‘Ahsoka’: How Did Ezra Bridger Survive on Peridea? Explained


One of the questions that lingered in fans’ minds during the earlier portions of the ‘Ahsoka’ series was whether or not Ezra Bridger was still alive. After all, there was no confirmation about whether or not he survived the ending of ‘Star Wars: Rebels,’ as even the New Republic gave up on any hope that he could still be out there. But episode 6 confirmed that Ezra was still alive when he reunited with Sabine Wren. So, how did Ezra survive on Peridea for many years?

Ezra Bridger was always a resilient and resourceful person as he basically raised himself on Lothal after his parents were arrested by the Empire. He knew how to survive tough conditions and was particularly skilled at getting himself out of sticky situations. And his new friends, the Noti, also made things easier for him.

The fact that Ezra Bridger was still alive and well was a welcome relief for many Star Wars fans because they were excited to see the live-action version of this character. Of course, we have yet to hear everything he says about his adventures between his disappearance and his return. And that’s why we are only making theories that we believe are consistent with his character.

Ezra was always resourceful

Raised on Lothal, Ezra Bridger was always very resilient. He was first introduced as a street rat who was known to the locals of Lothal and a thorn in the side of the Imperial forces stationed on his home planet. But the truth is that he was always a survivor because he spent years raising himself after being left alone when the Empire took away his parents for speaking against the oppression of the Imperials on Lothal.


Of course, Ezra didn’t have to stay alone for a long time because he eventually joined a Rebel group called the Spectres. Kanan Jarrus took him in as a Padawan because of his innate strength in the Force. But while he was gifted in the Force, Ezra’s overall resilience and resourcefulness got him and his friends out of many sticky situations.

Ezra was a smooth talker and a good liar, as he found ways to trick different people regarding his identity. He also knew how to make use of every resource available to him to find a way to get himself and his friends out of trouble. Of course, he had specific Jedi skills that were also useful in many different situations, as he was innately gifted at talking to animals and connecting with them.


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While he wasn’t nearly as intelligent as Grand Admiral Thrawn, his resourcefulness allowed him to defeat arguably the smartest man in the entire Star Wars galaxy. The fact that he knew about the Purrgil and what they were capable of allowed him to banish Thrawn and himself away from the known galaxy. And while years went by without anyone knowing where he was or what happened to him, those who were close to Ezra were very much aware that he was still alive.

Ahsoka Tano, Sabine Wren, and Hera Syndulla never gave up on their quest to find Ezra because they knew that he was too stubborn and resilient to die. When Sabine finally got to Peridea through means that would have disappointed Ezra, she was finally able to reunite with her friend as she confirmed that Ezra was still alive and well in a different galaxy even though not even Grand Admiral Thrawn was sure of his survival.

ezra and sabine

Peridea is a desolate wasteland that could make it hard for anyone to believe that Ezra could survive for around ten years. Nevertheless, he may have found a way to escape the Chimaera years ago when they first got to Peridea. And through his innate resourcefulness, he found a way to stay alive on that harsh planet.

The Noti had a lot to do with it

Of course, Ezra had some help while trying to stay alive on Peridea while waiting for his friends to come and get him. At some point in the past, he met the Noti, a group of turtle/snail-like people who tend to camouflage themselves as rocks to hide from bandits and predators alike. They are resilient people who survived on such a harsh planet like Peridea. And they were the perfect people for Ezra to ally himself with.


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Based on what we saw from the Noti in episode 6 of ‘Ahsoka,’ they were skilled at hiding and keeping themselves away from the eyes of anyone whom they deemed dangerous. In fact, the only reason Sabine came across one was that her Howler mount could sniff a Noti camouflaged as a rock.

There’s also the fact that the Noti are nomadic people who tend to move from one place to another to ensure that no one will ever find them. Ezra explained this to Sabine when he told her to help the Noti pack their things up so that they could move their camp. In that regard, Ezra had a lot of help from his new friends, who were able to help him stay hidden from the eyes of Thrawn’s forces.

Thrawn’s limited resources

Another important piece of information that we saw in episode 6 of ‘Ahsoka’ was that Thrawn was seemingly careful with his resources. It seems as though his Night Troopers were actually undead, similar to Marrok’s nature as an entity raised from the dead by the Magick of the Nightsisters. On top of that, Thrawn preferred to send a smaller force to follow Baylan Skoll and Shin Hati because he didn’t want to waste valuable resources. And that was when it became clear that resources were scarce on Peridea.

thrawn 1

To that end, Thrawn must’ve decided that leaving Peridea was much more important than hunting down Ezra Bridger. He did send out a few people to try to find him because he had intel on Ezra’s last known whereabouts. But he probably didn’t think that Ezra was important enough for him to send out a full force of valuable soldiers who would have to use time and resources to try to hunt the lost Jedi down.

As such, he decided to use Baylan and Skoll to scour the planet for Ezra’s whereabouts, as they were resources that he had no problems wasting.


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The important part for Thrawn was ensuring he had more than enough resources to leave Peridea safely and in full force. He also understood that leaving Peridea would also mean that Ezra would be stranded and left to die on that planet as he no longer had any means of returning to the known galaxy.

This is consistent with Thrawn’s entire nature as a strategist willing to play the waiting game. He understood that he had the winning hand against Ezra because he had all the time and resources against a person who was basically living a nomadic life on a harsh planet.

As such, he left Ezra to his own devices, as chasing after him would only waste valuable resources. So, in other words, Ezra’s survival on Peridea might have been a product of Thrawn’s willingness to leave him because he wasn’t a threat to him while they were both stuck on that god-forsaken wasteland.

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