‘Ahsoka’: Here’s How Thrawn & Ezra Got to Another Galaxy


For Sabine Wren, the mission was already a success because she finally got what she wanted when she got to Ezra Bridger, regardless of what she needed to give up to find him in another galaxy. No matter how small the chances may have been, Ezra was still alive and was able to survive an entire trip to a different galaxy. Of course, he’s been living on Peridea for at least ten years after saving Lothal and the Spectres from Thrawn. So, how did Thrawn and Ezra get to another galaxy?

Thrawn and Ezra got to another galaxy through the help of the Purrgil, who were able to travel to Peridea through an ancient hyperspace route that they instinctively knew because they used that route at the end of their lifespans to die in Peridea. And Ezra had to become resourceful to survive the trip and the exile.

At this point, there are many questions regarding what Thrawn and Ezra were forced to do for around a decade to survive on a desolate wasteland that they couldn’t escape. Of course, the entire trip to Peridea was long, which means that Thrawn, Ezra, and the other soldiers on the Chimaera didn’t have the loveliest experience. So, let’s look at how Thrawn and Ezra got to an entirely different galaxy.

The Purrgil’s hyper-galactic abilities

Back in the events of ‘Star Wars: Rebels,’ Ezra Bridger did what his mentor would have done. Kanan, who sacrificed himself to save the Spectres, was a good example for Ezra because the younger of the two Jedi also did the only thing that he knew would save Lothal and his friends from Grand Admiral Thrawn and the Empire. He sacrificed himself to protect the dangerous military commander from the people he loved.

Of course, the Purrgil had much to do with how Ezra defeated Thrawn at the end of the ‘Rebels’ storyline. Knowing that the Purrgil could travel through hyperspace unaided by any type of technology, Ezra had his allies contact the Purrgil, whom he had befriended in the past so that they would go to Lothal.

Using his ability to connect with the minds of animals, Ezra told the Purrgil to take Thrawn’s ship, the Chimaera, as far away as possible. And Ezra needed to be in the ship to restrain the Grand Admiral.

Naturally, the first thing that the Purrgil would do is to use their hyper-galactic abilities to actually take the Chimaera to the farthest place they knew. Unknown to Ezra, this was a different galaxy that could only be accessed from the known galaxy through a secret hyperspace route that only the Purrgil and the ancient Nightsisters were aware of.

This explains why neither the Rebels nor the Imperial remnants were able to find Ezra and Thrawn in the known galaxy, as the truth was that the Purrgil took them to an entirely different galaxy that could only be accessed using the secret hyperspace coordinates hidden in the starmap that the Nightsisters created ages ago. But of course, Ahsoka used the same move that allowed Ezra to get to a different galaxy, as only the Purrgil could get to Peridea without the aid of a massive ship and a starmap.

How did Ezra & Thrawn survive the hyper-galactic trip?

From what we’ve seen in the ‘Ahsoka’ series, getting to a different galaxy requires a massive ship with powerful hyperdrive capabilities and the proper hyperspace coordinates. Due to how far this entirely different galaxy is, the journey is long and harsh, as evidenced by the fact that both the Eye of Sion and the Purrgil took their sweet time to get to Peridea. So, if that’s the case, how did Ezra and Thrawn even survive the trip?


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For starters, the Chimaera was likely packed with provisions that all the ship’s people had access to during the long travel. Ezra, however, used the Force to keep Thrawn restrained the entire time, and that means that the trip would have been very difficult on his part as he needed to keep the Grand Admiral in check.

Then again, there weren’t many things that Thrawn would have been able to do once they were already in hyperspace. As soon as the Purrgil had taken the Chimaera deep in that intergalactic hyperspace route, Ezra may have already decided to let Thrawn go. 

As astute as Thrawn always was, he knew that his best chance at survival was to simply allow the Purrgil to take them to their final destination because using the Chimaera to attack these star whales while they were still in hyperspace would have been very risky. After all, it would be better for him and his crew to find themselves in another galaxy instead of getting lost in the void of space.

This suggests that Ezra may have broken his hold on Thrawn after they had already jumped into hyperspace. As large as the Chimaera is, he would have found a way to evade the Imperial troops in the middle of all of the confusion. And there should have been enough provisions for him, Thrawn, and the other crew members of the Chimaera to survive such a long trip.

How did Ezra break away from Thrawn on Peridea?

While surviving the trip to Peridea is one thing, breaking away from Thrawn’s forces is another thing. One of the reasons why some people doubted whether or not Ezra was still alive was the fact that he would have found it incredibly difficult to break away from Thrawn and the Chimaera after getting to Peridea. This is where we speculate even more.


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Ezra was still a Jedi trained in the ways of the Force. He didn’t have his lightsaber then, but he was still armed with the most powerful power in the universe, as he could still use the Force to his advantage. After all, we did see Darth Maul defeating a lot of clone troopers in the Tribunal by simply relying on the Force. We can guess that Ezra did the same by knocking Thrawn’s soldiers around before finding a way to exit the Chimaera after arriving on Peridea.

It is also interesting to note that Thrawn would rather assess the situation first before acting. This suggests that he probably didn’t mind Ezra breaking away from him after they arrived on Peridea, as it was likely more important to him to assess the situation that he and his men were in before acting on the problem at hand.

And it was likely that he concluded that Ezra was the least of his worries because surviving for as long as possible was more important to him than taking revenge on someone who would have just made him use up scarce and valuable resources.

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