All 28 Omega-Level Mutants Ranked by Power


Mutants are some of the most interesting and popular characters in Marvel Comics, largely due to their powers that can manifest in many ways. There are no limits on what mutant genes can actually do, and even though most mutants usually have access to one type of power, ranking different powers between the mutants can be bothersome due to a lack of objective criteria.

This is where the Omega-level mutants come in, and even though it was confirmed that some mutants are even beyond omega, Omega-level stuck arround as the gold standard for ranking mutants in Marvel Universe. This is why we set out to compile and rank all known Omega-level mutants currently alive. Now let’s see which ones are the most powerful among the crowd.

28. Lactuca

Power: spatial awareness

Lactuca was a member of the Great Ring of Arakko, possessing the power to know the location of “everything.” They assisted Marvel Girl and Exodus in moving the entire island of Arakko to Mars without any missteps using the External Gate.

During a confrontation with Tarn the Uncaring, Lactuca warned him that the Table of Day would crush him before he could attack Krakoa. It’s unclear whether Lactuca instinctively knows the locations of everything within the universe or multiverse, and although it seems like a pretty neat ability when you lose your keys, it’s not necessarily an extremely powerful one, and this is why she ranked so low.

27. Ora Serrata

Power: Existence Erasure

Ora has one incredibly interesting ability that comes with many downsides, which is the primary reason she ended up so low on this list. Ora can “erase” almost anyone from existence but under specific circumstances. She can erase only individuals that acknowledge and follow her word of law and set of rules, and she cannot pass judgment if her eye is damaged, making her power of limited usability.

26. Lodus Logos

Power: Verbal Metallogenesis

Lodus Logos is an Arakkii Omega-level mutant with quite unusual power. Lodus can use nothing but his words to create nearly unlimited amounts of metal. With the power of his words, he can shape the metal in any form he desires.


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Lodus prefers not to spam-create large quantities of metal objects. He prefers to create smaller but perfect creations because even though his power sounds simple enough, it still takes a lot of skills and practice to form perfect objects with nothing but words.

25. Isca the Unbeaten

Power: Inability to lose

Isca the Unbeaten was the sister of Apocalypse’s wife, Genesis, and was an Omega-level mutant in her own right. Isca could never lose, and this quickly launched Okkara to be one of the most powerful forces in history.

When Amenthi Daemons invaded Okkara, the true meaning of Isca’s power became obvious, it’s not that Isca could physically never win, it’s the fact that she could always recognize the winning side, and as soon it became apparent that Okkaran’s will lose the fight against the demons, she betrayed her sister and started working with the enemy.

Isca has trouble forming relationships because she tends to betray people as soon as they start losing.

24. Genesis of the Great Ring

Power: Chlorokinesis

Genesis, better known as Apocalypse’s wife, had one extremely rare but also useful ability. She is an Omega-level chlorokinetic, meaning that she can manipulate and control all types of plant life within a certain radius. Not much is known bout the way she used her abilities, but it was said that she was more fit to rule than even Apocalypse himself.

23. Sobunar of the Deep

Power: Oceanic Blood

Sobunar, a member of the Great Ring of Arakko, hails from a lineage of aquatic mutants. He contributed his blood and Hope Summers and Monarch to create oceans on Mars during its terraforming. When the Great Ring had to decide between waging war against the Daemons on Amenth or pursuing peace on their new planet, Sobunar voted for peace.


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From this brief description, it’s obvious that Sobunar’s mutant ability transcends conventional powers, and his ability cannot be summarized only as some form of hydrokinesis, as it’s evident that he is capable of creating life as well.

22. Xilo the First Defender

Power: Terrakinesis and Terraforming

One more Arakkii Omega-level mutant on this list. Xilo has an extremely useful ability to terraform even the most sterile pieces of rock. Through his powers, he can generate nutrients, elements, and minerals.

He can also generate life on a microscopic scale. One side effect of Xilo’s potent powers is apparently immortality, as he can replace his own body parts, which allowed him to survive for thousands of years.

