Is Scarlet Witch the Most Powerful Avenger? Here’s Why She Might Be

Is Scarlet Witch the Most Powerful Avenger Heres Why She Might Be

With her inclusion in the MCU, Scarlet Witch quickly rose to prominence both because of her complicated character and her amazing powers with the potential to alter reality itself. We know that Wanda offered quite the resistance to Thanos himself, and he was at one point the most powerful being in an entire Universe. Wanda’s story seems to be left on kind of a cliffhanger, just when we saw her getting a massive power upgrade in the MCU, and this is why we decided to explore, is Scarlet Witch the most powerful Avenger & all the reasons she might be? 

Scarlet Witch is not the most powerful Avenger, that would be Thor, but she can easily rival him with her own powers and abilities that include chaos magic and probability altering. Scarlet Witch is a nexus being with access to Darkhold, making her potential almost limitless. However, the fact that Wanda is human at the end of the day is what limits her and bars her from being the most powerful currently. 

To objectively judge Wanda’s powers is no easy task. This is why we decided to explore her feats, powers, and abilities in a bit more detail to see what makes Scarlet Witch so powerful & dangerous. If you’re interested in more, stay with us and keep reading!

Wanda’s Powers were enhanced by the Mind Stone 

Wanda and Mind Stone

Infinity Stones are among the most powerful weapons in existence. Controlling only one gives an individual unimaginable control over one aspect of reality, and controlling all of them gives them control over reality. But what happens when your powers are, to a great extent, connected to the Infinity Stones? We’ve seen this with Wanda and Pietro. Both of them were experimented upon by Baron Strucker and HYDRA when they had Mind Stone in their possession. 

Mind Stone gives access to its wielders to a complete fabric of minds, greatly enhancing their psionic and telepathic abilities, and this is what enhanced Wanda’s powers to such a great extent. The enhancements are not limited to the mind alone, as Pietro’s body was enhanced instead of his mind. 

Still, being directly connected to such a powerful artifact counts a lot. 


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Wanda was born with a natural potential for Chaos Magic 

Wanda Chaos magic

Chaos Magic is one of the rarest and most powerful forms of magic in the comics and the MCU. Wanda was born with an innate potential to manipulate the Chaos Magic, which became apparent when Agatha Harkness recognized her as the mythical Scarlet Witch

Chaos Magic emits large quantities of Cosmic Background radiation, allowing her to distort reality as she fits. With the use of Chaos Magic, Wanda was able to manipulate all of Westview, including the people and objects inside it and their actions. She was able to alter objects on a molecular level, and it’s supposed that the Hex surrounding Westview left permanent consequences. 

Chaos Magic is extremely unstable in nature, and the individual trying to manipulate it must have large energy reserves in the first place. Even if Wanda wasn’t a particularly skilled Chaos Magic user, even the fact that she could wield it was proof enough of her massive raw powers. 

Scarlet Witch is also a Nexus Being 

Scarlet Witch mirror dimension

Nexus Beings weren’t explored all that much in the MCU, but it’s a term that’s been connected to Wanda in the comics to a large extent because the fact that she is a Nexus Being forms a large basis for her reality-altering powers. With the release of ‘Ant-Man & the Wasp: Quantumania’ Kang the Conqueror was confirmed to be a Nexus Being, along with Scarlet Witch

Nexus Beings are powerful entities that serve as a focal point for magic and reality inside a selected Universe, and by extension, those types of beings can affect the probability. The probability-altering is so great that the action of the Universe and the timeline shift according to the whims and actions of the Nexus Beings.  

Nexus Beings are greatly empowered and enhanced in terms of their other powers because they serve as a magnet for other types of supernatural energies. TVA carefully monitors those entities or beings because their actions can result in instability and the destruction of entire timelines and Universes.

The Multiverse & the TVA were already largely explored in the ‘Loki’ series that introduced Kang, and the trend continued in ‘Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness.’ Kang is set to be the main villain of the next few phases of the MCU, although due to Wanda’s supposed death, we’re not sure what kind of role her status as a Nexus Being will play in the future of the MCU, if any. 

Wanda empowered herself with the Darkhold 


Darkhold was a book of spells and tome that contained Chthon’s wretched magic. The book was so dangerous that plenty of individuals over the course of history wanted to get their hands on it, even Nick Fury. The Darkhold was created out of dark matter and was said to contain infinite knowledge.

Scarlet Witch got into possession of Darkhold after she stole it from another powerful sorcerer, Agatha Harkness. The book was used to further explore the extent of Wanda’s powers and the gravity behind the fact that she is the prophecized Scarlet Witch. We’ve briefly seen what Scarlet Witch was able to do empowered by the Darkhold and what danger she presented not only to her native reality but also to the Multiverse as a whole. 

Wanda collapsed the Darkhold castle on top of herself and supposedly destroyed every copy of the book within the Multiverse. Still, considering that she was able to absorb its knowledge, in the event that Wanda survived the ordeal, she will keep some modicum of the book’s powers within herself. 


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