Top 15 Female Superheroes in DC (Comics & Movies)


We are already aware of how powerful the characters in DC are, as some of the greatest powerhouses in the history of comic books come from this fictional universe. We can’t help but think of guys like Superman and Batman when it comes to iconic DC characters. But the women are just as iconic and powerful as DC’s male superheroes.

In fact, some of the strongest DC superheroes are female. We live in a day and age where women can have it all, and that means that more representation in comic books and movies is vital in our modern world. As such, women are now incredibly powerful in the pages of DC. But we are here to round up the top female superheroes in DC so that you would know just how powerful these women are.

15. Huntress

Huntress comes from an alternate universe and is actually Helena Wayne, the child of Batman and Catwoman from a different Earth. In that regard, she has the genetics of her parents, who are both powerful human beings that are at their peak in terms of their physical capabilities. However, Huntress was retconned to become Helena Bertinelli, who has a tragic and traumatic past as the boss of a mob boss that was kidnapped when she was still young.


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While she doesn’t have any superpowers, Huntress is a strong and capable woman that works as a school teacher during the day and as a superhero at night. She works to protect people who aren’t able to protect themselves, as she used her traumatic past as motivation for her to strive harder for others.

14. Stargirl

Stargirl has one of the most interesting stories in the comics because she started out as a spoiled brat that got everything she wanted handed down to her. Still, she eventually became a better version of herself and a pretty capable superhero that fought for those who couldn’t fight for themselves.

As a hero, Stargirl possesses incredible abilities that enhance her physical attributes. But wielding the Cosmic Staff, which is one of the strongest weapons in DC, allows her to become a pretty powerful character that can stand up to almost any other villain in DC.

13. Batwoman

Batwoman is a character that underwent a lot of revisions in DC due to how she is quite similar to the more popular Batgirl. It was only her most recent version that she became a hit character as she comes in the form of Kate Kane, a lesbian. In that regard, she became a popular character since she added diversity to the Bat Family.

Like Batman, Batwoman is a skilled fighter that was trained in the US Military as she served as a soldier but was discharged due to her status as a lesbian. Despite that, she returned to Gotham and became a hero that was inspired by Batman. And because she is one of the most visible gay superheroes in fiction, she is well-received by fans.

12. Batgirl

A lot of characters have shared the Batgirl title, but Barbara Gordon stands as the best among them due to the fact that she was the one who carried this mantle in the best way possible. Barbara is the daughter of Commissioner Gordon and is incredibly skilled as a fighter. However, she is even more skilled as a detective due to her incredible intelligence, and that is the reason why she became an indispensable part of the Bat Family.

However, in the comics, the Joker shot Barbara in the spine and was paralyzed from the waist down. As such, her days as Batgirl were over, but she found a new purpose in a new identity, which is Oracle. Barbara brought representation to the disabled leaders in her role as Oracle, who ended up becoming an important ally of Batman because she is particularly skilled as a detective and in the use of computers.

11. Black Canary

Black Canary is often remembered as the love interest of none other than Green Arrow. However, she is actually stronger than Green Arrow and is one of the most dangerous female superheroes in DC due to her combination of powers and skills. And that is why she belongs on this list.


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In most cases, Black Canary is portrayed as a meta-human with the ability to produce loud screams that can paralyze some of the strongest opponents. Her screams are even enough to momentarily disable someone as powerful as Superman. On top of that, Black Canary is a very skilled fighter and operative that can stand up to superpowered beings despite the fact that she doesn’t have superhuman physical abilities.

10. Talia Al-Ghul

Younger readers are familiar with Talia Al Ghul as the woman that got herself impregnated by Bruce Wayne so that she could have a child with his abilities. As such, Damian Wayne was born. But while Damian got a lot of his skills from his father, his mother is also a badass in the very sense of the word.

There are times when Talia is a hero, but she is often portrayed as a villain or even an antihero. Whatever the case may be, she is a skilled assassin that is part of the legendary Al-Ghul family. She is a strong fighter and an even better manipulator that can string around people to accomplish her goals. And it is her powers of persuasion that makes her an incredibly dangerous ally and opponent.

9. Hawkgirl

Hawkgirl is one of the characters that has undergone numerous retcons, but the fact is that she is a powerful female character. She is a reincarnated Egyptian princess that has appeared as different people time and time again because she often gets reincarnated. And she was always reincarnated with her partner, Hawkman, as they have always been destined to fall in love.

As a reincarnated Egyptian princess that was revered as a goddess, Hawkgirl has superhuman strength, healing, vision, and speed. She is also capable of flight due to her wings and possesses a weapon that is made from one of the strongest metals in the DC universe. In that regard, she is a powerful fighter that is strong enough to put up a good fight against the like of Superman.

8. Big Barda

Like some of the characters on this list, Big Barda was a supervillain who worked under the evil and villainous Darkseid. She even served as a warrior, leading his battalion to many battles. However, she escaped from Darkseid and became a hero after falling in love with Mister Miracle.

