion to state that while it was the best approach, the process would be quite painful.

26. “You have no idea how reasonable I have been.”

Scarlet Witch does some seriously messed up things while pursuing her dream of a life with Vision and her two sons – hell hath no fury like a woman scorned. However, while many thought this was extreme and shocking enough, she reminded protagonists that she had only just begun.

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Wanda went on to state that she had been reasonable with them in everything she had done, implying that she was holding back all along. This was a shocking revelation even from her, considering how violent she had been, but it was an upfront reminder of her power and potential – she was willing to commit far more dark and evil acts if she needed to.

25. “What mouth?”

This was one of the most brutal moments in Doctor Strange In The Multiverse Of Madness, marking the first major death within Scarlet Witch’s alternate reality murder spree. After Wanda in that universe is possessed by the main MCU timeline’s Scarlet Witch, she is confronted by the leading heroes within that reality.

Reed Richards states that Black Bolt could destroy her simply by opening his mouth, to which she responds with the phrase above – all while drenched in the blood of countless victims and bearing a slight sadistic smirk. As the scene changes, fans see that Black Bolt’s mouth has vanished, and she uses his own ability to destroy him as Black Bolt’s power results in his own head being blown up.

24. “Is their mother still alive?” (“Yes.” – Reed Richards) “Good, then there will be someone left to raise them.”

Yet another sickening moment from Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness as a whole, following Black Bolt’s death. She makes this statement before killing Reed Richards in the most sadistic way possible – literally tearing him to stretchy shreds.

scarlet witch kill 2

Her twisted sense of humor takes center stage here, as she seems to mock his mutant ability in his own death. Despite this, she considers her victims’ children even in her darkest moments.

23. “I’m sorry, Carol. This is the way things are done, and though I understand your rage… I promise you that there is value in this process. You will remember nothing about the specifics of why you’re there. But what you will have–which nobody can take from you, ever–is who you are. That will never change–try to hang onto it. It will see you through.”

Scarlet Witch makes this statement in Captain Marvel Vol. 10 #39, and it captures the complexity of handling rage and fighting one’s own demons. Having gone through plenty of dark days as a character, Scarlet Witch reminds Carol that she must hold on to who she is no matter what.

22. “It won’t be Wanda that comes for her. It will be the Scarlett Witch.”

Wanda makes this statement to Doctor Strange as she gives him a slight heads-up on what’s about to go down, offering him the option to simply hand over America Chavez himself. She makes it very clear that if he refuses, she will have to resort to more violent measures.

america chaves

She takes a moment to highlight that he will need to forget everything he knows about Wanda and her heroic history. This was an iconic moment as it embodied Wanda’s full transition into the dark Scarlet Witch, which influenced her actions and her personality and moral boundaries (or, lack thereof).

21. “Dream walking you hypocrite!”

Wanda often makes remarks about heroes being able to break the rules apart from herself, and Doctor Strange later uses dream walking to try and stop her. Scarlet Witch calls him a hypocrite after shaming her for using the same ability, although he would later still suffer the aftermath of dabbling with the dark arts.

20. “There is no defense against the Scarlet Witch’s Hex!”

Wanda makes this statement in The Avengers #19, and it’s seen as one of her earliest and most memorable quotes to date. The Swordsman attempted to earn his place among the Avengers by attacking them at their headquarters, and he managed to take on the members in question – all but one, of course.


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Scarlet Witch was not having any of it, and she was quick to show the Swordsman that she was far more powerful than other Avengers. She easily defeated him using one of her hexes, although he did eventually earn the Avengers’ respect over time.

19. “It’s carved in stone, I was meant to rule everything.”

scarlet witch

Once Wanda reaches the location of the final showdown, she is met with a series of murals and art pieces. She notices the resemblance between herself and the figure carved onto the wall, and she realizes she has the potential to rule the world if she wishes.

18. (“You can’t control me the way you do them.” – Vision) “Can’t I?”

Vision makes it clear that he knows how Wanda uses her abilities to manipulate others. He states that she cannot use her power to control him, and she responds in a manner that implies she simply chooses not to.

17. “This isn’t a tomb, it’s a throne.”

scarlet witch throne

This quote stems from Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, highlighting the moment Scarlet Witch embraced herself as a dark ruler. Her power was enough to terrify onlookers and fans, but the image of ancient dark creatures bowing down to her was the icing on the cake.

