50 Greatest Deadpool Nicknames of All Time, Ranked

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Deadpool‘s unique nature and persona have gained him a ton of nicknames over the years – either among Marvel characters or among fans. Stick around to find out everything there is to know about all of Deadpool’s best nicknames and aliases to date, ranked according to their accuracy, popularity, and comedic value.

50. Wade T. Wilson

While Deadpool is known as “Wade Wilson” within the Marvel universe, his true full name still remains unknown. He is referred to as “Wade T. Wilson” with the release of Deadpool (Vol. 2) #1, although some believe his true name could be Wade Winston Wilson based on details within Cable & Deadpool #37.

49. Leroy St. Germaine Dagnasty

Deadpool is referred to as “Leroy St. Germaine Dagnasty” with the release of Deadpool vs. Carnage #2. Some alter this nickname by pronouncing Dagnasty “Dag-Nasty” as a jab at Deadpool’s character.

48. Takehiko Adachi

Deadpool goes by “Takehiko Adachi” with the release of Deadpool Team-Up #1, although this is more of a given alias than a nickname. Deadpool is provided with the identity of Officer Takehiko Adachi in order to grant him access to otherwise restricted areas and accomplish his missions.

47. Evil Evil Man

Some refer to Deadpool as “Evil Evil Man” with the release of Cable & Deadpool #30. There are many possible reasons for this nickname, with the most likely causes being his violent and brash behavior, reckless actions, and twisted world views – still, most fans believe that Deadpool is more misunderstood and extreme than evil.

46. Dr. Jack Koffer

Deadpool is referred to as “Dr. Jack Koffer” with the release of Deadpool (Vol. 3) #3. There are still a ton of complexities when it comes to Wade and Jack within the Deadpool storyline, and the character is also referred to as “Jack” in other instances.

45. Johnny Salvini

This antihero takes on the alias of “Johnny Salvini” with the release of Deadpool (Vol. 3) #46. He often takes on aliases in order to complete various missions while keeping his true identity a secret.

44. The Demon

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Many refer to Deadpool as “The Demon” based on a variety of reasons. Some believe that this nickname was given due to the fact that Deadpool is not afraid of death; others believe it’s based on his attitude toward how humans live their lives – and some believe it’s simply due to Deadpool being far darker than other heroes.

43. Mithras

This vigilante always danced the line between good and evil, only becoming more of a hero in later Marvel titles – such as Deadpool (Vol. 3) #17 – #25, where he takes the role of “Mithras.” Deadpool fills a ‘the chosen one’ type of role in order to defeat a huge threat to the world and is given a new super suit to match his Mithras title.


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Although, most fans agree that the suit is terrible, giving Deadpool the appearance of a tentacle-covered alien serpent. Deadpool fanatics were happy to see him in his classic red and black suit shortly after these events concluded.

42. The Devil

Deadpool is also called “The Devil” in some instances, primarily as a replacement for “The Demon.” This nickname is also based on his fearless nature and opinions of humans – all supported by his iconic black, red, and devilish getup.

41. Lopez

Deadpool is given the nickname or alias “Lopez” with the release of Deadpool Corps: Rank and Foul #1.

40. Pool Captain

Deadpool was given the identity “Pool Captain” with the release of Deadpool vs. Thanos #4. When in this form, Deadpool has a new look and feel, sporting a blue and white costume.

39. The Reject

Although Deadpool has a quirky and extroverted personality, he is generally disinterested in society – choosing to live in isolation in remote locations such as wooded areas or even on top of roofs. Some refer to Deadpool as “The Reject” due to his numerous clashes with members of society, many of which result in Deadpool being rejected or ridiculed.

38. Captain Deadpool

Deadpool becomes “Captain Deadpool” with the release of Spider-Man/Deadpool #23. These events see Deadpool team up with Captain America, hence the nickname, although fans were eager to see him return to his classic Deadpool state.

37. The Airhead

Deadpool is often made out to be the butt of jokes, particularly those involving his intelligence and nature. He gained the nickname “The Airhead” as a result.

36. Danny

Deadpool is referred to as “Danny” with the release of Wolverine: Origins #22, and he has been given similar nicknames in other instances, such as “Denny.”

