15 Funniest Superheroes & Supervillains of All Time


While many people love reading and watching their favorite comic book characters because of their storylines and backgrounds, other people love certain characters due to how funny they are. The entertainment factor in comics has always been one thing that draws people to certain characters, as some personalities are brought to life by delivering their humor on the pages of our favorite comic books or even in animated shows and live-action movies or series.

Of course, some comic book characters have comedic personalities that are part and parcel of their identities, whereas other characters were made to be silly comedians. So, with that said, let’s look at the funniest superheroes and villains we’ve ever seen in the history of comic books, movies, and shows.

15. The Mask

the mask

He is often forgotten as a comic book character because he was made famous by Jim Carrey’s performance in the 1994 movie and was very entertaining in the 1995 animated series. Still, the Mask is actually a comic book anti-hero from Dark Horse comics. And those who have seen him in the movie and the show would know that the Mask was made to be comic.


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Stanley Ipkiss was just a regular banker who ended up in possession of a mystical mask created by none other than Loki, the Asgardian trickster god. When wearing this mask, Ipkiss transforms into a green-faced prankster who loves fooling around and having fun. Of course, while the Mask was always just a character who loves pranks and tricks, he became a hero in his own right, especially when the villains he is up against threaten his prospect of having a fun day.

14. Guy Gardner

Guy Gardner Origin

There have been quite a few human characters who became Green Lanterns, and Guy Gardner is often the one who fans forget about due to how he isn’t as popular as Hal Jordan or John Stewart. Nevertheless, what made Guy stand out was his sense of humor. That says a lot because Hal and Kyle are also funny in their own way, while John seems to be the serious type.

Guy Gardner’s humor often rubs off in the wrong way on other superheroes, making him quite insufferable for some members of the Justice League. However, while that may be true, he is known for making serious moments lighter because of his somewhat inappropriate sense of humor. At one point, he even mooned Batman through the Justice League Watchtower’s windows, making him insufferable to work with yet entertaining to have around.

13. Impulse


Almost all of the members of the Flash Family are funny in their own way because they have the advantage of being able to think a lot quicker compared to other people. This allows them to think of quips and funny comebacks faster than anyone else. That is why we often see humorous exchanges involving Barry Allen or Wally West and their enemies. However, while that may be true, Impulse has always been the funniest out of all of the members of the Flash Family.

Bart Allen, also known as Impulse, is by far the funniest out of all of the Flash Family members because he loves using pop culture references and is quick to make his mouth move when it comes to quips and retorts that can crack audiences up. He also loves playing childish pranks because he has always been one of the youngest members of the Flash Family.

12. Star-Lord

star lord1

The Guardians of the Galaxy has always had funny members, including Rocket and even Drax. But the person who holds the group together both as a leader and as a funny character has always been Peter Quill, aka Star-Lord. He might be the coolest member of the group, but he is also the biggest dork.

He isn’t always aware of the funny things he says or does, but Star-Lord has always made people laugh, especially in the MCU’s ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’ movies. The way he uses 80s references and the fact that he is unaware that he can be quite an idiot are reasons why he is such a comedic character. 

11. Squirrel Girl


Squirrel Girl is an internet sensation, even though she has yet to become a mainstream superhero. Of course, while fans often talk about Squirrel Girl as one of the GOAT characters in terms of her power levels (in a comedic way), she is also one of the funniest characters around. And this is because her perky and quirky personality goes well with her powers.

As her name suggests, Squirrel Girl is a character with the proportionate physical abilities of a squirrel. On top of that, she also can communicate with Squirrel, giving her comedic moments with her furry friends. Squirrel Girl also has a boundless supply of energy, making her a high-caffeine character throughout most of her moments in the comics. In most cases, her perky personality and high energy create incredibly entertaining moments that should translate well into the MCU.

10. Beast Boy

Beast Boy

When you look at it, Beast Boy was supposed to be a scary character because we’re talking about a hero who can turn into just about any character he can think of. But while that may be true, Beast Boy always has one of the most comedic characters in the world of comic books. His humorous personality and style align with the Teen Titans because this group comprises immature teenagers.

One of the things that Beast Boy has always been known for is that he uses his powers to transform into different animals to make a situation less serious. He likes being carefree and enthusiastic about what he does, and there are some situations in which he can be quite inappropriate with the timing of his humor. Nevertheless, this has always been one of the reasons why he is such a fan-favorite character.


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9. Hellboy


Even if his name doesn’t tell the story of how funny he is, Hellboy is one of the silliest and funniest characters in the world of comics, especially when you look at the fact that he knows how to apply his dark brand of humor to moments that tend to be serious. And this might be a coping mechanism on his part because he’s supposed to be a good-hearted demon.

Whatever the case, Hellboy applies his dark humor to many different situations, regardless of how serious or lighthearted those moments may be. He understands how to make a situation laughable in a dark way. This is why the first two ‘Hellboy’ live-action movies were so good, as the films were able to incorporate Hellboy’s dark humor from the comics to the big screen.

8. Ant-Man

atom smasher ant man army

Of course, Ant-Man was always going to be a funny character because of his very name, as he is a man who can shrink to the size of an ant and use his technology to communicate with ants. Different characters have worn this suit, but the most popular Ant-Man in terms of his comedic personality has always been Scott Lang. And the fact that Paul Rudd, famous for his romcom roles in movies, plays Scott Lang in the MCU is perfect.

