Adam Warlock vs. Scarlet Witch: Who Wins the Fight? (MCU & Comics)


Adam Warlock and Scarlet Witch are among Marvel’s most powerful characters. Both possess enough power to break reality, and with the upcoming inclusion of Adam Warlock in the MCU, even though Scarlet Witch is seemingly dead, with the multiverse in question, who knows what might happen. We’ve compared Adam Warlock with some of the mightiest Marvel powerhouses, such as Thor, Thanos, and Captain Marvel. But the duel against Scarlet Witch would be especially interesting due to the nature of their powers. Who wins if it comes to a battle between Scarlet Witch and Adam Warlock, both in the comics and the MCU? 

Adam Warlock would prove victorious in a fight against Scarlet Witch in the comics and the MCU. Even though Darkhold currently empowers Wanda, Adam Warlock is still more intelligent, faster, durable, and stronger than Wanda. This, paired with his potent powers, would prove deadly for Scarlet Witch and her glass cannon nature. And while we have yet to determine the exact of Adam’s powers in the MCU, if we assume that his character will have at least a portion of his powers from the comics, it’s a sure win for him. 

Now that we’ve covered who would win in this hypothetical battle, it’s time to move to analysis. We’re going to compare the powers, abilities, physical attributes, and intelligence of Scarlet Witch and Adam Warlock so you can see why we came to our conclusion. If you’re interested, read on! 

Powers and abilities

Alas, we’re starting with Wanda, and at this point, it would be easier to list the powers she doesn’t have. Scarlet Witch is a nexus being, which means that she is a focal point for magical energies in the Universe, giving her some pretty awesome reality & probability-altering powers. Since her powers in the comics and the MCU are similar compared to some other characters, consider the upcoming list valid for both.

So, Scarlet Witch is a powerful source of psionic and energy-manipulation powers, and her telekinetic powers are unparalleled. Even though Wanda is physically weak, she is seen handling extremely heavy objects with nothing but her mind. She can utilize force fields for both offensive and defensive purposes.

And as you know, Wanda is a powerful telepath. She has reality-altering and time-traveling abilities, and her probability-altering powers always ensure that the Universe is on her side. Further empowered by Darkhold Scarlet Witch raises those abilities to another level. She gained the ability to Dreamwalk, which means that she can possess her alternate bodies from alternate universes and break reality with incursions. 

As a perfect specimen of a human being, Adam Warlock also has a list of neat powers. He is especially connected to the Soul Gem, which grants him soul-manipulating abilities. He can absorb and utilize various energies, including elemental ones. He can alter reality, and his quantum magic allows him to create various energy constructs and possibly even time travel.

Even though their powers are similar and in large part revolve around cosmic energies and magic, Adam Warlock is overpowered by both comics Wanda and especially the current MCU version of Wanda. He might win, however, if he decided to utilize his soul-manipulating abilities to mess with Wanda, as her mind and soul are her greatest weaknesses. But this is only “if.” In terms of raw power output, Scarlet Witch has Warlock beat. 

Points: Adam Warlock (0:1) Scarlet Witch


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Strength and Stamina 

Scarlet Witch was never known to be among the strongest characters. Her physical strength is limited to her human physiology, and if she were to rely on her raw strength alone, she wouldn’t be able to do that much. She can use her telekinetic powers to throw people around and lift the heavy debris, but Adam Warlock outclasses her in terms of physical strength.  

We are still determining how strong Adam Warlock will be in the MCU, but if we were to go according to his comic book version, he could be considered extremely strong. Due to his unique physiology, he can access superhuman strength and superhuman stamina reserves. He doesn’t get tired as easily and functions at his peak form for a few hours before he gets tired. In terms of strength, in his base form, he is listed as class 4. Enhanced, he can reach class 40. Scarlet Witch cannot come anywhere near this, so this point goes to Adam Warlock. 

