11 Fattest Superheroes Ranked (Marvel & DC)

fat superheroes
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Although the most popular superheroes flaunt godlike physiques, bravery still comes in all shapes and sizes – there are plenty of chubby comic book champions that keep the bad guys at bay! Stick around to find out everything there is to know about the fattest Marvel and DC superheroes of all time, ranked according to how much they weigh on average.

Fattest Marvel and DC superheroes

Plenty of larger characters have graced fans’ pages or screens over the past few decades, but fit, lean, and agile figures still overshadow the number of fat superheroes. In contrast to simply being heavy, the term ‘fat’ describes characters with a higher body fat index – naturally excluding comic book figures who are extraordinarily heavy due to tons of pure muscle mass, such as the Hulk.

In modern times, the concept of successful and popular superheroes being fat is not exactly pushed within Marvel or DC narratives – in fact, it is often used to portray emotional turmoil or more negative themes. The storylines that have been created for fat superheroes never appeared to be fleshed out well, and fat figures were more commonly placed into villainous roles.


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This has led to the creation of some iconic comic book villains, such as Kingpin, Blob, Fat Cobra, Volstagg, Slug, and many more – all of which boast terrifying traits and intimidating weight stats. With that being said, there are still a few amazing superheroes who keep up with criminals and often use their weight as an advantage in combat.

Below are all of the fattest Marvel and DC superheroes of all time, ranked according to their approximate weight. Some of the mentions on this list refer to characters who are otherwise fit and toned apart from certain occasions, while others refer to characters following an alternate universe or timeline.

11. Nite Owl II

night owl

The original Nite Owl from Watchmen was known for being pretty toned and lean, but Nite Owl II gained weight as he aged. While he is by no means obese, Dan Dreiberg acquired somewhat of a “dad-bod”, topped off with a bellowing belly – and, this became evident when he was forced out of retirement.

Initially, Dan Dreiberg had hoped to be the original Nite Owl’s sidekick, but Nite Owl took on Dan Dreiberg as an apprentice instead. He was eager to fill the role when Nite Owl retired from the crime-fighting scene, and he continued until his retirement before returning to the scene later in life.

Unlike many other instances of superheroes gaining weight, where weight gain is more of a shallow punchline than a plot point, Nite Owl’s weight gain was used to carve out his character arc. Alan Moore used his weight gain as commentary on his lifestyle, intending his character to be more akin to an everyday middle-aged man.

10. Peter Parker (Earth X)

fat spiderman

The Spider-Man featured on Earth X is quite a stretch from the mainstream Peter Parker, primarily due to things going very differently in his life. After his secret identity was revealed, Peter Parker became quite depressed and directionless – thankfully, he eventually ended up settling down and having a family of his own.

However, he was called back into action when powerful Skrulls enslaved his daughter. While he could still take on the role of Spider-Man, his costume was far more snug than he may have liked, as he had put on a fair amount of weight since he had retired from his crime-fighting career.

9. Blue Beetle

blue beetle

Blue Beetle is known for being agile, fit, and toned, but he did gain weight within the comic book storyline. He did not put on a ton of weight, but he gained a potbelly and could no longer fit into his superhero costume.

For a while, he tried to convince himself that there were other influences, such as his clothes shrinking. But, after a few months of being out of shape, Blue Beetle focused his energy on regaining his classic superhero physique.

8. Woozy Winks

woozy winks

Although Woozy Winks is often seen as a comedic relief sidekick within Plastic Man’s storyline, he does have superpowers of his own. A grateful gypsy had given Woozy Winks a power that forces nature to protect him whenever he is in danger, making him a fantastic ally to any hero and possibly a superhero of his own.


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Woozy Winks is laidback on just about every occasion, and he appears to be perfectly happy with who he is – despite hanging out with Plastic Man, who is pretty slim compared to other comic book characters. There is no specific stat for Woozy Winks’ weight, but it’s believed that he is overweight based on how short he is.

7. The Red Guardian (MCU)

red guardian

Although the traditional comic book character is as lean and fit as it gets, The Red Guardian featured within the Marvel Cinematic Universe is portrayed as an aged and out-of-shape former Soviet hero. Alexi Shostakov was trained by the KBG to become the second version of The Red Guardian, and he was featured in Black Widow (2021).

There’s no telling exactly how much weight Alexi had put on since he had seen his glory days within the role. But he did still manage to squeeze into his old superhero costume – which is certainly more than many retired superheroes can do.

