Raven vs. Scarlet Witch: Who Would Win in a Fight Between Marvel and DC Witches?

raven vs scarlet witch
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Both DC and Marvel universe have their fair share of extremely powerful magic users. Amongst these spell-slingers, two witches stand out: Raven from the Teen Titans and Scarlet Witch from the Avengers. Both Raven and Scarlet Witch have enough juice to face the strongest entities in their respective universes, but if it ever came to a fight between Scarlet Witch and Raven, who would win, and why? 

Raven would win in a fight against Scarlet Witch because her extremely potent powers as an empath can abuse Wanda’s greatest weakness, her own mind. Raven and Scarlet Witch are on more or less the same level of power, and both are capable of destruction on a near-cosmic level. However, the brunt of Raven’s abilities is focused on abusing and manipulating the emotions and psychology of others, and this is something that Scarlet Witch is especially weak against. It could go either way in a fight with no emphatic abilities, but it’s unlikely that Raven wouldn’t attempt to use her greatest weapon. 

Now that we’ve covered that Raven would triumph over Scarlet Witch, it’s time to analyze why. In the rest of this post, we’re going to analyze the powers and abilities of both witches and their physical attributes, so you can see how we came to our conclusion. If you’re interested in more, stay with us and keep reading!

Powers and abilities

As the daughter of the extremely powerful demon Trigon, Raven has near-unlimited magical powers at her disposal. Raven is capable of darkness manipulation, energy manipulation, chronokinesis, astral projection, spellcasting, and many other abilities related to reality-warping. However, her most pronounced powers and abilities are related to mind and emotional manipulation.

Raven is among the most powerful empaths in the DC universe. Raven can sense the emotions of others, and not only that, she can steal them or turn them against her targets and even harm them on a psychological level that might manifest as physical damage. Via her psychic link, she enters the minds of others and uses it as a bridge for manipulation until the link has been severed. 

With powerful psionic abilities, Raven can alter, steal or add thoughts to her targets, making her version of reality inside their heads. When she assumes the form of her “Soul-Self,” Raven is nearly unstoppable, and her potential grows to cosmic proportions. 

Raven psionic powers

Scarlet Witch has no such demonic parentage, but she is a Nexus being of the Marvel Universe which means that she is at the center of various magical energies in the universe. Scarlet Witch has an extremely potent ability to manipulate chaos magic, one of the strongest forms of magic in the Marvel Universe. Scarlet Witch can summon weapons made out of magic and energy.

She can cast illusions and even make herself invisible. If it comes to that, she can utilize her necromantic powers to communicate with the dead and even summon their spirits to fight by her side. However, the most notable power that Scarlet Witch has at her disposal is reality alteration and probability manipulation, most notably manifested in the House of M storyline, where she erased a large population of mutants from the face of the earth by simply uttering the phrase “no more mutants.” Even though probability manipulation is not a strictly defensive skill, she can utilize it to affect the chances of nearby objects exploding, creating powerful energy blasts, and destabilizing objects on a molecular level. 

Scarlet Witch Pain

Now, it’s clear that Scarlet and Raven are no joke when it comes to what they can do by utilizing magic; however, Raven’s powers as the most powerful empath are directly able to exploit Wanda’s greatest weakness, her insanity. Scarlet Witch has no such powers at her disposal, so unfortunately, this point has to go to Raven. 

Points: Raven (1:0) Scarlet Witch


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Strength and Stamina 

Even though she has a demonic heritage, Raven has no notable superhuman strength feats. She can manipulate extremely heavy objects with her telekinetic abilities, but in terms of raw strength, she is up there among the weakest superhumans in the DC comics. It’s important to note that Raven can manipulate her size and thus become super-strong, but it’s not among her base attributes. 

Scarlet Witch manipulating heavy objects

Scarlet Witch is the same in terms of raw strength. She is limited by human physiology and has the same limits when lifting as a regular human being. However, she can greatly increase her lifting potential with her powers. As Raven, she can manipulate the extremely heavy object and use it defensively but stripped of her powers; she would be on the same strength level as an average human. In terms of stamina, both Scarlet Witch and Raven have limited reserves of stamina but vast reserves of magic-focused energies from which they can draw upon. In this aspect, both get the point.

Points: Raven (2:1) Scarlet Witch


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In their basic “human” forms, Scarlet Witch and Raven are limited by their physiology. On the other hand, their powers allowed them feats of speed that could match the fastest superheroes in their respective universes. 

Raven teleportation

Scarlet Witch and Raven can fly, teleport and move between the dimensions and even multiverses. They are both limited to their human speeds but have near-instantaneous teleportation. In terms of strength, they are equal as well. 

Points: Raven (3:2) Scarlet Witch


Even though mostly limited to her human form, Raven manifested a certain enhanced durability compared to an average human being. She can survive more powerful blows that would have otherwise killed average humans. Even though she is far from the most durable superhero in the DC universe, this doesn’t mean she is without protection.

Raven can make herself intangible in her Soul-Self form. She can easily melt into the walls and floors and thus not be subject to any damage, at least on the physical level. She can likewise generate extremely potent force fields capable of protecting her and her teammates physically and psychologically. 

Scarlet Witch is as durable as her human form is. She doesn’t have any special healing factors that kick that she can brag with, nor can she withstand impossible amounts of damage like Thor, Hulk, and other powerhouses in the Marvel Universe can. She can, however, just like Raven, generate extremely powerful force fields and coat herself in protective magics to avoid the worst brunt of the damage directed her way. The point goes to both of them.

Points: Raven (4:3) Scarlet Witch

Combat Skills 

Raven and Scarlet Witch were subjected to combat training when they joined their respective teams. However, due to their physical limitations, they are far from the most skilled combatants in their respective universes. Still, they can certainly be considered on a higher level than the average human. Combat skills are not an area where either of them excels. Their powers stem from their control of magical energies, and they are near impossible in that department. Due to their more-or-less same level of physical readiness, the point goes to both of them. 


Points: Raven (5:4) Scarlet Witch


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Raven vs. Scarlet Witch: Who wins? 

As you can see, it would be an extremely close fight. They match evenly in strength, durability, speed, and combat skills. Even when we consider their magical abilities, their primary weapons are on the cosmic scale. They have powers that can transcend the limits of dimension and multiverses. However, Raven has a huge opportunity to exploit Scarlet Witcher’s greatest weakness, her mind, and she would most certainly use it.

She can use her potent psionic and telepathic abilities to get into Scarlet Witcher’s head and destroy her from the inside. Scarlet Witch could counter Raven with her probability-altering powers, but she would have to act before Raven gets into her head, which is highly unlikely. It would be a decent fight between two mighty spellcasters, but ultimately, Raven wins. 

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