16. “You break the rules and you become a hero. I do it and I become the enemy. That doesn’t seem fair.”

Wanda became an extremely dark version of the Scarlet Witch with the release of Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, where she touched on a few perceived double standards. Although her actions cannot be forgiven, quite a few of her points were somewhat true.

Wanda with darkhold

Doctor Strange is known for breaking the rules and messing with timelines, but he’s still showered with praise and adoration. On the other hand, when Scarlet Witch attempts to use her powers in less ‘traditional’ ways, she is automatically made a villain – of course, we can all agree that Scarlet Witch becoming a villain was more attributed to her increasingly violent and corrupted methods.

15. “No more mutants.”

This quote from House of M Vol. 1 #7 highlights just how subtle yet impactful Wanda’s abilities can be. The House of M storyline saw the creation of a reality where mutants ruled over humanity – at the hands of Wanda, who was manipulated by Pietro.

Scarlet Witch Magic

To rectify her actions and destroy Magneto’s dream of mutant superiority, she decided to wipe out almost all mutants on the planet – by casually uttering this short and simple phrase. Wanda helped restore balance after this event, but it remains one of the most complex, tragic, and epic moments in Scarlet Witch’s history.

14. “No.”

While this quote from Wandavision Episode 2: “Don’t Touch That Dial” (2021), is as short as it gets, it is nevertheless chilling and unforgettable. Wanda realizes that a S.W.O.R.D. agent has infiltrated the town she created and contemplates what she should do as a confused and concerned Vision stands behind her.


To many fans’ surprise, Wanda simply utters the word “no.” This effortless response rewinds the entire scene, resetting Wanda and Vision’s picture-perfect paradise – it’s a shocking reminder of how Wanda can bend reality as she pleases.

13. “I’m not a monster, Stephen, I’m a mother.”

Scarlet Witch makes this statement in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness in reference to her actions and her motives. While she states that she is not a monster but a mother in grief, the truth would lie somewhere in between – she is a loving mother, but she chose to become a monster due to her inability to cope with loss.

12. “I just feel you.”

Scarlet Witch’s love interest and relationship with Vision is one of the most iconic within the Marvel universe to date, captured with this quote from Avengers: Infinity War (2018). Wanda and Vision are absolutely adorable, with mutual love, respect, and compassion that can be felt through the screen with many MCU titles.

Scarlet Witch TV Series with Vision

Wanda makes this statement to Vision, which can be compared to saying “I love you” – although expressed in a more unique and powerful way that implies she connects with his soul. It references their deeper connection while touching on Vision’s perceived struggles with understanding human emotions logically.

11. “Run.

This was one of the most epic yet terrifying moments in Doctor Straneg in the Multiverse of Madness, as Scarlet Witch uses her mind control abilities in order to infiltrate the Sorcerers’ protective shield. Instead of using brute force, she found a weak-minded sorcerer and simply whispered in his ear, after which he fled, and the shield began weakening.

scarlet witch mind

It was all downhill for the sorcerers at that point, as Scarlet Witch unleashed chaos and single-handedly demolished everything. It all started with one word, highlighting how smart, cunning, and strategic she is as an individual.

10. “You are my sadness and my hope. But mostly you are my love.”

Wanda describes her loved ones with this complex statement, which captures what many people may feel, especially when dealing with grief. Caring about someone that much will make one vulnerable to sadness and weakness while simultaneously serving as a source of love and hope.

9. “I am trying to tell you that there are rules in life, okay? We can’t rush aging just because it’s convenient. And we can’t reverse death. No matter how sad it makes us. Okay? Some things are forever.”

Since Wanda has seen a ton of grief in her life, she makes this statement from experience. Scarlet Witch reminds others that we cannot change the cycle of life and death, irrespective of what we go through.


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8. “Love is for souls, not bodies.”

This quote stems from Giant-Size Avengers Vol. 1 #4 and says a lot about how Wanda views true love. She states that love is for souls and not for bodies, which can relate to many things – such as her loving Vision, who was an android, or still loving Vision after his death.

7. “While I Live — And Until I Die — I Am An Avenger!”

