All 6 Movies & Shows Featuring Captain Marvel in Order

All 5 Captain Marvel Movies Appearances in Order

Since being included in the MCU, Captain Marvel has risen to become one of the most popular and most powerful MCU superheroes. And while she did appear in the MCU relatively late compared to some other powerhouses, there’s no doubt that there is a bright future ahead for the character following the “restructuring” of the Avengers. Captain Marvel is not only an incredibly powerful character, she also has quite a fascinating story, and due to that, we decided to put together this guide so you can follow it in chronological order. 

Captain Marvel has appeared in 4 MCU movies and 1 episode of ‘Ms. Marvel’ live-action series. Now that you have this rudimentary info let’s take a look at all Captain Marvel movies & appearances in order. 

Editor’s Note: This watch order was updated on November 8, 2023 with the release of ‘The Marvels.’

All Captain Marvel movies (and her appearances) in order – at a glance

As we’ve said, Captain Marvel appeared in three MCU movies, with another one on the way scheduled for release later this year. Her first appearance in the MCU was ‘Captain Marvel’ released in 2019, followed by ‘Avengers: Endgame’ in 2019, and one mid-credits scene in ‘Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings.’ You can take a look at the entire list of Carol Danvers’ appearances below. 

  1. ‘Captain Marvel’ (2019) 
  2. ‘Avengers: Endgame’ (2019)
  3. ‘Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings’ (2021)
  4. ‘Ms. Marvel’ (2022) 
  5. ‘Secret Invasion’ (2023 – flashback but important for her story)
  6. ‘The Marvels’ (2023) 

Now, Captain Marvel has been referenced in quite a few MCU projects, but we decided not to include those projects on this list because we want to give you a taste of Danvers’ story without you having to suffer through the unnecessary references. Yes, ‘Shang-Chi’ is on the list, but only because Captain Marvel appears in the movie in-character, revealing the supposed origin of the Ten Rings. 


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Are Captain Marvel movies & appearances connected? Do you need to watch them in a specific order? 

All movies & shows in which Captain Marvel appears are connected and share the same continuity, and as such, they should be watched in release date order. The movies where Danvers is featured follow a natural chronology, while the ‘Ms. Marvel’ miniseries sets the stage for the upcoming movie. ‘Secret Invasion’ is important as it gives you the info on what kind of deal exactly Fury and Danvers made with the Skrulls, which affected the events of ‘The Marvels’ movie. 

What is the best way to watch Captain Marvel movies? 

The best way to watch movies (and shows) featuring Captain Marvel is in release date order since, unlike some other MCU projects, they follow a natural chronology from Captain Marvel’s origin story to her latest space adventures that we have seen in ‘The Marvels.’

All 5 Captain Marvel movies & appearances in release date order 

1. ‘Captain Marvel’ (2019) 

Captain Marve movie

The movie that started it all, well, at least for Carol Danvers in the context of the MCU. ‘Captain Marvel’ released in 2019, showcases Danvers’ origin story, and she truly went through a lot. From being a talented and aspiring human pilot to eventually losing her life, being resurrected at the hands of aliens, and gaining godlike cosmic powers.

This is also the movie that set the stage for the recently released ‘Secret Invasion’ series since both Danvers and Fury became aware of the fact that Skrulls exist. There’s no understanding of Danvers’ story without watching this movie. 

2. ‘Avengers: Endgame’ (2019) 

Avengers Endgame 2019

It was Captain Marvel that Fury paged at the end of ‘Infinity War,’ and in ‘Avengers: Endgame,’ she showed up to clean the mess. The mess was, however, too grand to handle even for the ‘Cosmic Avenger.’ During ‘Endgame,’ we get a glimpse of what Captain Marvel has been up to for the last several decades, we also see how she butted heads with some other Avengers, but ultimately, she was highly effective in fulfilling her goals.

After half of all life in the Universe has been restored, Captain Marvel is reunited with Fury. 

3. ‘Shang Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings’ (2021)

Shang Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings

This is a short mid-credit scene during which Captain Marvel is summoned by Wong via hologram so she can offer some insight into the origin of Ten Rings. Captain Marvel reveals that it’s unlike anything she’s seen before and wasn’t sure about their origin. All she was aware of was the fact that they were sending a message, but it was as of yet unknown to where. 

4. ‘Ms. Marvel’ Episode 6 ‘No Normal’ (2022) 

Captain Marvel Ms. Marvel

Captain Marvel shows up in the final episode of the ‘Ms. Marvel’ miniseries, she doesn’t play a crucial role in it, but it gives a taste of what to come since the trailer for ‘The Marvels’ shows us that Rambeau’s, Khan’s, and Danvers’ powers are somehow connected and using them makes all three of them randomly switch places. 


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5. ‘Secret Invasion’ Episode 2 ‘Promises’ (2023) 

skrulls 1

‘Secret Invasion’ doesn’t feature Captain Marvel directly, but it does offer us some flashback scenes important for Danvers’ background and her connection to the Skrulls. We know that at some point, Danvers and Fury promised Skrulls a new home, and in the present timeline, they failed to deliver, which culminated in Skrulls rising up against humans

Although the series was heavily criticized, we sure hope that it set the stage for future Marvel projects featuring Carol Danvers. 

6. ‘The Marvels’ (2023)

the marvels trio

‘The Marvels’ is a direct sequel to ‘Captain Marvel,’ featuring Carol Danvers, Kamala Khan & Monica Rambeau in prominent roles. In the movie, Captain Marvel takes the fight against her old enemies, the Kree Empire, while Kamala Khan sets up the grounds for future MCU projects.


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Where to watch movies and shows featuring Captain Marvel?

All movies and shows featuring Captain Marvel can be watched on Disney+ with an active subscription. Disney+ is a well-known home to content based on Marvel comics. All MCU movies and shows can be found there. 

Will there be more movies featuring Captain Marvel? 

Following the release of ‘The Marvels’, Captain Marvel will most likely appear in the upcoming ‘Avengers’ movies and will be mentioned in several upcoming projects. 

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