Kree Empire in MCU Explained: A Guide Through Ranks, Powers, and Planets


It is no secret that the Kree and Captain Marvel are well-acquainted with one another, as we know that Carol Danvers herself is a Kree hybrid and was with the Kree for a long time before she regained her memories. One of the things that we also know about the Kree is that this empire is one of the many different alien civilizations found all over the MCU and that it was actually a powerful Empire. 

Of course, in ‘The Marvels,’ the Kree will once again become very important to the storyline, especially due to the empire’s chaotic relationship with Danvers. So, if you want to learn more about what the Kree Empire is all about, let’s look at all that we know about them in the MCU.


The Kree Empire was always an authoritarian state governed by the government’s propaganda in the sense that the common people were not aware of the constant wars that the empire participated in. They regularly used propaganda to ensure that the people supported the empire’s many enemies, including the Skrulls, whom the Kree painted as barbaric monsters who wanted to use their shapeshifting powers to infiltrate and take over entire planets.

During the 90s, the Kree Empire had the services of Vers, who worked together with Yon-Rogg and the rest of Starforce, which was an elite group of Kree warriors tasked to take on different missions. It was during a mission to destroy a group of Skrulls that the Skrulls were able to capture Vers and bring her to Earth after extracting her memories. And it turned out that Vers was actually a human named Carol Danvers, who was involved in an accident with the Light-Speed Engine.

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Danvers, now known as Captain Marvel, rebelled against the Kree after learning the truth behind the atrocities that the Kree Empire committed against the Skrulls. After defeating Yon-Rogg and Starforce, Danvers left Earth to try to find a way to defeat the Kree Empire.

The Kree Empire was also involved in a war with the Nova Empire of Xandar. This war lasted for a thousand years until a peace treaty was signed in 2014. However, because old hatred ran deep within the Kree, some still wanted to destroy the Nova Empire. One such Kree was the powerful Ronan the Accuser, who allied with Thanos to destroy the Nova Empire of Xandar.

Of course, while the Kree Empire did not support Ronan’s actions, they didn’t do anything against his desire to destroy the Xandarians. The Kree Ambassador told Nova-Prime Irani Rael that they did not care about the fate of races other than the Kree and that the only reason why they signed the peace treaty with the Nova Empire was the fact that the Kree was not in a favorable position to win the war.

Ronan Captain Marvel

Ronan was killed by the ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’ in 2014. The fate of the Kree Empire remained unknown after Ronan’s defeat. But there’s a good reason to believe that the empire was weakened when Captain Marvel decided to take on the Kree. This is probably why the Kree signed a peace treaty with the Nova Empire.


The Kree Empire is an authoritarian society that’s disguised in the form of an incredibly prosperous civilization. That means that the regular people living in this empire live their lives normally and without knowledge of the fact that the Kree Empire is actually involved in constant wars that the Kree themselves started.


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The political head of the Kree Empire is the Kree Emperor, which is a title given to the supposed ruler of the Kree. In fact, it was the Kree Emperor who ratified the peace treaty between the Kree Empire and the Nova Empire in 2014. But before the Kree Emperor came into power, there was another entity ruling the Kree Empire.

During the time that Vers was still with the Kree Empire in the 90s, the Kree were governed by the Supreme Intelligence, which was basically an artificial intelligence that used its algorithm to rule the Kree Empire in place of an actual emperor. The Supreme Intelligence did not have any specific form as it appeared to different Kree in different forms. In front of Vers, the Supreme Intelligence took the form of Mar-Vell.

supreme intelligence

However, after Carol Danvers awakened her true potential, she decided to take on the Kree Empire and supposedly defeated the Supreme Intelligence. At some point before 2014, the Kree Emperor took the place of the Supreme Intelligence as the leader of the Kree Empire.

Within the Kree military force, the Accusers were some of the highest-ranking Kree. These high-ranking military officers commanded large armies. Most of the Accusers were composed of blue-skinned Kree, who were said to be pure Kree compared to the impure Pink Kree. The most prominent out of all of the Accusers was Ronan, who was so powerful and influential that he was able to secure the loyalty of countless Kree in his quest to destroy Xandar even after the peace treaty between the Kree Empire and Nova Empire.

There were several different elite military forces working under the Accusers. Starforce was one of them. Led by Commander Yon-Rogg, Starforce was an elite unit of Kree soldiers who were sent out to take on the toughest missions for the Kree Empire. And it was hinted that Yon-Rogg and Starforce worked under Ronan the Accuser.

Powers and abilities

The Kree Empire is a technologically advanced society that has access to technology that’s far beyond human technology. They had weapons, armor, and ships that were stronger and larger than any ship Earth had. The only other empire capable of matching the technological superiority of the Kree Empire was the Nova Empire.


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While the Kree were humanoid, they were stronger and more intelligent than humans. The blue-skinned Kree, such as the Accusers, are exponentially stronger than humans. Chief among them was Ronan, who was strong enough to easily take on Drax the Destroyer, who is so strong and durable that normal human guns don’t have an effect on him. Pink Kree are still stronger than humans but aren’t as strong as the Accusers. Considering that Mar-Vell was smart enough to develop the Light-Speed Engine, it can be presumed that the average Kree is smarter than the average human.

Planets controlled

The Kree Empire is based on the planet called Hala. However, it can be presumed that the Kree Empire controls all of the planets found in the Pana System, which is the very same system where Hala is located. It is also possible that the Kree Empire was so vast that it was able to reach other planets in different systems, including Skrullos, which is the homeworld of the Skrulls.

However, because the Kree Empire saw a decline due to the actions of Captain Marvel and the constant battles waged between the Kree and the Xandarians, it can be presumed that the Kree’s territory is no longer as vast as it once was.

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