Points: Adam Warlock (1:1) Scarlet Witch


Scarlet Witch can levitate, teleport, and even time travel and dream walking are not beyond her limits. But if we consider her base speed, she is once again limited by her human physiology. She is not a particularly fast character. She was never known for her speed. Even though she can increase her reflexes and response in combat, it’s nowhere near the speeds that Adam Warlock has.

Adam Warlock can move at speeds that exceed the speed of sound. On several occasions, he was seen traveling at the speed of light. He can likewise fly and teleport. His MCU version may be slower than his comics version. Such is always the case regarding live-action adaptations, but he will still greatly outclass Scarlet Witch. Both when it comes to movement speed and combat speed.  

Points: Adam Warlock (2:1) Scarlet Witch


Like with her speed, Scarlet Witch, empowered by Darkhold, can greatly increase her durability. She could withstand powerful blasts during the battle at Kamar-Taj without any harm. Additionally, during the battle at Mount Wundagore, she endured numerous strikes from America Chavez. And she walked away, unharmed. 

So even if technically, Scarlet Witch was nearly-invulnerable, there’s still the fact that a pile of rubble officially killed her. During her last entry in the MCU, Scarlet was seen tanking some serious damage. It’s questionable how much of that she could tank when it comes to Adam Warlock, considering that he has a special trick up his sleeve. 

Adam Warlock is highly resistant to damage. He is also immune to poisons, diseases, and toxins. He is immortal. He never ages. His perfect physiology makes him extremely durable, even against hits from the strongest Marvel powerhouses. But he is not unbeatable per se. he can still be seriously injured, even killed, but the trick here is his cocoon. 

Every time he gets close to dying or being mortally wounded, he can return to his cocoon and regenerate. It’s only a matter of time before he manages to resurrect himself. And he did that on quite a few occasions in the comics. So Adam Warlock is unkillable, at least when Wanda is concerned. And with the fact that his cocoon has been shown in the trailer, we can expect that it will have a similar function as it had in the comics. 

Points: Adam Warlock (3:1) Scarlet Witch


Wanda is no fool by any means. She is highly versed in matters of magic and cosmic laws. This makes her especially dangerous, as she was seen outwitting even Dr. Strange in several instances. When she thinks of a plan, she is ready to execute it with near-perfect precision, even if it results in cosmic chaos. However, the stability of her mind has often been put in question, and it is her greatest weakness. 

Adam Warlock, on the hand, can be considered among the smartest characters in the Universe. His cosmic abilities and unique brain structure gave him great insights into reality’s workings. He can comprehend reality, past, present, and future completely differently. This is one more thing that makes him special, his incredible intelligence. 


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And even though Wanda is smart and can outwit even the smartest of them, she cannot meassure up to Adam Warlock. 

Points: Adam Warlock (4:1) Scarlet Witch

Combat Skills 

This is where the comic version of Scarlet Witch and the MCU version of Scarlet Witch greatly differ. In the comics, Wanda never had to learn some exceptional combat skills. In the MCU, trained by Captain America with the rest of the Avengers, she was shaped into quite the formidable fighter skilled in several types of combat. 

We are still determining what kinds of combat skills Adam Warlock will have in the MCU, but we do know that they are far from his greatest strength in the comics. Considering his other powers, he is stronger enough to take out even the most formidable opponents without resorting to fistfights. This point goes to Scarlet Witch. 

Points: Adam Warlock (4:2) Scarlet Witch


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Adam Warlock vs. Scarlet Witch: Who would win in a fight? 

As you can see by the points, Adam Warlock wins this in both the comics and the MCU. Scarlet Witch might have some new and flashy powers that are more versatile than what Adam currently has at his disposal. Still, it remains that Adam Warlock outclasses her in every other aspect. He is stronger, faster, and more durable, can never truly be killed, and is smarter. 

We are still determining how Adam Warlock in the MCU will turn out, but if we’re going by his comic version, he takes this one. Not without great effort and struggle, but he wins. 

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