Who Are the Noti in ‘Ahsoka’? Physiology & Culture Explained


Star Wars is the gift that keeps on giving when it comes to cute alien species, as we have seen a lot of them in the Disney era. Following the footsteps of Babu Frik and Grogu are the Noti, whom we met in the ‘Ahsoka’ series as a group of aliens who were vital in Sabine Wren’s search for her long-lost friend, Ezra Bridger. True enough, these creatures could help Sabine find Ezra, who had been hiding among them. So, who exactly are the Noti?

The Noti are a sentient alien species living on the harsh planet of Peridea. They are snail and turtle-like in their physiology because they can hide inside their rock-like shells when faced with danger. These short aliens also have eyestalks that are not unlike the eyes of a snail.

One of the most important things about the Noti is that they were built for survival, making them the ideal allies for Ezra Bridger, who was also looking to survive the harsh wastelands of Peridea. As such, he found an unlikely family in the Noti while he was waiting for his friends to bring him home from another galaxy. So, let’s look at what we know about the Noti.

The Noti are Ezra’s unlikely allies

A lot of people doubted whether or not Ezra Bridger survived the events of his self-exile when he saved Lothal and his friends from Grand Admiral Thrawn. Of course, that’s because it would have been incredibly difficult for him to survive with no allies in an entirely different galaxy. And he didn’t have the resources that Thrawn had.

As such, not even Thrawn was sure whether or not Ezra was still alive. Still, he allowed Sabine Wren to go and scour the entire planet for Ezra’s whereabouts as he understood that she could find the one person he could never find in the decade that they spent on Peridea.

Sabine also struggled with her search for the missing Jedi until she came across an unlikely creature, which she found thanks to the nose of the Howler mount that Thrawn allowed her to use.

sabine noti

The Noti were afraid of Sabine because the Howler was in close proximity and was looking to make a meal out of the little guy. Nevertheless, Sabine calmed her Howler down and tried to find a way to connect with the Noti, who spoke an entirely different language. But what convinced Noti that Sabine was friendly was the Rebel Alliance logo on her pauldron, as this Noti had the same logo on his necklace. This allowed Sabine to conclude that the little guy encountered Ezra Bridger in the past.

Sabine mentioned Ezra’s name, and the Noti started to get excited. He eventually called all his other friends, who were hiding in plain sight. They all came together to talk about Ezra, convinced that Sabine was friendly. The Noti took Sabine to their village, where she reunited with Ezra, who had lived amongst them for years and could even learn their language.

The Noti were built for survival

While we don’t know much about the Noti, what was clear was that these alien creatures were built for survival. The Noti are small creatures that aren’t even taller than Sabine’s knee. But they have a rock-like carapace that allows them to retract their bodies into it to camouflage as a rock in plain sight. This allows the Noti to hide from potential danger and predators as they can disguise themselves as rocks.


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On top of that, the Noti also have eyestalks that allow them to see from a lot of different angles to see any potential threat from any direction. As such, their physiology makes it obvious that they were built to survive harsh conditions.

The Noti are also nomadic. After Ezra and Sabine reunited, Ezra told Noti to pack their things up because they needed to move to a new location. He told Sabine that they never stay in one place, and this means that the Noti understand that moving from one location to another allows them to increase their chances of survival on such a harsh planet as Peridea.

noti village

This allows us to understand how Ezra evaded Thrawn for all of these years while surviving on Peridea. Like the Noti, Ezra was built to be a survivor. And he found unlikely allies in alien creatures who shared his passion for survival.

Are Noti native to Peridea?

From the looks of things, it seems the Noti are native to Peridea. There are a lot of things that support this. First of all, the physiology of the Noti allows us to believe that they were built to survive the harsh conditions of Peridea instead of any other planet.


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Of course, there’s also the fact that they seem to be a bit too primitive. The Noti don’t look like they are capable of interstellar travel as they are simple people who don’t own ships or any other piece of technology. After all, if they could leave Peridea, they would have done so long ago.

So, with that, the Noti seem to be native to Peridea as their physiology and culture were developed in line with their need to adapt to the conditions of this planet to survive. After all, they needed to find a way to evade the bandits and predators that lurk in this strange wasteland.

How Intelligent are Noti?

While it may be true that the Noti don’t have the technological capabilities that the other alien races have in the Star Wars universe, they are actually sentient beings with the same capacity as humans and other races.

The Noti are smart enough to develop their own language, as they could communicate with one another using a language that Sabine wasn’t familiar with but was still simple enough for Ezra to learn how to speak. Of course, we also saw that the Noti are smart enough to make clothes resembling those that humans wear.

noti clothes

It is also true that the Noti understood the importance of living within a pack, so they decided to travel together as a nomadic village. They are also smart enough to learn how to make their own houses.

As simple as the Noti may be in terms of their way of living, they are sentient beings with the same intellectual capacity as humans. It’s just that they are weaker and smaller than other beings, as this probably explains why they lack the resources necessary for technological advancement.

Why did Noti Help Ezra?

At the end of the day, it is possible that Noti helped Ezra and allowed him to live amongst them because they needed each other for survival. The Noti needed to survive the harsh wastelands of Peridea, and having Ezra around made it easier for them to survive because he was stronger than any of them and could protect them from predators and bandits using his Jedi training and Force abilities.

As for Ezra, he needed Noti just as much as they needed him because he was all alone on a strange planet that was foreign to him. He found like-minded people in the Noti who were just looking to survive. And because Ezra was always a survivor, the Noti were the perfect people for him to hang around with while waiting for Sabine and his other friends to come and rescue him.

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