Does Wonder Woman Age? She Is Immortal but Not Invulnerable

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Wonder Woman is a well-known powerhouse in the DC comics. She has nearly-infinite strength at her disposal and plenty of other eye-watering abilities that allow her to take on even the most powerful villains in DC’s history. Much has already been written about Wonder Woman, including her origin and the overview of her powers, but one little explored aspect of Diana’s character remains her mortality or lack thereof. This is why we decided to explore it in a bit more detail. Now without further ado, let’s see does Wonder Woman age at all and whether she is immortal in the true sense of the word. 

Wonder Woman doesn’t age. She will remain in her prime forever as long as she visits Themyscira occasionally, and in this context, she is immortal. However, this doesn’t mean that she is invulnerable. Wonder Woman can still be heavily injured by sharp and other powerful weapons; she can even be killed, although the exact magnitude of injury needed for this remains largely unexplored due to her powerful healing factor. This is in part due to Wonder Woman’s Amazon heritage and partly due to her being a demigoddess as the daughter of Zeus himself. 

Now that we’ve covered that Wonder Woman’s immortality is a complicated matter, it’s time to explore why. If you’re interested in more, stay with us and keep reading!

How many years can Wonder Woman live?

Well, the answer to this question is not as straightforward as we would have hoped. Wonder Woman is different from other Amazons because she is also a demigoddess. Former versions of Wonder Woman traced their origin back to, well, a literal ball of clay as Hippolyta was so desperate to have a child she fashioned Wonder Woman out of clay, and the rest of the Olympian gods breathed life into her and gifted her various powers and abilities. 

The current version of Wonder Woman was eventually revealed to be the daughter of Zeus. Hippolyta and Zeus were romantically involved for a long time due to their mutual attraction and the fact that they were both powerful. Their affair resulted in the birth of Diana, but fearing Hera’s rage and revenge, Hippolyta kept Diana secret, as well as her parentage. What Hippolyta hadn’t revealed at the time was the fact that Diana also had a twin brother, Jason. 

Wonder Woman heritage

The secret to Wonder Woman’s immortality lies in the fact that she is the daughter of Zeus and, as such, is technically a demigoddess as the Amazon and Olympian goddess Wonder Woman is immortal. There is a catch to this immortality as Wonder Woman has to visit Paradise Islan frequently to restore her immortality. If she hangs out in the man’s world too long, she will lose her immortality and start to age. However, it’s important to note that some versions of Wonder Woman are fully immortal and don’t need a fountain of Youth to maintain that immortality. 


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So the answer to the original questions is that Wonder Woman can live seemingly forever as she is immortal. As soon as Diana reached a certain age that was considered her physical prime, she stopped aging, and centuries from now, Wonder Woman would look the same, no worse for the wear, as time doesn’t affect her physiology as it would affect regular humans. Wonder Woman will live forever if nothing happens to her and if she visits the Fountain of Youth ocassionaly. This doesn’t seem as likely, considering she is a superhero that fights cosmic dangers regularly. 

Despite being immortal, Wonder Woman is not invulnerable 

Now we mentioned that, in theory, Wonder Woman should be immortal and live forever, but this doesn’t seem likely as she brings herself in danger quite often, and it is possible to kill her. Wonder Woman has several notable weaknesses. First, sharp and other high-caliber powerful weapons. 

Wonder Woman bullets weakness

Wonder Woman is notable for her durability. She was seen on several instances tanking planet-level explosions without giving it much thought. This is part of her standard set of powers and something she is fairly famous for.

However, she was seen being hurt by blades and firearms on more than several occasions, as such weapons can pierce her skin, make her bleed, and badly damage her organs if the damage is severe enough. 

It’s unknown what it takes to kill Wonder Woman in the context of sharp weapons and firearms. The damage would likely have to be far more severe to take her down than simply making her bleed, as she is vastly more durable than your average human. 


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Can Wonder Woman heal herself?

Wonder Woman is immortal and highly durable, as is witnessed by the giant list of things that can’t hurt her. However, we mentioned that she has several weaknesses that are extremely commonplace in Man’s World, especially if she puts herself in the middle of dangerous conflicts, but even if Wonder Woman is hurt, chances are that she will ok due to her extremely fast and efficient healing factor. 

Wonder Woman can heal herself from moderate injuries. Her fast healing factor allows her to recover from broken bones, burns, and cuts in a matter of seconds or minutes, depending on the extent of the injuries. She wouldn’t be able to recover from severe damage. However, as I’m fairly certain she wouldn’t be able to survive decapitation, her healing factor is not that powerful compared to Superman’s, for example.

Wonder Woman is also highly immune to diseases, other ailments, toxins, and viruses. DCAU version of Diana was not fully immune to poisons, as Cheetah managed to poison her in one instance. Wonder Woman is also, according to Batman’s contingency plans, vulnerable to nanites.

WOnder Woman contigency plan

And there you have it, everything there is to know regarding Wonder Woman’s immunity and immortality. If you have something to add, let us know in the comments!

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