Ms. Marvel’s Love Interests in MCU & Comics Explained: Who Does Kamala Like?

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Even though Marvel has never been about romance, it is still part and parcel of the characters’ storylines in both the comics and the MCU because the personal relationships of the superheroes have helped shape their lives. Of course, Kamala Khan is one of the characters fans have been talking about regarding her love interest and romantic life due to her youth. So, who is Kamala Khan’s love interest in the MCU and the comics?

  • Article Breakdown:
  • The MCU seems to be following the comics in terms of Kamala Khan’s romantic life because she has been linked with more than a few characters already.
  • In both the comics and the MCU, Kamala has been linked with Bruno Carrelli, Kamran, and Kareem.
  • It is likely that Bruno is going to be Kamala’s endgame in her romantic life.

Kamala has options in the comics and the MCU

While we do know that the MCU has introduced a lot of changes to the nature of Kamala Khan’s superhero powers and even the origin of her abilities, what we know is that her live-action counterpart has actually been true to some of the things regarding her character in the comics. This not only includes her family background (although there are some changes) but also her relationships.

We know that Kamala is interested in boys and is a young enough character to want to explore what the world of romance has to offer. As such, she has had her fair share of different romantic interests in her life as a young lady and career as a superhero. So far, Kamala’s romantic interests in the MCU have been consistent with her romantic interests in the comics.

kamala bruno

The first person that comes to mind when it comes to Kamala’s love interests is Bruno Carrelli because he is the one who has always been with her. Bruno is Kamala’s childhood best friend and the one she trusts the most. In fact, he was the first person Kamala told about her powers.


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In both the comics and the MCU, Bruno has acted as the tech wiz or the “guy in the chair” for Kamala because he assists her using his technological brilliance and scientific genius. But while he started as Kamala’s best friend, he always had romantic feelings for her as he eventually admitted his feelings at one point in the comics.

The second person that comes into mind when it comes to Kamala’s love interest is Kamran, who befriended Kamala in both the MCU and the comics. Kamran turned out to be a villain in the comics as he tried to recruit Kamala into his criminal organization. In the MCU, Kamran wasn’t evil but eventually became a more complex character after learning about what his mother was planning to do to Kamala.

kamala kamran

Then there’s Kareem, who goes by his superhero name of Red Dagger. In the comics, Kareem is a vigilante who fights crime. However, Kamala isn’t aware of his secret life, and Kareem isn’t aware that Kamala is Ms. Marvel as well. They even kissed at one point in the comics.

In the MCU, Kareem assisted Kamala in her fight against the Clandestines when she went to Pakistan. However, in both the comics and the MCU, the romantic encounters between Kamala and Kareem were minimal, even though there were hints that they could be romantically interested in one another.

The comics have even introduced Miles Morales as one of the possible romantic interests of Kamala Khan. However, the romantic hints between them were not entirely obvious. We are unsure as to whether or not the MCU will adopt this relationship.


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With all that said, it is clear that Kamala Khan has a lot of different options as far as her romantic life is concerned. The fact that she is young and full of potential is why she has been linked with her fair share of different characters. But while it may be true that she has her options, the comics are seemingly steering her toward only one of those characters linked to her.

Bruno seems to be Kamala’s endgame

In the comics, the romance between Kamala and Bruno was actually slow and a bit painful. Their journey together was difficult because they had to navigate through the rough waters of growing up together. And Kamala’s status as a superhero made life a bit more complicated for either of them to handle.

kamala and bruno

They were a start-stop couple in the comics due to the many different challenges that they had to navigate their way through. But after months of waiting to discuss their relationship and the kiss that they shared in ‘Ms. Marvel’ #9, they finally decided to talk about the status of their relationship. 

At one point in the comics, Kamala’s life is incredibly difficult because she becomes the target of an anti-vigilante law that makes it hard for her to operate as a hero. The law requires teenage superheroes to have approved mentors, and the lack of a mentor on her part made it hard for Kamala to operate as Ms. Marvel. 

Despite the difficult times she had to go through, Kamala still found the opportunity to talk to Bruno regarding their relationship and the kiss that they shared. They talked about their kiss, and the conversation quickly became a serious one. They both agreed that their kiss was nice, but neither of them was in a good place as far as their happiness was concerned.

kamala bruno kiss

It was revealed that they both had their issues about their kiss. Bruno said that his ex-girlfriend was back in town. Meanwhile, Kamala said that she didn’t want to date Bruno yet because her life had become a bit too confusing for her and her best friend. She said that she wasn’t herself when she kissed Bruno as she wasn’t exactly thinking right due to the many problems she was facing in her life. Kamala suggests keeping their relationship the way it originally was, and the two friends hug before telling each other that they love one another. 

In a way, the relationship between Kamala and Bruno is one that’s sincere and kind of bittersweet. They both love each other as best friends, but they realize that they can’t be with one another due to the many difficult things that they are going through in their lives.


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Still, it does appear that Kamala and Bruno are star-crossed lovers who are eventually going to find each other once more in the future when things are better in their own lives. This is similar to the dynamic between Peter Parker and MJ in the sense that they both had to struggle with personal issues before pursuing their love for one another.

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