10 Most Important Wonder Woman’s Weaknesses, Ranked

10 Most Important Wonder Woman’s Weaknesses, Ranked

Wonder Woman is, without a doubt, the most iconic female superhero in the history of comics. The way the Lady of Justice influenced popular culture can only be matched by Batman and Superman, and since her first appearance in 1941, Wonder Woman’s popularity didn’t fade. Wonder Woman is also quite powerful since she is an Amazonian and the daughter of the Olympian god Zeus and Hippolyta, the Queen of Amazons.

She is basically a demi-goddess whose powers stem from superhuman physique and powers to flight and immortality. However, even the mightiest heroes have weaknesses, and frankly, Wonder Woman has quite a few, if we are to believe, DC comics in the last few decades. This brings us to the article’s main topic, where we will rank ten weaknesses of Wonder Woman and discuss each pick in detail.

10. Bondage

We start this list with bondage. Yes, “that” kind of bondage, especially if a man does it. In the Golden Age of Comics, Wonder Woman was tied by a man and instantly lost her powers.

Of course, her creator William Moulton Marston, a psychologist, and BDSM enthusiast, believed that mere man could stop the goddess from tieing her hands with bracelets. This particular “ritual” was called Aphrodite’s Law, and the whole comic book panel is simultaneously hilarious and infuriating. Thankfully, DC eventually removed this silly weakness in the 1980s and erased any strange fetishism of Wonder Woman’s creator in her character.

9. Love

10 Most Important Wonder Woman’s Weaknesses, Ranked

The “Love is weakness” quote is quite popular today, especially among superheroes – and for Wonder Woman as well. Diana Prince has been in love many times in the DC comics, both men and women, and sometimes her relationships were detrimental to her storyline and character as a whole.

For example, during the ‘Flashpoint‘ storyline, Wonder Woman and Aquaman had an affair that brought the whole world into chaos. While being married to Queen Mera, Arthur cheated on his wife with Diana. This leads to Wonder Woman killing Mera and Aquaman declaring war against the Amazonians. However, nothing beats DC trying to make Superman and Wonder Woman a thing – let’s just say that particular relationship was detrimental to Diana’s character, and frankly, many fans disliked it.

8. Zeus

Wonder Woman’s origins changed multiple times in the DC comics. From Crisis of Infinite Earths to just before New 52, Wonder Woman’s origins story was her being sculpted from clay by Queen Hippolyta and given life by the Gods of Olympus.


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Since 2011, it has been established that Wonder Woman is a daughter of Zeus and Queen Hippolyta, making her a demigoddess. Since Zeus is the god of all Olympians, he can easily take away her powers. If Diana makes him mad, Zeus can pull a true power move on his daughter.

7. Sharp weapons

10 Most Important Wonder Woman’s Weaknesses, Ranked

Despite her character changes, Diana is still vulnerable to some weapons. Yes, she is superhuman, but if someone tries to attack Wonder Woman with a sharp melee weapon, the Princess will most likely be injured.

That might be against the fact that she is essentially immortal, but her immortality is closely connected to her being in Themyscira, where all Amazons live forever. In ‘Man’s World,’ Diana starts aging, and her weaknesses are more noticeable, meaning she is vulnerable against very sharp, pointy weapons.

6. The Lasso of Truth

10 Most Important Wonder Woman’s Weaknesses, Ranked

Aaah, the Lasso of Truth, Wonder Woman’s most notable weapon. Besides giving Wonder Woman the upper hand in most fights with the weapon’s versatility, the Lasso can also entrap some really powerful enemies and extract vital information from them.


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In DC comics, we saw Lasso being used against its owner, and in most cases, that didn’t work out very well. However, Diana mostly uses Lasso on herself and her enemies, which makes this weakness even more interesting.

5. Bind of Veils

Ancient artifacts always have some kind of effect on our good and bad superheroes, and this particular one messed with Diana’s brain. In the ‘Batman: Endgame’ comic book run, Joker is back and uses Bind of Veils to trick Wonder Woman. The villain used the Princess to kill Batman.

In the end, Batman came on top in this comic book storyline, but this weakness was seemingly removed after New 52. However, we know that Rebirth followed New 52 in 2016, which DC used to return characters to the Post-Crisis era and update some characters’ premises – this means that this particular weakness and storyline isn’t erased from Wonder Woman’s lore.

4. Guns and other powerful weapons

10 Most Important Wonder Woman’s Weaknesses, Ranked

Since we know that Diana isn’t truly invulnerable in the ‘Man’s World,’ big and powerful guns are always dangerous to the Amazonian princess. We have seen multiple times over the decades that Wonder Woman bleeds after being shot, especially with high-caliber weapons like snipers and some other stronger firearms.

She blocks bullets with her Bracelets of Submission but can suffer serious injuries when she’s not alert to the danger. Diana has accelerated healing which saved her many times in sticky situations.

3. Scarecrow’s fear gas

10 Most Important Wonder Woman’s Weaknesses, Ranked

One of the biggest villains of Batman is Jonathan Crane, also known as Scarecrow. His most dangerous and notable weapon is spreading his fear gas and awakening people’s deepest fears. In the ‘Wonder Woman: Agent of Peace’ comic book run, Diana is exposed to Crane’s fear gas, where we see her deepest fear – of the world destroying itself with nuclear weapons. She is the world’s protector, and seeing the same world being destroyed is something Wonder Woman cannot survive since she finds herself responsible.


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Another example of Diana’s weakness to fear gas is shown in the ‘Injustice 2’ game, where Diana is afraid that she corrupted Superman, or as Crane said, “being the villain of the story.”

2. Poison

‘Justice League: Doom’ showcased Diana’s weakness to poison, or in that case, Cheetah using Batman’s poison to kill her. That particular movie was part of the DC Universe Animated Original Movies, which are more graphic animated projects than your usual cartoons.

In the movie, we see Batman creating the poison to expose the rogue members of the Justice League, which eventually ends up with the Cheetah using it against Wonder Woman. Let’s just say that poor Diana goes berserk on everything moving around her until Cyborg arrives and neutralizes the nanomachines inside of the poison. Wonder Woman survived many things, but if she’s poisoned, she is very vulnerable.

1. Themyscira

10 Most Important Wonder Woman’s Weaknesses, Ranked

Finally, we have her hometown Themyscira, which is the home of Amazonians and knows as Paradise Island. Now, this entry is about Wonder Woman’s “double weakness.” First, when her home is attacked in the ‘Trial of the Amazons’ storyline from 2022, we see Diana’s mother, Hippolyta, being killed, which spawns chaos across Paradise Island. The civil war between the tribes is in full force, while Diana must also deal with the ancient god, Chaos.

Wonder Woman cares deeply for her home and people; whenever it’s in danger, it affects her deeply. On the other hand, being raised in Themyscira, Diana missed some queues for behaving in Man’s World, which got her in deep trouble with people, especially when she destroys everything in her wake when saving someone. Thankfully she grew out of it, and Diana slowly but surely learned about the behavior in Man’s World.

And these are our picks for Wonder Woman’s weaknesses. Comment below with your suggestions on what would be the Lady of Justice’s weaknesses.

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