Alfred vs. Superman: Here Is What Happened in ‘Injustice: Gods Among Us-Year 1’’


Injustice: Gods Among Us is special for many reasons, and the one thing that will be remembered the most is that Alfred beat up Superman. And while it was well deserved, the question that pop up the most is how was that even possible? Who would ever think that in Alfred vs. Superman, Alfred would come victorious? However, Alfred did manage to beat up Superman, and here is what happened in ‘Injustice: Gods Among Us-Year 1”.

In ‘Injustice: Gods Among Us’ Alfred broke Superman’s nose after taking a supersoldier drug that enhanced his strength and continued pummeling Superman until the floor underneath him broke. Alfred then wiped his hands with a handkerchief, took the injured Batman out of the room, and left Superman unconscious.

‘Injustice: Gods Among Us-Year 1’ was just the beginning of the five years-long dark times in which Superman, fueled with grief and anger, wishes to impose his dictatorship over the world. Alfred demonstrated on several occasions that he does not approve of Superman’s actions, but the way all ended was unexpected nevertheless. Let’s see how it all went down.

What is Injustice: Gods Among Us-Year 1′ about?

‘Injustice: Gods Among Us – Year 1’ gave us Superman’s dark version. Clark became a dictator and went on a killing spree, which was only the beginning of the next five years.

At first, it all started great, with Superman and Louis expecting a baby. But then, tragedy struck. The Joker kidnaps Lois and orchestrates a grand explosion that blasts the Metropolis and kills Lois and the unborn child.

He only did it because he wanted to turn Superman into a monster, and it is because of what Joker is – he wants to see the whole world in chaos. Batman believed that this tragedy would not corrupt Superman because he is a great man, but something in Superman snapped, and he killed the Joker by penetrating his arm through Joker’s torso.

After that, Superman ordered a worldwide ceasefire, interfering with all the government’s plans and wars, commanding them to stop that immediately. All that led to his parents, Martha and Jonathan, being kidnapped and used as bargaining chips over Superman.

With Justice League’s help, Superman saved his parents but resented Batman for not being there by his side. Batman did not like what Superman was becoming, but Wonder Woman believed that what Superman was doing was right.

So, two sides formed, one led by Batman, who wanted to stop Superman from being judge, jury, and executioner, and the other that backed Superman up. In the whole process and dispute, Robin accidentally kills Nightwing, leaving Alfred and Bruce devastated.


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However, the President reached out to Batman as he feared that Superman would take over the world, and he needed Batman’s help to stop him. So Batman gathered a resistance team that would oppose Superman. On the other side, Lex Luthor survived the explosion in Metropolis.

He and Superman then teamed together to create a supersoldier drug that they would administer to people to create more members of Superman’s ”peace” army. Superman also revealed Batman’s identity to the world, leaving him vulnerable and exposed.

Lex and Superman developed the drug in Superman’s Fortress of Solitude, where Clark also took his parents to keep them safe. So, when Batman and his team broke into the Fortress to get his hand on the drug, they found Martha and Jonathan there, and angry Superman came after them, thinking that Batman was trying to hurt his parents. Batman managed to obtain the drug Lex had created with the help of his team, and everything was ready for a final clash.

What happened between Alfred and Superman in ‘Injustice: Gods Among Us?’

Batman was trying to synthesize the supersoldier drug, as it was the only chance they had to stop Superman, who was becoming increasingly out of control. Superman’s parents tried to persuade him that he did not have to harm Batman because he was his friend and was right to fight for humanity’s freedom of choice. But Clark was too far gone and lost in his own grief and darkness to see it rationally.

Superman tracked Batman down in Batcave, where Bruce was analyzing the drug. And while Batman tried to stall Clark as long as he could, playing some mind games with him and giving him a speech, the drug analysis was nearly complete. However, Superman loses his patience and decides not to kill Batman but to prevent him from interfering with his plans in the future. So, he raised Batman up and then broke his spine.

Batman was broken but content with the fact that the drug analysis was complete, so they had the weapon to stand up against Superman in the future. Clark was furious when he found out and started torturing Bruce further by pressing onto his broken spine. Bruce didn’t want to reveal any information to Clark, and that’s when Alfred stepped in.


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Alfred faced Superman, and without saying many words, he broke Superman’s nose with his forehead. He then pushed Superman onto the floor and stood over him, saying he was disappointed. The brave butler was furious. He continued kicking and punching Superman, stating that it was enough and all of it needed to stop. He punched Clark’s head through the floor, and then he stopped.

We need to understand that Alfred was also grieving. There is nothing he wouldn’t do to keep the Bat family safe, and he blamed Superman for Nightwing’s death, Robin opposing his father, and ultimately for breaking Bruce’s spine. Yes, he took the supersoldier drug, which is why he could overpower Superman, but I believe he would have confronted him even without it.

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