Star Wars: Yellow Lightsaber Meaning & Most Famous Users

yellow lightsaber

Most people know that blue and green colors are the most common lightsaber colors of all. But other lightsaber colors exist in the world of Star Wars, and we’ve seen our fair share of them throughout the entire Star Wars continuity. One lightsaber color that tends to be rarer than the other colors is the yellow lightsaber color. But what exactly does the yellow lightsaber color mean?

The Jedi Temple Guards traditionally used the yellow lightsaber color, meaning that most of the yellow lightsaber color users were the masked Temple Guards. Of course, yellow symbolizes happiness, energy, and optimism, which are traits of a Jedi.

One of the most unexplored colors in the storyline of Star Wars is the yellow lightsaber color, as not many different Jedi used this color. Nevertheless, it seems like this color will be one of the most important lightsaber colors heading into the future, especially now that Rey Skywalker has forged her own lightsaber, which turned out to be yellow. Now, let’s learn more about the yellow lightsaber color.

What does the yellow lightsaber color mean?

In Star Wars, the Jedi have different lightsaber colors that depend on different factors. Some would say that the lightsaber color turns out randomly, while some sources say that the Kyber crystal that a Jedi attunes with turns into a color that corresponds to the person’s nature. Whatever the case, we know that different Jedi use different lightsaber colors in combat.

luke yellow

Of course, we know that the most common lightsaber colors have always been blue and green, as most Jedi have personalities that represent these lightsaber colors. But another color that may be quite rare but is also used by the Jedi is the yellow lightsaber color. And we know that this lightsaber color is unique in its own right because it has always been associated with a certain group of Jedi.

In the Jedi Order, only a select Jedi use the yellow lightsaber color. We are talking about the Jedi Temple Guards, who are members of the Jedi Order that are masked and equipped with dual-bladed lightsabers. These Temple Guards serve to protect the Jedi Temple from invaders and are also somewhat of the Jedi Order’s security force as well.


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We aren’t exactly sure why the Jedi Temple Guards were the only ones in the Jedi Order to use the yellow lightsaber color. Of course, it could be something that only the Force understands. But we do know that the color yellow stands for something.

In most cases, yellow symbolizes happiness, energy, enthusiasm, and optimism. Of course, we don’t see those qualities in the Temple Guards because their stories weren’t explored in the official canon. That means we can’t equate those attributes to the Jedi Temple Guards.

As such, the yellow lightsaber color was probably chosen for the Temple Guards for aesthetic purposes or to make them stand out. And we know that, to a certain extent, Jedi can change the color of the lightsaber.

Most famous yellow lightsaber users

Due to how rare the yellow lightsaber color is, we are including some characters that didn’t forge their own yellow lightsabers but somehow stumbled upon them.

Rey Skywalker

yellow lightsaber rey

The most popular user of the yellow lightsaber color is Rey Skywalker, who was the main protagonist of the sequel trilogy movies. Rey was actually born a Palpatine but eventually chose her own path to become a Jedi and to follow the legacy set by the Skywalkers after spending time and learning under Luke and Leia.

Initially, Rey used the Skywalker Lightsaber that Anakin Skywalker wielded before he fell to the dark side. She also ended up using Leia Organa’s lightsaber.

But after the events of ‘Star Wars Episode IX: The Rise of Skywalker,’ Rey buried the Skywalker lightsaber together with Leia’s lightsaber on Tatooine, where it all started. After that, she revealed that she had forged her own lightsaber by igniting a yellow lightsaber.

We don’t know why the color yellow was chosen for Rey, but it could mean that she is somewhat of a Temple Guard in her own right, as she is now the new guardian of the legacy of the Skywalkers.

The Grand Inquisitor (before turning to the dark side)

grand inquisitor

We all know that the Grand Inquisitor was the leader and the most powerful out of all of the Inquisitors during the reign of the Empire. But before he fell to the dark side and became the Grand Inquisitor, he was actually a member of the Jedi Order. Specifically, he was a Jedi Temple Guard.

During the events of season 2 of ‘Star Wars: Rebels,’ Kanan Jarrus entered the Jedi Temple on Lothal and had a Force vision, wherein he fought the ghost of the Grand Inquisitor when he was still a Temple Guard. After proving himself to this Temple Guard, Kanan Jarrus was knighted by the very same Grand Inquisitor that chased him during the events of season 1. 

Other Jedi Temple Guards

temple guards

Of course, we know that the other Temple Guards that lived during the time of the old Jedi Order also wielded yellow lightsabers. All of them wore similar uniforms and wielded the same lightsabers. In that regard, there is a sense of uniformity in the Jedi Temple Guards. At the same time, the Jedi Temple Guards weren’t unique from each other because they all looked the same and were never given true personalities.



Tyvokka isn’t one of the most popular Jedi Masters in the history of Star Wars, but he did appear in a side-story of Star Wars. He was revealed to be Jedi Master Plo Koon’s teacher when he was still a Padawan, which means that this storyline took place long ago, considering that Plo Koon was one of the oldest and wisest members of the Jedi Order.


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While he wasn’t a Jedi Temple Guard, Tyvokka wielded a yellow lightsaber. This proves that other Jedi could produce a yellow lightsaber color even though they weren’t members of the Temple Guard.

Asajj Ventress

ventress yellow

Asajj Ventress is an exception because her yellow lightsaber was never something that she forged on her own. Of course, Asajj used to be a Jedi Padawan before her master died. And her original lightsaber color was green before she became an assassin for Count Dooku during the events of the Clone Wars.

After Asajj left the life of an assassin for Dooku and became more of a grey-area Force user, she acquired a yellow lightsaber that she purchased from the black market. She needed to replace her red lightsabers, which Barriss Offee stole. But we don’t know who the original owner of this yellow lightsaber was.

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