6. Fat Thor (MCU)

fat thor

Just about any Marvel fan would have experienced Thor’s fat phases, the most notable of which takes place in Avengers Endgame. This specific instance involved some deep-rooted issues, trauma, and depression following the death of Thor’s loved ones, and he simply gave up the line of work for a while.

Without burning off the extra calories or following a fairly balanced lifestyle, Thor began to pack on the pounds – many of which stemmed from excessive alcohol intake. Although this felt like the birth of Fat Thor for many fans, there are a few occasions when Thor gets fat and regains his god-bod in the comics as well.

5. Bouncing Boy

bouncing boy

Charles “Chuck” Taine gained his superpowers from drinking a mysterious ‘super plastic formula’ thinking it was simply a soda, allowing him to inflate his body and bounce around like a plastic ball. Bouncing Boy was most noted for providing comedic relief throughout the entire storyline, but he has certainly proved himself heroic over the years.

He is a long-standing member of the Legion of Superheroes, and the character has lived on over the years despite numerous DC reboots. According to the DC Database, Bouncing Boy has an average weight of 231 lbs or 105 kg, and it’s believed that his weight doesn’t change much when he inflates himself with air.

4. Fat Flash

fat flash

Barry Allen was shot by Gorilla Grodd in Flash #115, although this was no ordinary weapon. Grodd used a special gun that made The Flash absorb the air’s moisture at an extreme rate, causing him to swell up like a perfectly round balloon – there’s no telling how heavy he became, but the weight stat is assumed to be pretty high based on the fact that he had absorbed moisture from the air.


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The comic issue followed as Barry became unable to move his body, let alone run and fight at his usual superhuman speed. Things got worse for Barry as he was hit by an amnesia ray shortly after, causing him to forget who he was.

Onlookers laugh at Barry, simply because he became fat and helpless in this state, although he manages to regain his classic slim and speedy body by the end of the issue. Many fans feel that this specific comic issue hasn’t aged well, along with similar comic book storylines – although, perhaps this ‘comedic element’ was never truly funny to begin with.

3. The Blimp


Herman Cramer (New Earth), more commonly known as The Blimp, is a part of the team Inferior Five and has a rather odd superpower – he can float around slowly like a blimp of sorts. That being said, the popularity of the Inferior Five took a steep decline, with only sporadic cameo appearances after their first series was canceled.

2. Big Bertha

big bertha

Ashley Crawford (Earth-616), more commonly known as Big Bertha, is one of the only fat female superheroes to have ever been created – and she is considered the most well-known within the comic book character category. Big Bertha initially made her debut with the release of West Coast Avengers Vol 2 #46, being a member of the Great Lakes Avengers.

Unlike many of the other larger superheroes on this list, her extreme body fat percentage is her main superpower. While she does have superhuman strength, great hand-to-hand combat skills, and aircraft capabilities, she can increase or decrease her density as she pleases.

This special ability is how she manages to live out her civilian life as a slim model in her hometown of Milwaukee, Wisconsin, with her average civilian weight being around 120 lbs or 54 kg. Big Bertha has fluctuating weight stats – although it’s believed she could swell up to around 750 lbs or 340 kg if she needed to.

1. Two-Ton Superman

fat superman

Superman is one of the most powerful DC superheroes of all time, with an insane metabolism as well as the ability to feed off of the Sun’s atoms. While the Man of Steel is a lean and mean fighting machine overall, there are a few occasions where he gets fat in the original DC Comics storylines.

The most notable instance is when Clark Kent drinks Scarlet Nectar, which would have poisoned a regular human being. Instead of being poisoned, Superman begins to experience some shocking changes in his body – gaining weight at a superhuman rate, hence being dubbed “The Two-Ton Superman”.


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It’s possible that this nickname was simply used to communicate the sheer size and weight of his new body. But, this version of Superman would be the heaviest superhero out there if he did really weigh 2 tons during this time, which would equate to 4000 lbs or 1814 kg!

Although Marvel and DC have chosen to create their superheroes with more conventional approaches, quite a few incredible plus-sized heroes have been created within other fictional universes. Some of the most popular large and loveable superheroes include Mr. Incredible, The Coon from the South Park saga, Fat Gum (Taishiro Toyomitsu) from My Hero Academia, and more recently Zephyr (Faith Herbert) from the Valiant Comics universe.

That’s everything there is to know about the fattest Marvel and DC superheroes out there. While most of these hefty heroes would struggle to keep up with more prominent comic book figures, they still seem to get the job done and are certainly heroic in their own way.

What do you think about these fat Marvel and DC superheroes? Let us know in the comments below!

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