Zoe Saldaña on Returning as Gamora in the MCU: “I Don’t Think Gamora Has Gone for Good”

gamora ravagers

The third installment of the ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’ was released on May 5th, 2023, after ‘Quantumania’ was deemed a commercial and critical failure, the movie was a much-needed success for the studio.

Gunn initially shared ideas for a third and final film in November 2014, then confirmed his return as writer and director in April 2017. However, Disney fired him from the project in July 2018 due to controversial Twitter (now X) posts. Gunn was reinstated by October of the same year. His return was made public in March 2019, and production resumed after his work on DC’s ‘The Suicide Squad’ and ‘Peacemaker’ series was over. Despite the movie being a success, Gunn never planned on staying with the MCU as at that point he was already named co-chairman and co-CEO of DC Studios and was about to start work on a new and rebooted DCU, replacing DCEU.

As far as the cast of the ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’ goes, by the movie’s end much of the team left to pursue their own aspirations for the future. Drax and Nebula stayed at Knowhere to raise the children saved from High Evolutionary’s ship. Mantis went to find herself away from the team, for the first time ever not listening to someone’s commands. Gamora returned to the Ravagers, while Peter Quill went back to Earth to reconnect with his grandfather and his human roots. The only currently active members of the team from the previous roster are Groot and Rocket.

Now Zoe Saldana, in her latest interview with Deadline discussed the odds of her returning as Gamora to the franchise, and to the MCU in general:

I mean, so far, I think that she is [gone for good] for me, but I don’t think Gamora has gone for good.

Zoe hopes that there is yet potential for Gamora to return as a character, played by a different actress.

I would think it would be a huge loss for Marvel if they didn’t find a way to bring back The Guardians of the Galaxy .“It’s just such a fan-favorite group of misfits, you know? And then at the helm, they had a voice like James Gunn’s writing—which is just so marvelous for and very specific for this genre. And it’s so great for this genre as well. So, I would be the first one in the first row to sort of celebrate when the Guardians of the Galaxy come back.

Saldana was already once written out as a character when Thanos sacrificed Gamora back at Vormir to gain access to the Soul Stone. However, Gamora returned as an alternate version, one from a different timeline and this version of the character still exists within the MCU continuity, but as a part of the Guardians.

Saldana is not the only actress who said was done with the MCU, Bautista also claimed that he was done with the role of Drax, as he wishes to pursue more serious roles in the future. Recently, Gunn was asking for fans to find him a suitable role in the DCU, since it looks like Gunn aims to cast his former co-workers in minor roles throughout his upcoming projects.

Gunn recently cast his brother Sean Gunn as Maxwell Lord.

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