20. Elixir

Power: Healing/Biokinesis

Elixir is one of the most powerful healers in the Marvel Universe due to his powers of biokinesis. He can control biological structures at the genetic level, producing biomolecular energy to heal physical damage, reactivate mutant abilities, and alter molecules in specific ways.

19. Kid Omega

Power: Telepathy

Like Jean Grey, Quentin was also at one point the host for Phoenix Force, and like Jean Grey, he is a powerful telepath, telekinetic, and psionic of the highest order. He possesses incredible cognitive abilities, allowing him to process data at high speeds, project ideas into others’ minds, and effortlessly shield himself from psychic attacks. He can also generate an impressive ten million brilliant thoughts per second.

However, pushing his powers too far can lead to him passing out and falling into a coma as his DNA reboots itself. Over time, his abilities evolved from healing single wounds to healing multiple people simultaneously, resurrecting others, and manipulating life force.

18. White Sword

Power: Healing

The “White Sword” was originally a mutant from Okkara, who took up his father’s sword and led an army of One Hundred Champions to invade Amenth as an advance guard during the Amenthi Daemon invasion of Okkara. Blue’s actions provided the mutants with crucial time and an advantage in the war.

After the battle, the White Sword vanished and was presumed dead, only to reappear deep within Amenth, where he built the Ivory Spire and defended against the demons, leaving behind a trail of crucified Daemons as evidence of his hatred.
White Sword’s other superpower (besides hating demons) is healing. He is an Omega-level healer capable of resurrecting the dead. Each morning he resurrects his One Hundred Champions every morning to face the demons.


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White Sword is basically also a necromancer since, after the resurrection, he can place his resurrected “undead thrall” under his service and add it to his army.

17. Omega Red

Power: Death Factor

Arkady Rossovich, aka Omega Red, possesses lethal pheromones known as death spores, which weaken or kill those in his vicinity based on their endurance and proximity to him.

He can emit these spores from his body but risks eroding his own body if he doesn’t secrete them successfully and fully. He can also drain the life force of other humans through his tentacles, using them as conduits to sustain himself and gain strength and healing abilities.

His recent resurrection has made his spores even more potent, and he no longer emits them as pheromones but keeps them circulating through his tentacles.

15. Brian Morrison

Power: Cosmic energy discharge

Brian Morrison was a regular kid who discovered his mutant abilities in Port Washington, New York, while unleashing powerful cosmic energy that caused wide-range destruction.

Prestige and Kitty tried to reason with him, but his overwhelming power made telepathic contact impossible. Recognizing him as an Omega-level Mutant, Kitty convinced Brian to control his abilities and offered him guidance at the Xavier Institute for Mutant Education. Before he managed to collect himself, Brian was shot in the head because of the damage he caused, but he managed to pull through.

The problem with Brian’s powers is the fact that his destructive potential is cosmic in nature, meaning that his powers are becoming increasingly difficult to control.

14. Exodus

Power: Telekinesis / Confidence empowerment

Grand Duc Bennet du Paris possesses enhanced mutant abilities when others have faith in him, meaning that his powers come with a huge flaw if someone manages to convince himself that Grand Duc is powerless, his powers will indeed be weakened.

He is an Omega-level telekinetic, capable of levitating and manipulating objects and matter at both macroscopic and microscopic levels. With his precise control, he was able to fully repair Charles Xavier’s brain atom by atom after a gunshot wound.

13. Vulcan

Power: Energy manipulation

Energy manipulation is one of the most common superpowers in recent years, and it seems like any superpowered character can do it to some extent, but Gabriel Summers really brings it to another level as he has absolute powers manipulation.

He can absorb and channel almost all known forms of energy through powerful blasts. While his energy manipulation capabilities have limits, he can generate light, heat, force, electricity, and other types of energy from his hands and eyes. He can also solidify energy into force fields, construct shapes, and simulate telekinesis by lifting and moving objects. He can also suppress the powers of other mutants temporarily and drain their abilities.