35. The Freak

Deadpool is possibly the wildest and most out-of-the-box antihero in the Marvel universe. But, although tons of comic fanatics love Deadpool for this reason, many figures within the Marvel universe see him as “The Freak.”

34. Talkingman

Deadpool is often referred to as “Talkingman” in reference to his overactive mouth as well as the uniqueness of the things Deadpool says. His extroverted nature makes him a highly loveable character for fans, but it seems Deadpool’s conversational trait can be an annoyance to other characters within the Marvel universe.

33. The Imbecile

While Deadpool is skilled and cunning, he isn’t as intellectual as many other main characters within the Marvel universe and often struggles with understanding the world around him. As such, some figures and individuals refer to him as “The Imbecile” in direct reference to his intelligence level – or, lack thereof.

32. Corpus

Deadpool is referred to as “Corpus” with the release of Deadpool Corps: Rank and Foul #1, and this nickname certainly has a ton of depth to it. Some believe the name “Corpus” stems from psychological aspects, his sense of self, and even Deadpool’s complex sexuality.

31. The Butcher

The nickname “The Butcher” was given to Deadpool due to his violent attacks, brutal mannerisms, gruesome finishing moves, and combined kill count. This nickname is harsh and dark, typically more suited to a supervillain, but its inspiration is nevertheless accurate considering Deadpool’s approach to conflict.

30. The Misfit

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It’s well-known that Deadpool truly struggles socially, particularly when it comes to the world of crime fighting. His methods contrast that of the most iconic Marvel heroes out there, so he doesn’t quite fit in.

Deadpool has been arrested numerous times, for everything from driving without a license to disorderly conduct (no surprises there). He is known as “The Misfit” by many for this reason.

29. The Outcast

Many fans could understand why Deadpool would be known as “The Outcast” among Marvel characters, generally at the receiving end of hurtful jokes and receiving numerous negative nicknames. Even though he chooses to live in isolation and does really well operating as a lone wolf, there is evidence to show that he is still lonely and wouldn’t mind being more popular within society.

28. Red

Although many words and names have been used to describe Deadpool, the simplest of all his nicknames has to be “Red,” seen with Deadpool’s release (Vol. 5) #21. This nickname is given in reference to Deadpool’s red and black costume and could hint at his unwavering aggression level toward any individual that he deems a threat.


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27. The Mental Defective

Deadpool is known as “The Mental Defective” by some, and the nickname arose from Deadpool’s complex about being half-human and half-mutant. He is an oddball living in reality only he understands, and it’s clear that Deadpool does not have the mental stability that most other Marvel characters do.

26. The Pariah

Quite a few individuals refer to Deadpool as “The Pariah” within the world of comics, mainly due to how controversial and outlandish he is as a character. He does not follow societal norms at all, instead flaunting wild and often despicable behavior – still, Deadpool remains one of the most popular fictional characters of all time in the real world due to how unique and complex he is.

25. Chiyonosake

Deadpool is referred to as “Chiyonosake” with the release of Deadpool Team-Up #1, or simply “Chiyo” for short. This name translates to “the Wolf of Rice Wine” and was used by Sazae, who took a liking to Deadpool during his time in Japan.

24. The Space Cadet

Deadpool may not understand the world well, but he is constantly trying to figure things out by learning and experiencing as much as he can. This translates into him being fascinated with the idea of exploring outer space, even if it means being pushed out of his comfort zone, and this trait gained him the nickname “The Space Cadet” as a result.

23. Rhodes

Deadpool is referred to as “Rhodes” with the release of Deadpool Corps: Rank and Foul #1. Although, this is more of an alias.

22. Test-o-Clees

The nickname “Test-o-Clees” has been given to Deadpool in reference to the surgical and experimental procedures he has undergone, being shared with the release of Deadpool (Vol. 4) #900. He’s been given some superhuman abilities that allow him to survive most injuries.

21. The Soldier of Fortune

Some refer to Deadpool as “The Soldier of Fortune,” although this nickname has nothing to do with Deadpool being fortunate. The nickname stems from just how impressive he is as a fighter, boasting inherent heroism topped off with a no-nonsense attitude when it comes to combat encounters or bad guys.