Wanda Maximoff took some time to get settled into her position as a superhero, both within Marvel Comics as well as within the MCU. This quote stems from The Avengers Vol. 1 #84, “The Sword and the Sorceress” and captures the moment Wanda embraces her role.

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It symbolizes that being a hero means a lot more to Wanda than she often lets on. Despite facing tragic twists of fate, she would always find strength in the fact that she is one of the most powerful members of the Avengers as a whole.

6. “Our imperative now is to join with The Avengers and bring Stark to justice. May the Lord have mercy on us all.”

Wanda is often faced with difficult situations and complex decisions, as seen with the release of The Crossing. In Force Works Vol. 1 #20, Wanda was a devoted member of the Force Works rather than the Avengers, although they all realize that the legendary Tony Stark was actually working with Kang the Conqueror for many years.


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Iron Man has always been an integral component of the Avengers as well as the Marvel universe, making the betrayal that much more shocking. Wanda and Force Works were ultimately forced to team up with the Avengers in order to take on one of their oldest and most cherished friends.

5. (“Wanda if you stay here, you’ll die.” – Ultron) “I just did. Do you know how it felt? It felt like that.”

Wanda Maximoff and her twin brother Pietro made their MCU debut with the release of Avengers: Age of Ultron, which saw the two figures hold a complex alignment. Ultron recruited the powerful siblings, although they both joined the Avengers soon after in order to help prevent the world’s destruction.

scarlet witch ultron

This quote was one of the most memorable moments in the movie, being one of the first times fans saw a glint of Wanda’s darker side. After Quicksilver sacrifices himself to save Hawkeye and a child from Ultron’s attacks, she seeks revenge by ripping out Ultron’s heart and crushing it with her mind – all while making this statement.

4. “Your ego blinds you to the truth, Pietro. It always has. Synapse nearly died because of you, and you alone. Until you can accept that and atone for it, you will not be welcome here.”

While Wanda has a firmer good streak compared to her brother, Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver have a history of both heroism and villainy. She made this statement in Uncanny Avengers Vol. 3 Issue #29, directly calling Pietro out for his reckless behavior.


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She tells him that he is no longer welcome until he can acknowledge what he had done. Wanda’s loyalty to her heroic team really stands out here, as she is willing to go against her own brother in order to defend what’s right.

3. “You took everything from me.” (“I don’t even know who you are?” – Thanos)“You will.”

Avengers: Endgame was an absolutely epic title within the MCU, bringing a series of insanely complex events and plot twists to one reality-bending finale. Although many characters have shown bravery when going up against the powerful Thanos, Wanda has been the most upfront, fearless, and intimidating – and, she has the power to back it up.

scarlet witch thanos fight

The events see the Avengers reach Thanos from the past, who had no knowledge of his future self’s actions. Wanda forced Thanos to choose between losing himself or his army, to which he chose to lose his army – still, Wanda made him suffer for fighting her head-on, showing just how badass she can be given enough motive.

2. “Don’t look back. The past is exactly where it belongs.”

Since Wanda struggles with mourning in numerous titles, this quote from Scarlet Witch Vol. 2 #13 is ironic yet extremely powerful. She was forced to confront her own dark past within her solo series, but she was finally able to move on – now holding the strength to pass this wisdom on to others who cannot move forward.

1. “I don’t need you to tell me who I am.”

Wanda makes this iconic statement in Wandavision Episode 9: “The Series Finale” (2021). Her increase in power drew the attention of a dark witch named Agatha Harkness, who revealed an ancient prophecy from the Darkhold regarding the Scarlet Witch, and she wanted to claim Wanda’s powers for herself.


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During a final battle between Wanda and Agatha, it was revealed that Wanda was the Scarlet Witch without Agatha’s influence. She steps into the much-feared form of the Scarlet Witch while reminding Agatha that she does not need anyone to tell her who she is.

avengers kang scarlet witch

Her life, her name, and her powers belong to her. She is well aware of her true power and identity as the Scarlet Witch as is, and this scene goes down as one of the greatest in Marvel history.

Those are all of the greatest Scarlet Witch, and Wanda quotes from comics, movies, and TV shows. Although Wanda spent some time going off the deep end, she still came around after being brought face-to-face with the harsh reality – and she is still one of the most well-loved Marvel characters to date.

What’s your favorite Scarlet Witch quote of all time? Let us know in the comments below!

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