America Chavez Is NOT Ms. Marvel! Here’s Why

America Chavez Is Not Ms. Marvel Heres Why

Plenty of new superheroes have been added to the MCU rooster in Phase 4. Ms. Marvel and America Chavez are only some of them. Not only are these two superheroines intriguing with interesting stories, but they also have quite a power set to boast. Kamala Khan debuted in her own standalone Disney+ show, while America Chavez appeared in person for the first time in ‘Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness.’ Despite the two characters being quite different, fans often confuse them. Let’s see why. 

  • Article Breakdown:
  • America Chavez goes under the alias ‘Ms. America’ in the comics and is often confused with Ms. Marvel in that regard. 
  • Other than similar names, there are no direct connections between the two characters that would imply that they are the same. 
  • They have different sets of powers and different origins as well.

Kamala Khan & America Chavez debuted around the same time in the MCU

Phase Four was quite eventful in the MCU. It started the Multiverse Saga in the MCU and shifted to a whole other concept of Multiverses and different timelines, which continues to this day. Plenty of new characters that are somehow related to that concept were also introduced, and plenty of alternative variants of well-known superheroes as well. 

Multiverse opens up infinite possibilities in terms of storytelling and unique powers that might appear, but this is a topic for some other discussion. The most important thing today is that ‘Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness’ offered a drastic glimpse into the Multiverse and what it entails and introduced America Chavez to the MCU, whose powers mostly revolve around abusing the pre-set natural limits to variants and timeline-hopping.  

America Chavez and doctor strange

Ms. Marvel and America Chavez have a completely different origins 

America Chavez is extremely unique, quite literally. She belongs to a race of species called ‘Fuertonas’ that come from the Utopian Parallel, which is a dimension out of space and time. Due to her exposure to these types of energies, America developed the ability to travel the Multiverse at will, something that is nearly impossible for even the most powerful beings in the MCU, and why Scarlet Witch, with all her Chaos Magic, was hellbent on getting to her. 

Her cool powers tragically manifested in such a way that America was left orphaned quite young due to being unable to control her powers. 

Utopian Parallel

So, how is this connected to Ms. Marvel? Well, it’s not at all. 

Ms. Marvel, aka Kamala Khan, debuted in her own solo series titled ‘Ms. Marvel.’ Kamala is an Inhuman and mutant hybrid in the comics, but a hybrid between a mutant and a Djinn in the MCU. As such, Kamala is capable of accessing Noor Dimension Energy and forming light constructs, as well as stretching and manipulating her physical body. 

Kamala Khan

Even though both Kamala Khan and American Chavez can trace their origins to different dimensions, they aren’t connected in any way in regard to their species, origins, and powers.


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So, what’s the connection between Kamala Khan and American Chavez? 

Well, the most obvious connection between the two of them comes from the comics. They have relatively similar aliases, with America Chavez going under the name of Ms. America and Kamala Khan going under the codename Ms. Marvel. 

It’s important to know that. However, neither America Chavez nor Kamala Khan was the first superheroines to carry their respective monikers. Chavez adopted her nickname when she resumed her superhero duties following her escape from Utopia, and Kamala adopted her moniker out of her admiration for Captain Marvel, who debuted under that name. In the MCU, America is yet to be known under that name. 

But this is where the similarities stop. They also both worked closely with Captain Marvel in the past and in the Ultimate Universe, they have a few stories together.  

Ms. Marvel is connected to Captain Marvel

Kamala and Carol Danvers have a pretty long history in the comics; both shared Ms. Marvel and Captain Marvel aliases (unofficially.) In the MCU, Kamala is a huge fan of Captain Marvel, and it seems that a part of their shared history will be told in the MCU as well. 

At the end of the Ms. Marvel series, Kamala spontaneously switched places with Carol Danvers after her magical bangle started glowing. 

Kamala Khan and Carol Danvers switching place

The same phenomenon could be seen in the trailer as well, as it would seem that the powers of Captain Marvel, Monica Rambeau, and Ms. Marvel are in some way connected. It yet remains to be seen in which way. 

The three of them are set to make an appearance in ‘The Marvels,’ where all will hopefully be explained. No indication exists that America Chavez will be making an appearance in the movie. 

Are Kamala Khan and America Chavez from the same Universe?

In the comics, Kamala Khan is from Earth-616 (the mainstream universe and timeline), and contrary to popular belief, America Chavez is from Earth-616 as well. She was long convinced that the Utopian Parallel was a mystical place out of space and time, but it turns out that it was a hidden location on Earth, and America was simply experimented upon. 


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In the MCU, Kamala is from Earth-199999, the mainstream Universe in the MCU, and America is from Utopian Parallel as well, but it seems like this dimension in the MCU is legit as the place granted America her powers. So yes, in the MCU, they are from different universes altogether. As far as it’s known, America is not connected to Noor Dimension. There also doesn’t exist a version of America on Earth-199999 as the point of America is that there exists only a single variant of her all across the Universe. 

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