All 12 ‘Ahsoka’ Episode 6 Easter Eggs Explained

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The world of Star Wars has always been one of the most interconnected fictional worlds we have, which means that the things happening in one movie or series have a connection to another movie or series. In that regard, easter eggs are often all over the Star Wars world, especially when it comes to different characters and events happening in different storylines. And the ‘Ahsoka’ series hasn’t been any different.

Episode 6 of ‘Ahsoka’ has had its fair share of easter eggs as there were a lot of things referenced in this story. Of course, some of these references were related to other events in the galaxy, while others were referencing real-life events. So, with that said, let’s look at all of the easter eggs found in ‘Ahsoka’ episode 6.

1. Huyang’s stories

huyang ahsoka

The episode opened up with Ahsoka Tano and Huyang traveling through hyperspace inside the mouth of a Purrgil. While waiting to arrive in Peridea, they talked about how the star whales or the Purrgil were simply legends told in the stories that Huyang often told the Jedi younglings in the Jedi Temple.


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To that end, Ahsoka told Huyang that her favorite was the first volume of the galaxy’s history, as this could be connected to the dawn of the Jedi, which tells the story of how the Jedi Order started. Of course, we aren’t sure of that yet, but it is still very much possible that this scene was referencing it, especially because there will be a movie about the Dawn of the Jedi.

2. Far, far away

a long time ago

After Ahsoka told Huyang that she found out through the Force that Sabine went with the enemy willingly after giving Baylan Skoll the starmap, Huyang told her that there may have been a good reason why Sabine did so. Ahsoka, of course, was still confused because she understood what was at stake here.

Nevertheless, she told the droid to tell her one of the stories that were in his memory archive. To that end, Huyang started telling her a story he began with, “A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away.” This has always been the opening line in the Star Wars movie, as Huyang was referencing the most memorable line in the history of this fictional lore.

3. Sabine’s cell

sabine cell

Elsewhere, the Imperials were on their way to Peridea. Sabine was imprisoned in the meantime as they were still in hyperspace. Of course, she didn’t like her accommodations at all due to how uncomfortable the cell was.


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But quick and sharp eyes would be able to see the similarities between Sabine’s cell and the one where the Imperials imprisoned Leia Organa in the Death Star. This seems to be a standard Imperial prison cell in the different starships that the Empire built.

4. Intergalactic hyperspace looks different


Whenever ships are in hyperspace, the surrounding is just blue with a few streaks of white. However, intergalactic hyperspace seems to be different from the usual hyperspace we are familiar with.

In ‘Ahsoka’ episode 6, intergalactic hyperspace is still predominantly blue but has colorful streaks that allow us to differentiate it from regular hyperspace. Of course, this was probably done on purpose to make intergalactic hyperspace look different compared to regular hyperspace.

5. Peridea, the ancient homeworld of the Dathomiri


After exiting hyperspace, the Morgan Elsbeth faction was just outside a planet called Peridea. She quickly told Baylan Skoll that this was the ancient homeworld of the Dathomiri or the Nightsisters, as it was clear that Elsbeth’s people originated from a different galaxy.

Of course, Skoll also told her his stories about Peridea. He said that this was the planet where the star whales went to die. And that became obvious when the ring surrounding the planet was actually made out of Purrgil bones instead of space debris or asteroids.

6. The Great Mothers

great mothers 1

Upon their arrival on the surface of Peridea, Morgan Elsbeth, Baylan Skoll, and the other Imperials were greeted by a trio of Nightsisters called the Great Mothers, who were obviously in league with Grand Admiral Thrawn.


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Throughout the episode, the Great Mothers spoke about the thread of fate, as it was clear that they had clairvoyance. But this is about the three goddesses of fate in Greek mythology, as these goddesses were known to weave the threads of fate associated with gods and mortals alike.

7. Live-action Chimaera

chimaera 1

The Chimaera was Grand Admiral Thrawn’s flagship Imperial Star Destroyer. We last saw this massive ship at the end of ‘Rebels,’ wherein Ezra Bridger was able to use the power of the Purrgil to send the ship to the depths of space.

In episode 6, we finally saw the Chimaera in live-action for the first time. While it doesn’t look any different from the usual Star Destroyer, it still has the same menacing appeal that it had when we last saw it in ‘Rebels.’

8. Endless cycle of destruction

shin and baylan 1

During the episode, Baylan Skoll and Shin Hati often talked about their goals as they had yet to clarify their actual motives. Nevertheless, Baylan referenced how he eventually realized that the galaxy’s history involved an endless cycle of light and darkness fighting one another, as this was represented by the constant rise and fall of the Jedi Order.

Baylan must have been referencing the fact that the Old Republic stories about the Jedi involved endless battles between the Jedi Order and the Sith Order/Empire. The Jedi fell a few times in such stories before rising again to defeat the Sith. And Baylan saw this as an endless cycle that he needed to break.

9. Enoch


After the arrival of Thrawn’s flagship, fans were treated to a spectacle as Captain Enoch of Thrawn’s personal elite soldiers issued commands to welcome the arrival of Morgan Elsbeth’s faction. Thrawn introduced Enoch as the captain of his troops.


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The name “Enoch” is actually biblical in its origins. In the Book of Genesis, Enoch was a servant loyal to god. He was so loyal and devout that God allowed him to enter Heaven without dying, as he was one of the few people who were allowed access to the afterlife while bringing his mortal body. This might be a reference to the next easter egg on this list.

10. Zombie troopers

night troopers

His personal troops were also introduced when Thrawn was reintroduced into the Star Wars world as a live-action character. He called these troopers the Night Troopers, as there is a possibility that they were created using Nightsister Magick.

So, if the Night Troopers are undead soldiers brought back to life by the Nightsisters, this could be a reference to the Legends novel called ‘Death Troopers,’ which introduced the zombie Stormtroopers.

11. Bokken Jedi

sabine ahsoka spar

While they were discussing the Jedi Order, Shin Hati asked Baylan Skoll if he was familiar with Ezra Bridger. Baylan answered that he never knew who Ezra was because he was born after the fall of the Jedi Order. He also called Ezra a Bokken Jedi.

The Bokken Jedi are described as the Jedi trained in the wild after the fall of the Jedi Temple. This referenced the bokken or wooden swords that Sabine and many other Bokken Jedi used instead of training lightsabers when they were still learning how to wield a lightsaber.

12. Ezra doesn’t know about the Rebellion’s success

ezra and sabine

Of course, Sabine was successful in her goal of finding Ezra as she was able to do so with the help of her Howler mount and the Noti people who were living on Peridea. They reunited in the Noti village, as Ezra had lived among them for years.


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Ezra asked Sabine if his plan worked, to which Sabine replied that it did. In that regard, he actually had no idea that his plan was successful at ousting the Empire from Lothal. Of course, this also means that he had no idea whether or not the Rebels had defeated the Empire. As such, Ezra has a lot of things to catch up on.

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