The fact that Ant-Man can be somewhat of an idiot occasionally, even though he is smart, is one reason why fans find him funny. There are certain moments wherein he knows how to use his powers in the silliest ways possible to create funny moments that are still effective at defeating opponents. Of course, in the MCU, he has either shrunk or grown to different sizes, allowing him to make moments much more comedic.

7. Harley Quinn

Harley after LASIK surgery

Introduced as the Joker’s clown sidekick in the animated Batman series, Harley Quinn has since become one of the most popular characters in the world of DC because she has become an iconic anti-hero. Whether working solo or with the Joker, she has always had funny moments that make people understand why she became as popular as she is.

Still, when Harley decided to branch out on her own, she became her own clown because she knew how to make moments humorous with her somewhat psychotic behavior and dark way of doing things. There are moments wherein she can unwittingly create funny moments by applying her rather brutal yet funny methods of fighting bad guys. Even Batman himself can sometimes forgive her for trying to do the right things using her classic villainous methods, even though she often forgets that she is already trying to be a hero.

6. The Joker

joker 7

We all know that Batman’s gallery of rogues has always had some of the most eccentric personalities, and no one is more eccentric than the Joker. Although the Joker has always been a dark, psychotic, and brutal figure, his sadistic nature and penchant for cracking jokes during the worst moments possible add humor to his overall character.

The fact that the Joker can strike fear into people’s hearts while also finding a way to crack a joke makes him one of the most intriguing figures. He understands how to use humor to make a moment laughable yet scary. In most cases, his humor can confuse a person because we don’t know if we want to laugh or tremble in fear. Nevertheless, if we see him in person, he will make our knees shake but our faces laugh.


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5. The Tick

The Tick Origin

The Tick used to be an animated show that was famous during the 90s, but we all know that he has been around since the middle of the 80s when he became the mascot for New England Comics. It was in 1988 that he earned himself a comic book storyline. And today, he even has his own live-action series, all because the Tick has always been a comedic goofball that fans love to watch.

What makes the Tick so funny is that he is somewhat of a satirical superhero in a unique way. He has superhuman strength that’s proportionate to the strength of a tick, but what makes him an even more humorous character is that he has “drama power,” which allows him to grow even stronger whenever he is in dramatic situations. As such, he tends to say things that heighten the dramatic effect of a certain scene, and most of the things he says tend to be out of this world or overly dramatic to the point that they become incredibly comedic.

4. Plastic Man

Plastic Man

Even though he was never the most recognizable heron in the world of DC, what we cannot deny about Plastic Man is how well he tends to stand out in terms of his power and personality. Plastic Man can shift his shape to different things that allow him to become overpowered uniquely. But what makes him even better is that he doesn’t hold back on his jokes.

Plastic Man loves cracking jokes in any kind of situation possible, and some of his jokes tend to be inappropriate or unfit for the situation. He stops telling jokes only when a teammate forces him to stop talking. However, what makes him even funnier is knowing how to deliver his punchlines in the best possible moments. And he does so by shapeshifting into an object that fits the punchline of his jokes.

3. Booster Gold

Booster Gold Origin

It may be true that Booster Gold doesn’t look like a funny character at all, but he is quite comedic, even though he may have a rather selfish personality. In most cases, he is even a nuisance to his fellow superheroes due to his shenanigans. But if we can get past all that, he is actually pretty funny.

Michael Carter is from the 25th century but ended up traveling to the current DC timeline to become a superhero so that he can be rich and famous. He is such a self-absorbed character that the way that he showcases his selfishness and narcissistic way of doing things can be downright comedic. To some people, this may come off as annoying. But Booster Gold is one of the funniest superheroes ever created when delivered correctly.

2. Spider-Man

moon knight spider man spider sense

Arguably the most iconic superhero in the world of comics due to how popular he is in different areas worldwide, Spider-Man is also one of the funniest characters in the world of fiction. The comedy that Spider-Man delivers tends to be tame and quite G-rated because kids also love to read and watch things related to this character. Despite his rather tame approach in his comedy, Spider-Man is downright funny.

The things that make Spider-Man so popular are also the same things that make him funny. He is young, energetic, smart, and quick-witted. These factors allow him to deliver smart and quick quips that he often uses to make his fights with his different opponents quite lighthearted and entertaining. The best part is that he is relatable because he pokes fun at his own struggles, just like many people tend to appreciate self-deprecating humor.

1. Deadpool

deadpool comic face

Yes, the man at the top of this list is none other than Deadpool himself because this character was made for laughs. While he started as a somewhat serious character, he eventually became an off-the-wall comic book character who delivers punchlines, cracks jokes, and makes fun of different situations better than any other superhero or supervillain. Deadpool was only made even more famous by Ryan Reynolds in the ‘Deadpool’ films that were perfect in the way that they delivered the comedic nature of this character.

Another aspect of Deadpool that fans love is that he has always been known for being the best at breaking the fourth wall. He often addresses his jokes and quips to readers and audience members as he knows he is a comic book character. In that regard, the man known as the Merc with a Mouth stands as the funniest superhero or anti-hero ever created, and he is only growing funnier due to the ‘Deadpool’ movie franchise.

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