20 Best Wolverine Comic Storylines of All Time

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One of the most interesting Marvel superheroes is Wolverine because he doesn’t act like most superheroes in the sense that he has a somewhat rotten attitude and isn’t the most likable person. But he has always been a true hero in every sense of the word, and we often see that in the fact that he is willing to put his life on the line to go up against different villains.

Of course, Wolverine’s story is one of the most intriguing in the comics because he went through a lot in his life and didn’t have the easiest past due to the many different tragedies he experienced. The only way for us to truly appreciate Wolverine as a character is to look at the things he went through in the past. That said, let’s look at the best Wolverine comic storylines of all time.

20. ‘All-New Wolverine’ #13 – 18


What it’s about: ‘All-New Wolverine’ #13 – 18 is basically the entire ‘Enemy of the State II’ storyline in the comics. It follows Laura, the new Wolverine, on a journey as a literal enemy of the state when S.H.I.E.L.D. arrests her for what was believed to have been her doing after she was found in a town where every resident was dead. In that regard, she was on the run from S.H.I.E.L.D. and the authorities in this entire storyline.


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Why you should read it: The best part about this storyline is that it is similar to Logan’s own Wolverine story but follows a different character with her troubled storyline. Laura herself is merely fighting to survive, just like Logan. This is what makes it a compelling storyline that’s worth diving into.

19. ‘Ultimate Wolverine vs. Hulk’


What it’s about:  ‘Ultimate Wolverine vs. Hulk’ is another storyline that pits Wolverine and the Hulk in another battle. What happens here is that Bruce Banner caused the deaths of hundreds of people and has now been sentenced to death because of what the Hulk did. Of course, Nick Fury asked for the help of one of the few people he believes can take the Hulk down. That was why he enlisted the help of Logan.

Why you should read it: One of the things that you would love about this comic book storyline is that it showcases another version of the never-ending rivalry between Wolverine and the Hulk. This time, it takes place in the Ultimate Marvel universe. The fight scenes themselves are brutal and full of anger on the part of both of these characters, and that’s why fans of Wolverine would love an all-out brawl between Loga and the Hulk.

18. ‘Wolverine (Vol. 2)’ #119 – 122


What it’s about: The ‘Not Yet Dead’ Wolverine storyline can be found in these issues. This storyline follows Wolverine’s journey in Hong Kong ten years ago as he had to kill a hitman called the White Ghost. However, in his apartment in New York during the present day, he found clues that point to the possibility that the White Ghost could still be alive.

Why you should read it: While this isn’t the most popular Wolverine storyline in the comics, it is full of intriguing plotlines that fans of the character would love as it explores another area of Wolverine’s past, especially when he was still in Hong Kong years before the main narrative of this comic book storyline.

17. ‘The Incredible Hulk’ #181


What it’s about:  In ‘The Incredible Hulk’ #181, the spotlight is on Bruce Banner. But this is also Wolverine’s first appearance in the comics, although some fans believe he appeared in an issue earlier. Nevertheless, in this storyline, Wolverine’s character and powers are established. And while the version of Logan in this comic book differs from what it is today, it is still an iconic story.

Why you should read it: You should read this comic book storyline because it was the comic book that introduced Wolverine, even though he did appear in an issue earlier. But it was in ‘The Incredible Hulk’ #181 that his character and powers were introduced. That means that this is a landmark comic book regarding Logan’s storyline.

16. ‘Old Man Logan: Berserker’


What it’s about:  We know that Wolverine died in one of the comic book storylines as Laura Kinney became the new Wolverine. However, the ‘Secret Wars’ brought Logan to the 616 universe, where the character is looking to stop his death from happening in ‘Old Man Logan: Berserker.’ 

Why you should read it: This comic book storyline is a bloody adventure that fans of the character would love. That’s because we see Wolverine in his raw form as a character who is looking to try to find a way to prevent his future from happening. This should be a fun ride for comic book fans who adore Wolverine’s storyline and journey.

15. ‘Wolverine’ #17 – 23


What it’s about:  In Wolverine #17 – 23, Wolverine is on the island of Madripoor, where he has to fight Nazis and different enemies, including a ghostlike cyborg and a mutant named Spore, who is strong enough to defeat the Eternals and turn them into cocaine monsters. This bizarre storyline is quite ambitious in its own right but is downright fun to read.