12. Maddie

Power: Teleportation

Maddie is an Omega-level Mutant with teleportation abilities, able to map her surroundings within a certain radius and teleport any object, regardless of size, including herself. Her powers can affect living beings, but they suffer fatal consequences, except for Maddie herself, who remains unharmed. When using her powers, Maddie’s eyes glow white.


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Maddie was discovered by accident via Cerebro. While searching for Maddie, Logan encountered Deadpool, who joined him in the pursuit. Maddie teleports to Central Park, aiming to be captured by GenForm to learn more about her abilities. Maddie managed to severely cripple Wolverine by teleporting his claws into his fists which further showcases why exactly she is an Omega-level mutant.

Later Logan wants to convince Maggie to use her teleportation powers for good, for transporting humans, but she shows him why that is a terrible idea after he collapses following the teleportation and manages to recover only because of his healing factor. Maggie also showcased the ability to teleport organs when she teleported Hart’s heart away from his body.

11. Iceman

Power: Thermokinesis / Cryokinesis

Iceman is probably among the most iconic elemental manipulators. He can generate, manipulate, and control ice, snow, and cold temperatures. He can shape ice into various objects limited only by his imagination and ambient temperature.

He has created powerful ice constructs capable of encasing ultra-powerful beings like Hulk and can even induce snow or blizzards. Iceman can reverse his ice manipulation, unfreezing matter when needed, and has the ability to regulate his own bodily temperature to a drastic extent.

10. Storm

Power: Atmokinesis

As a powerful atmokinetic, Storm doesn’t have as many rivals as most other types of mutants on this list, but she does have one in God of Thunder, Thor, which is evidence enough of her might.

Storm is probably among the most popular mutants and the one with the coolest superpower. She can manipulate all forms of weather as well as temperature, precipitation, humidity, and moisture at a molecular level, generate lightning and other electromagnetic atmospheric phenomena, and control atmospheric pressure.

Storm can generate tornadoes, thunderstorms, blizzards, and hurricanes, as well as dissipate the weather to create clear skies. Like Magneto, Storm has some limited ability to affect the planet’s magnetic field.

9. Emma Frost

Power: Telepathy

Emma Frost, like many on this list, is not only a legendary mutant but also one of incredible power. Emma is a world-class telepath with abilities similar to those of Charles Xavier, capable of broadcasting and receiving thoughts, mind control, altering perceptions and memories, and projecting offensive blasts of psionic energy.


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She can erect powerful psionic shields for protection and remove other psychic shields. Emma possesses telepathic and mind-cloaking abilities, allowing her to mask her presence and rearrange mental engrams to avoid detection by other telepaths and mutant scanning devices. She can also create realistic telepathic illusions and induce experiences that aren’t actually happening.

8. Magneto

Power: Magnetokinesis

Magneto was sometimes a villain, and sometimes a hero but no matter in which scenario you put him, the fact of his undeniable power remains. Magneto is a danger to most technological and biological beings, as well as to some delicate natural systems, due to his powers of magnetic manipulation.

He has control over all forms of magnetism, which enables him to manipulate metal and achieve various effects, even holding together a Celestial’s headless form. He can control an entire planet’s electromagnetic field and has and can cause severe effects like pulling back a giant metallic object from light-years away or causing global devastation with a self-generated electromagnetic pulse.

Magneto’s abilities have been compared to Phoenix’s, and he can use his magnetic powers in multiple ways simultaneously, such as rapidly assembling complex machines. The nature of Magneto’s powers, whether psionic or purely physiological, remains unknown.

7. Jean Grey

Power: Telepathy/telekinesis

Fans have become uncomfortably familiar with Jean’s powers during the ‘Dark Phoenix’ Saga when this multiversal entity bound with Jean and well brought her powers to another level completely.

