Both Ms. Marvel’s Appearances in Order (TV Show & Movie)


One of the biggest surprises from Marvel was ‘Ms. Marvel’ on Disney +. With all the other MCU shows feeling very similar to each other in terms of structure, ‘Ms. Marvel was much more unique. It was filled with endearing characters in an engaging and heartfelt coming-of-age story, ‘Ms. Marvel’. The show had its own unique style that made it stand apart from the other MCU shows and was a nice build-up to the upcoming ‘The Marvels.’  So far, Ms. Marvel has only appeared in her own self-titled show and in ‘The Marvels.’ Here are both of Ms. Marvel’s appearances broken down!

Editor’s Note: This watch order was updated on November 8, 2023 with the release of ‘The Marvels.’

Ms. Marvel’s appearances in release order

With Ms. Marvel only having her show thus far, it is easy enough to get caught up with the character before the release of ‘The Marvels.’ If you don’t have time for them, listed below is the release order for all of ‘Ms. Marvel’s’ appears.

  1. ‘Ms Marvel’ (2022)
  2. ‘The Marvels’ (2023)

Now I understand there are only two character appearances: one season of a TV show and the other a film. Don’t worry, however, as we will explain the show’s significance and how it ties to the film! 

This article will contain spoilers, so read at your own risk!

Are all of Ms. Marvel’s appearances connected? What order should you watch them in?

All Ms. Marvel’s appearances are connected in the same universe, and you should watch them in release order. The show has six episodes, one taking place after the other, highlighting how she got her powers and the significance of her bracelet.

When we first meet Kamala Khan, she is just your average high school teenager who happens to live in the same universe as the Avengers. Kamala, being a massive fan of the heroes, has posters all over her walls and even goes to a superhero convention dressed as her idol, Captain Marvel. She and her best friend, Bruno, spend the series figuring out more about her powers, with Bruno having a not-so-secret crush on Kamala. 

Her powers in the series are quite different from those in the comics. Originally in the comics, Kamala was an Inhuman, and the Terrigen Mist activated her powers. She can stretch her limbs out and shapeshift in the same manner as Mr. Fantastic of the Fantastic 4. In the show, she finds a bracelet shipped from Pakistan. It turns out it originally belonged to her grandmother and gave Kamala powers where she could create constructs out of light. 

We find out later that the bracelet has a connection to the Noor Dimension, which is a world where the species known as the Djinn originates from. Members from this world are trying to take the bracelet from Ms. Marvel to return home, but the process of their return would end up killing Kamala. Once they do return home, their son, Kamran, stays on Earth 616 and goes to Pakistan to learn how to control his abilities. 


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We then find out that the series has big ramifications going forward for the MCU. During the final episode, Bruno and Kamala find out that the bracelet isn’t giving Kamala power; it is channeling power that she already has. They then refer to it as a ‘mutation,’ which makes Kamala the first official mutant in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. This is a massive change to her being an Inhuman in the comics. However, the original creators of the character wanted to make her a mutant originally instead of an Inhuman. Kamala brushes it off and says, ‘It’s just going to be another label,’ referencing how badly mutants are treated in the comics. 

The post-credit scene of ‘Ms. Marvel ties right into ‘The Marvels’ as we see Captain Marvel and Kamala switch places. In ‘The Marvels, ‘ Monica, Kamala, and Carol keep switching places as they take on the cause of this disruption, Dar-Benn, who hatches sinister plans to destroy Earth and pretty much every other planet we resources in order to revive Hala, Kree home planet that Captain Marvel has destroyed in the past.

Ms. Marvel’s MCU appearances in chronological order

The chronological order is the exact same as the release order. With ‘The Marvel’s’ taking place after the show, you watch the show first, then watch the film. However, while Ms. Marvel doesn’t appear in it, it’s recommended to watch ‘Captain Marvel’ as ‘The Marvels’ also continues the story of Carol Danvers, Captain Marvel.

Where can you watch Ms. Marvel’s appearances?

The entirety of ‘Ms Marvel’ is on Disney +, with ‘The Marvels’ coming out in November of this year. After it has been out for a while, ‘The Marvels’ will be added to Disney + along with all the other MCU content.

Will we see more of Ms. Marvel?

We will absolutely see more appearances of Ms. Marvel. Especially now that Kamala serves as Fury’s recruiter for the Young Avengers. It is also very likely she will appear in ‘Avengers Kang Dynasty’ and ‘Avengers Secret Wars, with them concluding the Multiverse Saga of the MCU.

Do you want to see more of Ms. Marvel? Let us know in the comments!

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