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Why you should read it: If you want something outlandish and a bit crazy, this Wolverine storyline should be right up your alley. It is a great combination of craziness and insanity, as it comes from one of the most bizarre eras of the Wolverine comics. It won’t be the most open-to-all out of all Wolverine storylines, but it is downright fun and insane.

14. ‘Wolverine’ (1988) #48-50


What it’s about:  This storyline revolves around Wolverine’s journey to find clues about his past as he goes back to Weapon X to uncover the mystery behind the past that he couldn’t remember. This leads him and Jubilee to a secret facility, where they face Shiva, Weapon X’s greatest weapon at that time.

Why you should read it: The best part about this Wolverine storyline is that it allows us to see Wolverine trying to make sense of his past. Fans would understand more about the character by diving into this storyline, as it allows us to see many questions answered. It is a well-written story that combines the narrative with many action scenes.

13. ‘The Incredible Hulk’ #340


What it’s about: Wolverine and the Hulk have always had a rivalry, even though they are both heroes. After all, Wolverine was first introduced as a character in a Hulk storyline. In this comic book, we see another epic fight between the two characters, as this is one of the best rematches between Wolverine and the Hulk.

Why you should read it: The truth is that fans can’t get enough of Wolverine and Hulk duking it out to see who is better and stronger. While we know that the green giant is stronger than Wolverine, Logan’s resilience and tenacity have always allowed him to match up well with the Hulk. As such, this comic book is only one of the many great additions to the rivalry between these two heroes.

12. ‘Wolverine: Enemy Of The State’

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What it’s about:  ‘Wolverine: Enemy of the State’ is a twelve-issue Wolverine comic book storyline involving Gorgon killing and resurrecting Wolverine and then using him against the heroes. However, Wolverine was able to break out of Gorgon’s control and went after Gorgon, the Hand, and Hydra. 

Why you should read it: Some would say that Wolverine was at his peak in ‘Enemy of the State’ because he could showcase his abilities incredibly well in his fight against the heroes and the villains. In that regard, this is one of the best storylines involving Wolverine, as not many other storylines allow us to see his versatility as a fighter.

11. ‘Wolverine Vol. 2’ #35-46


What it’s about:  In this storyline, the Wolverine villain Lady Deathstrike attacks and sends Logan and Puck back to the Spanish Civil War, where they join forces with Ernest Hemingway. However, a robotic version of Wolverine suddenly appears and makes things even crazier than it already was. 

Why you should read it: If you’re looking for a crazy Wolverine storyline, this one should take the cake because it comes with many different insane scenes that would make you wonder how the author came up with such a story. There are a lot of insane events that happened in the comic as well, making it incredibly interesting in its own right.

10. ‘Wolverine’ (1988) #90


What it’s about:  Wolverine #90 is another story created by Larry Hama and can showcase the height of his prowess as a Wolverine writer in this comic book. The story revolves around Wolverine’s return to the X-Mansion, where he finds a captive Sabretooth. While Wolverine tries to subdue his primal instincts and thirst for revenge, he eventually decides to go all-out on his rival when Sabretooth threatens to kill every woman Logan has ever loved. 


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Why you should read it: There are a lot of different battles involving Wolverine and Sabretooth, but this comic book storyline is one of the best because it allows us to see just how disciplined Wolverine is in his approach and how he was able to initially subdue the inner beast that wanted to kill Sabretooth. Nevertheless, when Sabretooth threatened Wolverine’s loved ones, the beast still had to come out.

9. ‘Ultimate X-Men’ #41


What it’s about:  ‘Ultimate X-Men #41’ may be part of the forgettable ‘Ultimate X-Men’ series. However, Wolverine had a great redemption story in this comic book when he decided to go after a mutant child with acid powers that left everyone around the child dead. However, Wolverine struggles with an internal battle here because he knows he doesn’t have what it takes to kill a child.

Why you should read it: This is one of the best Wolverine storylines because it shows the human side of Wolverine and how he was willing to get hurt and heal again, using his healing factor to get close to the child and bond with the kid. While Wolverine has always been known as a rough hero, he has a big heart.

8. ‘Marvel Comics Presents’ #72


What it’s about: The entire storyline of this comic follows the story of how Logan was once a subject of the Weapon X program and that his adamantium skeleton and claws were the results of an experiment done on him. This is why this issue is one of the most important comics in the history of Wolverine as a character.

