8 Best Quotes from Marvel’s Disney+ ‘Secret Invasion’


Secret Invasion‘ TV Mini-Series brought us to the middle of an invasion led by the Rebel Skrulls that want to turn humanity against each other. All of that not only forced Nick Fury to return to Earth and deal with this threat, but the show also provided us with some awesome quotes, and in this article, we bring you some of the best ones.

‘All we can turn to are the people we care about. But what if those people weren’t who we thought they were? What if the ones closest to us, the ones we’ve trusted our whole lives, were someone else entirely?’

When Agent Prescod discovered there was a Skrull conspiracy happening, he did his research and came up to the realization that humans actually have no idea how many Skrulls might be there living on Earth since they can shapeshift and easily go unnoticed. So Prescod asked a rhetorical question, what would any of us do if we learned that there are impostors and pretenders in our lives?

‘What do you want? Home in my own skin?’

Beto was one of the Skrulls that struggled with the fact that he had to live on Earth. He struggled a lot and sought refuge in New Skrullos – where he could eat the food and drink wine produced like on his home planet. This demonstrates that many of the Skrulls would gladly return home if only that place still existed.


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Fury: ‘Not bad for a 136-year-old. Talos: Well, I’m not even 40 in human years. I haven’t even gone on my midlife crisis shopping spree yet. Hey, what’d you get for yours?’ Fury: ‘The Avengers.’

Nick Fury and Talos have known each other for many years, and it is clear that they have developed a solid and respectful friendship. Their interactions are filled with meaningful conversations where neither is afraid to speak their mind, and there is no lack of mutual roasting. Fury started the Avengers Initiative many years before it was finally approved, and it seems like the Avengers came to life just in time for Fury’s midlife crisis gift.

Poprischin: ‘That chair belonged to Louis XV. It’s priceless.’ Fury: ‘Everything is priceless till it gets blown to bits in a hail of bullets.’

As one of the greatest spies and intelligence directors the world has ever seen, Nick Fury is not easily impressed and knows that everything has its value in life, but that value is often too high, as nothing is permanent, and it can be taken away from you at any moment.

‘There is no shame in walking away when the steps are uncertain.’

Maria Hill is probably one of the most loyal and trustworthy S.H.I.E.L.D. agents Nick Fury ever worked with. Their relationship is strong, and it was never much sugarcoating between them – they were always straight to the point with each other. This time, however, tables have turned, and Hill is the one that lectures Nick. Fury was never the same after the Blip, and because of his age and physical condition, this Skrull threat could be more than he could handle.

‘We gonna go ahead and call that a lie. Everyone gets one. Nobody gets two.’

It seems like Nick Fury believes in second chances. In the third one, not so much. And he made that perfectly clear to Poprischin, who seemed to test Fury’s patience with all his lies and pretending he didn’t know what Fury was talking about. It was clear from the start of their conversation that it could all end badly for Poprichin, and so it did.

‘I think that Thanos’s snap changed you. Taught you that no matter how hard you fight for what’s right, there’s always someone stronger to undermine you.’

We met Sonya Falsworth in the show, an MI6 agent with a history with Fury. Like many others, she considered Fury’s time had passed, especially after Thanos managed to wipe half of the population out of existence. Nick could only watch how he and many others evaporate into nothingness.

All of that changed him. As someone who spent his whole life trying to protect others, when he realized that there are forces far mightier than his abilities to protect as a human, it can be concluded that he was disappointed in himself, even though he did nothing wrong.


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‘I may not know when a Skrull is pretending to be human, but I sure as hell know when a human is lying.’

All the years in the spy world may have taken their toll on Fury’s body, but they also taught him how to read people and always be one step ahead of them. Even though he is a bit out of shape now, he still knows perfectly well when something fishy happens, especially when someone tries to hide in front of his eyes.

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