World Breaker Hulk vs. Thanos: Who Wins This Epic Battle of the Titans?

World Breaker Hulk vs. Thanos The Epic Battle of the Titans

World Breaker Hulk is one of the most powerful versions of Hulk we’ve ever witnessed on the pages of the Marvel comics. As such, he has unimaginable strength and powers, but how would World Breaker Hulk fare against one of the most powerful villains in Marvel Comics, Thanos? This is what we’re going to be dealing with today as we pit World Breaker Hulk and Thanos with and without Infinity Gauntlet. 

World Breaker Hulk is more powerful than Thanos without Infinity Gauntlet. World Breaker Hulk is stronger, more durable, faster, and has limitless stamina at his disposal, being able to fight seemingly forever. However, If Thanos has Infinity Gauntlet, he wins against World Breaker Hulk. The reason why is simple. With Infinity Gauntlet, Thanos can affect reality itself and erase World Breaker Hulk altogether, eliminating the need to fight him. 

Now that we’ve covered that WB Hulk would be able to deal with Thanos efficiently but wouldn’t fare so well against the Infinity Gauntlet, it’s time to analyze why. If you’re interested in more details and you’re interested in how World Break Hulk matches up against Thanos, stay with us and keep reading!

Powers and abilities

Even without Infinity Gauntlet, Thanos is known to be among the most powerful beings in the Marvel Universe. Being an Eternal with Deviant syndrome, Thanos has vast powers at his disposal, both physical and mystic in nature. Thanos excels at manipulating energy, be it elemental or “soul energy.” He can utilize these powers in both offensive and defensive manners. He is known to create powerful force fields and powerful destructive energy blasts capable of even dealing with Galactus swiftly. 

Thanos Energy blast vs galactus

With his mystic abilities, Thanos can enhance every aspect of his being and bring his powers to another level altogether. In some instances, Thanos was also proven to be able to Astrally project. 

World Breaker Hulk is one of the most powerful iterations of Hulk and, as such, has all the powers and abilities of regular Hulk and some extra dangerous abilities to brag with. World Breaker Hulk has a deadly aura around him, being able to emit critical levels of gamma radiation. Not only this, but World Breaker Hulk has enough power.

The ground itself shakes merely due to his presence. With this, he can cause powerful shockwaves that he can utilize both in offensive and defensive manners. While moving, WB Hulk is able to cause incredibly devastating earthquakes. 

World Breaker Hulk aura

With everything said, World Breaker Hulk has more powers and abilities than the standard version of Hulk. However, Thanos’ powers and abilities are more versatile, even without the Infinity Gauntlet. With Infinity Gauntlet, Thanos gains access to seemingly impossible omnipotent powers that are able to deal effectively with a good portion of Marvel’s cosmic pantheon. Due to this, the point goes to Thanos. 

Points: Thanos (1:0) World Breaker Hulk 


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Strength and stamina 

Thanos can lift up to 100 tons due to his enhanced physiology. He is one of the rare non-cosmic beings that belong to this strength category and is likewise often placed among the physically strongest characters in Marvel Comics. Thanos is stronger than a regular Eternal, which also translates well to his striking strength. Due to his unique and alien physiology, Thanos doesn’t tire easily. He produces next to no fatigue and can continue fighting for a long time before he wears himself out. 

Thanos punches through War Machine

The standard version of Hulk has impossible strength and impossible reserves of stamina. World Breaker Hulk brings this to another level completely. WB Hulk’s strength is uncapped. As long as he keeps getting angry, he will get stronger and stronger. His lifting strength is equal to his striking strength, which means that WB Hulk can literally bust a planet open. What makes WB Hulk different from your average version of Hulk and the fact that he can fight forever. Due to the effects of his rage, he has unlimited stamina and can fight for eternity if needed. 

World Breaker Hulk strenght

Thanos is strong, but World Breaker Hulk’s strength is uncapped, and he would outlast Thanos in a fight every time. This point goes to World Breaker Hulk. 

Points: Thanos (1:1) World Breaker Hulk 


Thanos is capable of moving at speeds that come close to 700 miles per hour. He was occasionally known to reach the speeds of light however those are not his regular speeds. His fast traveling speed translates well to combat as well since Thano has vastly superhumanly fast reflexes, reaction times, and agility.  

Thanos catches Iron Heart

Regular Hulk is extremely fast due to the long and powerful muscles that can propel him vast distances, both when it comes to running / swimming and jumping. World Breaker Hulk has his speed increased by tenfold. HE might not look gracious while fighting, but he is crazy fast, fueled by rage alone. 