Why you should read it: As mentioned, this is one of the most important Wolverine storylines of all time because it allows readers to see his past and what turned him into who he is right now. This is a seminal issue that fans of Wolverine need to read to understand the character’s background.

7. ‘Weapon X’

7 1

What it’s about: ‘Weapon X’ is another seminal storyline that allows us to see what happened in the Weapon X facility and how Wolverine acquired his skeleton and claws before violently escaping the facility where he was experimented on. 

Why you should read it: As one of the stories that told the history behind Wolverine’s character, you can never discount the importance of Weapon X and how it was able to contribute to Wolverine’s overall success as a popular character.

6. ‘Wolverine’ (1988) #10


What it’s about: We all know that Wolverine and Sabretooth have always been rivals, and that’s why there have been a lot of battles between them over the years. This issue presents a story that allows us to understand more about the lore behind the Wolverine character as the comic flashes between the past and the present.

Why you should read it: Understanding Wolverine involves understanding his past as well, and that’s why this comic book issue is so important in telling the character’s backstory. It allows us to see what happened between him and Sabretooth and why he became who he is.

5. ‘Uncanny X-Men’ #133


What it’s about: The storyline of this comic book involves how Wolverine goes berserk on the Hellfire Club, who are shocked by what Logan did to them. This comic is part of the greater Dark Phoenix Saga and is quite popular among comic book fans. And reading this issue would allow fans to see the kind of person Wolverine is.


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Why you should read it: The ‘Uncanny X-Men’ comic books established the Wolverine version that fans eventually became familiar with. This issue establishes the kind of effective operative that Wolverine is, as he doesn’t hesitate to unleash hell on his enemies whenever he really has to do so.

4. ‘Wolverine’ #1


What it’s about: While Wolverine was introduced as a character in the Hulk comic books, ‘Wolverine #1’ is one of the best comics ever because it established and solidified him as a character. This issue allows us to see Wolverine battling many ninjas to save Mariko, who fans believe is his greatest love interest.

Why you should read it: This issue is one of the best-paced Wolverine storylines as it is a classic tale that allows us to see the depths of Wolverine’s character and what he is willing to do to achieve the goal that he wants to achieve. He is willing to put everything on the line for the people he loves, which is why the comic allows us to see a deeper version of the character.

3. ‘Wolverine’ (1988) #91 – 100


What it’s about: While Wolverine is famous for his adamantium claws, we all know he always had clues because his original claws were his bones. This comic book storyline allows us to see Wolverine becoming more feral during his bone claw eras as different forces conspire to try to return his adamantium claws to him so that they can use him for their selfish desires. 

Why you should read it: This comic book storyline is the peak of Wolverine’s bone claw era, as we see some of the best storytelling in Wolverine’s history as a character. The plot line is excellent and allows the story to include guest characters that are part of Wolverine’s history. This allows the story to have depth and action at the same time.

2. ‘Wolverine & The X-Men’ #42


What it’s about: In this storyline, Wolverine is now a teacher at Jean Grey’s school for mutants. He now has a renewed purpose in life as he believes that he could do more as a teacher for younger mutants. This allows us to see a deeper and more human version of the character as he is no longer the rabid beast he once was.

Why you should read it: One of the things that make this comic book so compelling is that there is still a level of depth in Wolverine’s inner struggles because he has to try to contend with his insecurity. He feels obsolete, yet he knows that he has to be there in the school to teach younger mutants how to use their powers for better purposes. As such, the story contextualizes the character’s evolution and how Wolverine deals with the inner struggles in his new life.

1. ‘Old Man Logan’


What it’s about: Arguably the greatest Wolverine comic book of all time, ‘Old Man Logan’ shows a Logan who is now older and wiser as he retires from his life as a hero and retreats to a farm to swear off a violent life. But the thing is that he knows that this will never be easy because something will always pull him back to a violent life.


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Why you should read it: The reason why this is one of the greatest comic book storylines ever told is the fact that we get to see a tired and old Logan still trying to escape the violent life he once had, as it was clear that he never loved fighting as much as some fans believe. We get to see a more emotional and controlled version of the character as he is humanized due to the inner struggles he has to deal with in this emotional rollercoaster.

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