How Strong Is Jessica Jones? Compared to Captain America, Daredevil, Luke Cage, & Spider-Man

How Strong Is Jessica Jones Compared To Other Strong Marvel Characters
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Jessica Jones is one of the most popular female superheroes from Marvel Comics, her history as a superpowered human has been difficult, to say the least. She is one of the characters with the most depressing story out there, and her story oftentimes resonates on a deeper level with the fans. But despite having a really interesting origin story, Jessica Jones is likewise famous for being among the physically strongest female superheroes. This is why we decided to explore the lengths of her strength and compare her with other strong Marvel characters. Now let’s see how strong Jessica Jones really is. 

Jessica Jones is classified as having superhuman strength, which means that she can lift well beyond what the average human is capable of lifting. Jessica Jones can lift up to 2 tons, possibly even more if the situation calls for it. She is physically stronger than enhanced humans such as Daredevil and Captain America but weaker than Luke Cage and Spider-Man  

Now that we’ve given you a brief answer to the question, it’s time to analyze it in more detail. If you’re interested in more, stay with us and keep reading!

Jessica Jones gained superhuman strength in an accident that claimed her family’s lives 

Most superheroes have origin stories that, in one way or another, stem from some kind of physical or emotional trauma, but Jessica Jones’ origin story brings us to another level. Before she became superhuman, Jessica was actually a classmate of Peter Parker’s, who would later become known as Spider-Man

She was an ordinary kid living an ordinary life until a fated return from Disneyland, during which her family’s car collided with a military convoy carrying unspecified radioactive chemicals. Her family was killed, and Jessica was left in a coma. When she woke up and started her road to recovery, she was transferred to an orphanage right around the same time when she felt her newfound powers emerging.

A radioactive origin story is nothing new in the comics, and one of the default powersets that it usually gives superheroes is freak physiology. Jessica was no exception to this rule. 

Following her exposure to radioactive chemicals, Jessica realized that her physical abilities had been greatly enhanced. She was incredibly durable and could fly, but she also realized that she now had access to superhuman strength. 


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Jessica Jones can, on average, lift up 2 tons. She is frequently seen lifting heavy objects and throwing other humans and superheroes around with little to no effort. 

Jessica Jones carrying a 2 ton police car

She can also be frequently seen cracking concrete, denting vehicles, and punching others hard enough that she is able to send them straight into concrete walls. In one instance, Jessica Jones was strong enough that she was able to punch Deadpool’s heart right out of his chest.

Jessica Jones rips Deadpools heart out

She also claimed that she might be able to rip a human apart by doing something mundane like tripping. She is able to break metal, lift heavy objects, and fly away while carrying multiple people and objects without exerting any significant effort on her part.  

Jessica Jones Strenght

As you can see, Jessica Jones is pretty strong, superhumanly so, but how does she compare to other strong superheroes from Marvel Universe? 

Is Jessica Jones stronger than Captain America? 

Captain America Stops elevator with his shield

Captain America was never a human superhuman, much in the same way as Jessica Jones was. He underwent enhancements through Super Soldier Serum willingly and pretty much knew what he could expect after the effects started appearing. Cap is classified as an enhanced human, which means that he has access to peak human strength, he is incredibly strong compared to average humans, but his strength pales when he is pitted against superhumans whose physiology was drastically modified. 

Captain America can between 800 and 1400 pounds (although he can go higher in emergencies), and considering that Jessica can lift up 2 tons, she is way stronger than him. 

How does Jessica Jones compare to Daredevil? 

Daredevil lifting a weight with a single hand

Daredevil received his superpowers in an identical way as Jessica Jones did. He was splashed by radioactive fluid that permanently gave him superpowers and blinded him. His superpowers, however, minimally changed his physical strength and durability and instead enhanced his senses. 

Daredevil has peak human strength and can lift up to 450 pounds. This is mostly due to his years of training and discipline, more than the fact that he got irradiated at a young age. Jessica Jones, for comparison, received only physical abilities, a relatively simple power set. With everything taken into account, Jessica is way stronger than Daredevil. 


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Is Jessica Jones stronger than Luke Cage? 

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Jessica and Luke are notable for being one of the best couples in Marvel comics, and this is why the comparison between the two is rather interesting. Luke is most notable for having unbreakable skin, which he gained when he underwent a version Super Soldier Program – the Burstein Process. Cage’s strength was initially capped at 5 tons, but subsequent physical training increased this incredible 25 tons. 

Jessica’s strength pales to this as Luke is much stronger than her. 

Jessica Jones vs. Spider-Man: Who is stronger? 

spider man lifting

Spider-Man and Jessica Jones used to be classmates; she even had a crush on him briefly. As the twist of fate would have it, both eventually gained superpowers during their teenage years. Spider-Man’s origin story also included radiation as he was bitten by a radioactive Spider, which ultimately resulted in him gaining Spider physiology. 

Spider-Man did not gain only his legendary spidey sense and incredible acrobatic abilities. He also gained super strength; he can lift up to 10 tons making him vastly stronger than Jessica Jones. 

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