Did Batman Have a Sister? DC Comic Canon & ‘Pennyworth’ Series Explained

bruce wayne siblings

While many of the most popular superheroes take on crime with the help of allies, Batman chooses to follow a lone-wolf approach for the most part. Fans believed that Bruce Wayne was the only child of Thomas and Martha Wayne for many years, but more recent releases have led fans to wonder if Batman had a sister.

Bruce Wayne does not have a biological sister in DC Comics, although he does have a brother named Thomas Wayne Jr. in the Earth-Thirty-Two and the Prime Earth timeline. Batman only has a biological sister named Samantha Thomas Wayne in the Pennyworth TV series, but some members of the Bat Family are seen as Batman’s “adopted sisters” according to DC Comics fans, such as Barabara Gordon (Batgirl) and Helena Rosa Bertinelli (Huntress).

Although Batman has no confirmed siblings in the main DC Comics timeline, there are other instances where he’s had a brother and even a sister on one occasion. Stick around to find out everything there is to know about Batman’s supposed sister, including if he has a sister in the comics and how the canon events compare to those described in the Pennyworth TV series.

Batman’s ancestry, bloodline & siblings

Bruce Wayne was born to Thomas Wayne and Martha Wayne, inheriting their wealth and success after their tragic deaths. Bruce Wayne became incredibly rich, taking on the role of Wayne Industries’ CEO, but the death of his parents also led to the creation of the Batman figure.

Bruce Wayne’s ancestry goes back centuries, and many of his ancestors played crucial roles in the history of the DC universe’s United States. However, Thomas Wayne proved to be the only surviving descendant of this lineage.

batman heritage

This would mean that the bloodline would end with Bruce Wayne. Of course, in addition to his potential siblings as well as Batman’s biological children, such as Damian Wayne (the new Robin) initially mothered by Talia al Ghul, or Helena Wayne (the new Huntress), who was born to Batman and Selina Kyle (Catwoman).

Does Batman have a sister in DC Comics?

Bruce Wayne is believed to be an only child, and he does not have any confirmed brothers or sisters according to the main universe and timeline that DC Comics focuses on. A handful of alternate DC universes have a different series of events, but none of the alternate universes include the concept of Bruce Wayne having a sister.


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Many other DC characters became Bat Family members over the years due to Batman training numerous young and upcoming vigilantes or superheroes. A couple of these characters became extremely close to Bruce Wayne and are seen as his “adopted sisters” according to many fans.

Examples of these figures would be Barabara Gordon, who takes the role of the original Batgirl, or Helena Rosa Bertinelli better known as the original Huntress. Kate Kane, more commonly known as Batwoman, is the closest female relative of Bruce Wayne, with the New 52 release establishing that she is a niece of Martha Wayne and a first cousin to Batman.

Does Batman have a brother in DC Comics?

Although Batman is the only child of the Wayne family in the main universe, some of the alternate universes follow events that led to Bruce Wayne having a brother. Thomas Wayne and Martha Wayne have a son named Thomas Wayne Jr. before Bruce Wayne was born in Earth-Thirty-Two.

The couple got into a car accident when Bruce was just a baby, which led to Thomas Wayne Jr. going through some serious physical and cognitive injuries. He was permanently brain-damaged, posing a risk to himself and others, and he was placed in a mental institution as a result.

thomas wayne jr

On this timeline, Bruce Wayne would only learn of his biological brother once he was an adult. Thomas Wayne Jr. escaped the mental institution and became the Boomerang Killer, but he would ultimately pass away following a rare moment of lucidity that led to him taking a bullet for Batman – a tragic yet heartwarming moment for the long-lost brothers.


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The Prime Earth timeline also sees the introduction of Thomas Wayne Jr. with the exception of him instead being Bruce Wayne’s younger brother. Martha Wayne gave birth to Thomas Jr. prematurely three years after a car accident, and he only survived for one night.

Lincoln March

A mysterious man named Lincoln March, also a mayoral candidate in Gotham City, entered Bruce Wayne’s life many years later. He claimed to be Thomas Wayne, Jr. on this timeline, which could prove true on the condition that Thomas and Martha Wayne had lied about him passing away as a baby, but his true identity has not been confirmed.

Did Thomas Wayne & Martha Wayne have a daughter?

Thomas Wayne and Martha Wayne never had a daughter in DC Comics, although they had another son in some cases. They only have a daughter named Samantha Thomas Wayne in the Pennyworth TV series.

Batman’s sister in ‘Pennyworth‘: Samantha Thomas Wayne

The only instance when Batman has been given a sister was with the release of the Pennyworth TV series, which premiered on Epix on July 28th, 2019. The series has been well received for the most part, reaching a third season on HBO’s Max streaming platform before being canceled.

thomas and martha wayne daughter

A girl named Samantha Thomas Wayne was introduced in the series, proving to be the older biological sister of Bruce Wayne according to Pennyworth‘s lore. Fans still don’t know why the creators decided to switch up the plot compared to DC canon, but it’s a fresh take on the classic Batman storyline and is interesting to watch.


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That’s everything there is to know about if Batman had a sister or other siblings, with stats thanks to the DC Wiki and Fiction Horizon. Although Batman does not technically have a sister, according to what’s considered canon, the Pennyworth TV series still offers an interesting perspective that many DC fans find enjoyable.

What do you think about the idea of Batman having a sister? Let us know in the comments below!

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