Jean Grey is an Omega-level mutant, possessing both Omega-level telepathic and telekinetic abilities, making her the most powerful and skilled telepath in the Marvel Universe. As the host of the Phoenix Force, she becomes one of the second most powerful Abstract Entities in the mainline universe.

Initially limited to telekinesis, her powers grew exponentially after being influenced by the Phoenix Force, granting her incredible cosmic-level abilities and making her a global and universal-level threat as the Dark Phoenix.

6. Legion

Power: Power manifestation

Now the reason for Haller being so high up on this list is pretty simple but complicated at the same time. Legion has the ability to manifest superpowers, but he also has a broken mind, which leads him to develop multiple personalities. The catch? Every time a personality is born, Legion manifests an Omega-level superpower for that personality. It’s estimated that Legion currently holds around 200 personalities with 200 Omega-level powers, ranging from pyrokinetic to omniscient seers.


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While Rogue was inside Legion’s mind, she saw over a thousands of possible superpowers and new ones being created all the time.

5. Hope Summers

Power: Power Manipulation

Hope Summers is known to be a messiah of mutant-kind as she was the first mutant born after the infamous “M-Day” It was believed that she would bring salvation to all mutants, and she did, by reversing the damage done during M-Day.

Hope is notable for being able to basically copy abilities. She can use the copied powers to the full extent, and there’s no limit on how many powers she can copy at the same time. Although it’s important to mention that her power does have several limitations, and Hope is, no matter the power level, still subject to fatigue.

4. Proteus

Powers: Reality manipulation

Kevin MacTaggert possesses reality manipulation abilities on an Omega-level scale, allowing him to warp and manipulate reality in a limited area around himself with his thoughts.

He can teleport anywhere in the universe and shift between realities in the multiverse. Kevin can also manipulate molecules and use his powers to convert inviable Krakoan eggs into viable ones. He demonstrated terrakinesis by psionically altering Mars, removing its radioactivity for further terraforming. Kevin can enter the so-called “energy form,” which lacks physical characteristics, but he remains a powerful psionic being capable of generating invisible reality-altering forcefields.

3. Mister M

Power: Matter manipulation

Absolon Mercator, also known as Mister M, is an Omega-level mutant with virtually omnipotent matter manipulation powers, allowing him to alter molecular structures without limitations.

He can manipulate complex machines, make himself intangible, generate electricity, and manipulate air to suffocate others. Mercator can also depower mutants, amplify powers, and manipulate organic matter for biological changes, healing, regeneration, and even creating new life forms like butterflies and pterodactyls.

He can create force fields to contain large objects, has flight capabilities, is telepathically immune, and can generate controlled nuclear explosions of incredibly destructive power.

2. Mad Jim Jaspers

Power: Reality manipulation

Sir James Jaspers is one of the most powerful beings in the Marvel Universe, surpassing even some of the cosmic entities. His reality manipulation abilities allow him to warp matter and energy on a vast scale, distort space to create tesseract spaces and alter his own form and stature at will.

In his less powerful Earth-238 version, Jaspers’ reality-warping became so uncontrollable that the entire universe had to be destroyed to prevent its spread. The Earth-616 version of Jaspers was even more potent, with Merlyn warning that he could cause chaos in the omniverse and become a hostile god if left unchecked. You know that you are extremely powerful when an entire universe needs to be purged because of your “whoopsie”

1. Monarch

Power: Quantum reality manipulation

Jamie Braddock possesses an incredibly powerful mutation, granting him reality manipulation abilities that allow him to transform the world by manipulating invisible string constructs, also known as “quantum reality manipulation .”As an Omega-level quantum reality manipulator, he can create pocket realities and split his own timeline into numerous branches.

Additionally, he can create new beings and objects with a simple thought, duplicate people and timelines, manipulate powers, heal wounds, resurrect the dead, exert mind control, and cast illusions. His range and power have grown with recent events and Krakoan resurrections, making him capable of creating without his previous restrictions.

Do you agree with this list? Who would make it to your top 5? Let us know in the comments!

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