WB Hulk Jump

Thanos is fast, but he comes nowhere near WB Hulk’s primal instincts that allow him to move lightning-fast while he is fighting. The point goes to Hulk. 

Points: Thanos (1:2) World Breaker Hulk 


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Thanos was never easy to kill, partly due to his Eternal/Deviant hybrid physiology and partly because he can empower himself further, and, in one story, he was even banned from dying by Death herself. Besides other magical means, Thanos is also quite durable because his bodily tissues are simply incredibly strong and unable to be harmed through regular means such as weapons, physical blows, or even magic-based attacks. 

Thanos durable

If Thanos is injured via some high-level, incredibly powerful weapon, his fast healing factor kicks in, and he is able to repair even the most severe damage in a matter of minutes. 

The standard Hulk is extremely durable and basically impossible to kill. WB Hulk throws some extra abilities into the mix. World Breaker Hulk is capable of generating armor from his bodily tissues. The only metals that can harm his skin in this state are vibranium and adamantium. Even if, by some miracle, WB Hulk’s skin is pierced due to his aggressive healing factor, the damage would most likely be repaired even before you’ve finished wounding him. 

World Breaker Hulk durable

Thanos is durable, but World Breaker Hulk gives an altogether different meaning to the world. The point goes to Hulk. 

Points: Thanos (1:3) World Breaker Hulk 


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Thanos is known to be among the smartest characters in the Marvel comics universe. He is cold, calculating, and basically, an incredible analytic and detail prepper who hates to leave anything to destiny. His millennia of experience fighting made him a perfect warlord and quite knowledgeable about different strategies and tactics, but his intelligence is what makes him feared and abhorred all over the Universe.

Thanos Intelligence

Thanos had made plenty of discoveries and inventions over the years, and he figured out how to unlock Universe’s darkest secrets. 

Usually, in this section, I would have commented on how Hulk is dumb and Bruce Banner is brilliant. Today this will not be the case as World Breaker Hulk shares the intelligence of Bruce Banner and the physical abilities of the Hulk. This gives him the ability to plan his moves in combat and strategize and makes him extra deadly. It’s not his ability to shake the ground, it’s not his “flesh armor” or something like that, it’s the fact that he knows what he is doing, and he’s not simply flailing his arms in destructive rage, which is the most dangerous about World Breaker Hulk. 

World Breaker Hulk has Banner’s intelligence and skill, and Thanos has plenty more intelligence feats than WB Hulk, and due to this, the point goes to him. 

Points: Thanos (2:3) World Breaker Hulk 

Combat Skills 

Thanos knows the importance of being skilled in warfare, and he truly excels in most forms of fighting, be it unarmed or with his signature double-bladed weapon. He can be considered to be the best brawler in Marvel Comics. This is due to the fact that he started training at a really early age and has millennia of experience fighting.  

Thanos vs Anihilus

World Breaker Hulk has gladiator origins, and what does this mean? This means that he is a trained warrior in several combat arts, both armed and unarmed. Due to his intelligence, he is likewise capable of turning almost anything he can come across into a weapon. WB Hulk is crazily skilled. 

WB Hulk vs. Sakaar

Both Thanos and World Breaker Hulk are trained fighters. WB Hulk has the potential to land more devastating blows. However, Thanos has more experience fighting with numerous different types of weapons due to his longer lifespan; due to this, the point goes to both. 

Points: Thanos (3:4) World Breaker Hulk 

Thanos vs. World Breaker Hulk: Who is stronger & Who wins? (Without Infinity Gauntlet) 

With no Infinity Gauntlet to rely on, Thanos would lose against World Breaker Hulk any day. WB Hulk is simply stronger, faster, and more durable. Thanos does have a slight advantage when it comes to mystical skills and magic-based damage, however. This would prove futile as WB Hulk cannot be harmed through regular means. The fact that WB Hulk is so smart only puts Thanos in an even worse position. Without Infinity Gauntler, Thanos has no chance against World Breaker Hulk. 


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World Breaker Hulk vs. Thanos with Infinity Gauntlet

Infinity Gauntlet changes everything for Thanos. By using this omnipotent weapon, Thanos can change reality itself and simply snap World Breaker Hulk out of existence. If, however, Thanos decides to deal with World Breaker Hulk through conventional means, he can use Infinity Gauntlet to improve every aspect of his physical abilities until he far surpasses World Breaker Hulk. He can give himself infinite strength, stamina, and immortality. He can turn himself into a bigger, better version of World Breaker Hulk. 

Thanos with Infinity Gauntlet is more powerful than Word Breaker Hulk and would win against him in a battle simply due to the overpowered nature of the Infinity Stones

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