The reason why Big Barda is on this list is the fact that she is a well-trained and seasoned fighter with a huge body and a muscular physique. This means that she possesses superhuman strength and is actually capable of fighting some of the strongest and most skilled warriors in DC on par due to her training. In that regard, she is as badass as any other character on this list.

7. Raven

In terms of her potential as a powerful character, Raven has the highest chance of becoming stronger than any other female on this list because she is the daughter of an incredibly powerful cosmic-level entity known as Trigon. In that regard, her powers come from the fact that she is the daughter of this demonic creature.


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Nevertheless, instead of becoming evil, Raven chose to be good. Her powers allow her to manipulate dark energy and create astral projections. She can even absorb the wounds of others and heal people using her giftedness in magic. As such, she is one of DC’s strongest characters and could become stronger than anyone on this list.

6. Starfire

Starfire is one of the true powerhouses when it comes to the female superheroes of DC. Born as an alien named Koriand’r, she is a princess from another planet and was next in line for her throne before her sister tried to usurp the throne from her. As such, she ended up on Earth after she escaped her sister’s wrath. And on Earth, she ended up teaming with the Teen Titans.

Due to her status as an alien that comes from a royal bloodline, Starfire is incredibly powerful and comes with superhuman physical abilities. However, the fact that she can produce energy constructs from her body makes her strong enough to take on some of the strongest villains in DC. One can say that she is probably the strongest member of the Teen Titans.

5. Mera

Mera was first introduced as a princess from a watery world called Xebel, a kingdom allied with Atlantis. She became one of Aquaman’s allies before he took the throne of Atlantis and became the ruler of the underwater world of Earth. As such, Mera became Aquaman’s wife and queen when he assumed the throne of Atlantis.

While she isn’t as physically strong as her husband, she is still stronger than most human beings due to her Atlantean physiology. However, her true power lies in the fact that she is capable of controlling water at will. Her aquakinesis allows her to overwhelm her opponents using large amounts of water. But when she wants to be at her most dangerous, she can drain the fluids out of her opponents to kill them.

4. Zatanna

Zatanna may work as a stage magician, but she is a true magician in the sense that she possesses true magical powers due to her mother, who belonged to a race of magical people. As such, she was raised by her father, who also worked as a magician and had limited magical capabilities. And while she does look like a stage magician with a sexy outfit, she is an incredibly gifted character with powers that can rival some of the greatest magical entities in DC. 

In fact, Zatanna’s magic is more powerful than John Constantine’s own magic, as she has elemental control and can even travel from one dimension to another. Zatanna’s magical abilities also allow her to use telekinesis at a limited level. But the fact that she is such a prodigy in magic allows her to be one of the few characters that could legitimately hurt or even beat Superman, who isn’t impervious to magic.

3. Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman is no doubt the most iconic female character on this list due to her status as one of the first female characters to ever grace the pages of DC. She is the most popular female comic book character in the world and is right up there with the likes of Superman and Batman as the most iconic characters of DC. And while she may not be the strongest, she is certainly one of the best female characters ever.


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As an Amazonian princess with the blood of Zeus, Wonder Woman’s physiology is godlike. She is almost as strong as Superman and can move at speeds that can equal the Flash’s cruising speed. However, her skills as a combatant rank second to none and can even rival Batman’s own fighting abilities. It is because she is a skillful warrior that she can give Superman a tough fight even though the Man of Steel is stronger, faster, and more durable.

2. Supergirl

Supergirl is known as the younger (or sometimes older) cousin of Superman, and that means that she is also Kryptonian. This allows her to have all of the same abilities as Superman, as she possesses superhuman strength, speed, durability, and senses. She also has all of the other standard powers of Superman, such as flight and heat vision. Basically, she is Superman with a skirt.

However, Supergirl is often considered weaker compared to Superman because she hasn’t been on Earth for as long as he has been. That means that her exposure to Earth’s yellow sun isn’t as long as her cousin’s. On top of that, she doesn’t have the vast experience of fighting crime and supervillains that Superman has. As such, she is slightly weaker compared to her cousin but is still every bit of a powerhouse that Superman is.

1. Power Girl

Power Girl is actually just Supergirl from a different universe, as they are both Kryptonian survivors named Kara Zor-El. That means that she is also the cousin of Superman but in an alternate universe, which is the same universe that the original Huntress came from. While she is older than her cousin, Kal-El, her long journey to Earth caused her to stop aging, and that’s why Superman appears to be older than her.

Despite the slight difference in her history, Power Girl is still Supergirl, which means she has all of her standard powers and abilities. But the thing that gives Power Girl an edge over Supergirl is that the Kryptonite of a different universe does not work on her. As such, when Power Girl found herself in a different universe from where she came from, the Kryptonite of that universe didn’t weaken her at all.

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