20. Deady-Pool

The nickname “Deady-Pool” was shared with the release of Deadpool (Vol. 4) #13. It’s quite a simple and catchy nickname for the antihero, with more of a focus on Deadpool’s combined kill count as well as how deadly he is as an opponent.

19. The Assassin

Many Marvel fans know that Deadpool has killed far more people than other comic figures out there, and this trait has led to the creation of numerous nicknames. However, the nickname “The Assassin” stems from Deadpool’s involvement in some high-profile assassination cases.

18. Zenpool

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Although Deadpool can be quite brash and violent, he is noted for being particularly upbeat, oddly comedic, and strangely calm. The nickname “Zenpool” was featured with the release of Deadpool (Vol. 5) #36, referencing his capacity for being cool under pressure.

17. The Psychopath

Deadpool is considered “The Psychopath” by quite a few individuals, primarily due to his violent and sadistic nature. He is entirely unpredictable and does not have the same moral compass as most heroes or antiheroes, making him one of the most dangerous characters in the world of Marvel.

16. Dedpoo

Deadpool is referred to as “Dedpoo” with the release of Cable & Deadpool #18. This nickname is quite simple and basic, but it does have a classic underlining comedic element.

15. Thom Cruz

Although the nickname “Thom Cruz” isn’t particularly outlandish, the events surrounding this nickname are pretty hilarious. This nickname was featured with the release of Deadpool (Vol. 3) #38, as a result of Loki cursing Deadpool to look like the Mission Impossible star Tom Cruise in the real world.


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The curse would last until Deadpool apologized to his father (at least with this iteration of Deadpool’s origins), and it may seem like more of a blessing than a curse at first. But, women begin recognizing Deadpool as “Thom Cruz” within the Marvel universe, which results in Deadpool being constantly chased down.

14. Big Dee Pee

The nickname “Big Dee Pee” was featured with the release of Deadpool Team-Up (Vol. 2) #896. The “Dee Pee” aspect can easily be linked to the main components of Deadpool – but, there’s no denying that this nickname does have some underlining comedic tones.

13. Chatterbox

Deadpool is known as “Chatterbox” among fans and Marvel characters. This nickname is a clear reference to how chatty he is as a character – possibly because he spends most of his time in complete isolation, being unable to form genuine, healthy, and meaningful relationships with others.

12. DP

“DP” is a simple shortened version of the hero’s classic name, being featured in Deadpool (Vol. 3) #67. This nickname doesn’t have any negative connotations or comedic undertones; it’s just a short and sweet nickname for one of the most well-loved anti-heroes of all time.

11. The Death Dealer

Deadpool has been known as “The Death Dealer” in many situations, mainly due to his stance on taking the lives of others. Unlike most of the most notable superheroes out there, Deadpool is not afraid to kill people in order to achieve his goals – including innocents in some cases.


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This main trait sets him apart from heroes, initially being considered a villain when he was first introduced. His willingness to strike fatal blows without mercy makes him one of the most lethal characters in the Marvel universe as a whole.

10. Regenerating Degenerate

The nickname “Regenerating Degenerate” was featured with the release of Deadpool (Vol. 4) #1, and it really takes a low swing at Deadpool. The regenerating aspect refers to Deadpool’s ability to rapidly heal his cells from just about any injury, but the degeneration aspect is a direct jab at Deadpool’s weaknesses – and, possibly Deadpool’s terminal illness.

9. Dadpool

Deadpool is given the nickname “Dadpool”, which is featured with the release of Spider-Man/Deadpool #3. This nickname is believed to reference the fact that Deadpool is a father to one daughter named Eleanor Camacho.

8. Dead Fist

Deadpool is referred to as “Dead Fist” with the release of Deadpool v Gambit #5. This nickname has been given in reference to how deadly Deadpool’s attacks can be – whether he’s using his blades and guns or is going all-in with hand-to-hand combat.

7. Iron Fist

The nickname “Iron Fist” is a variation of “Dead Fist” and was also featured with the release of Deadpool v Gambit #5. This nickname has a similar meaning to the nickname above, focusing on how powerful Deadpool’s melee attacks are.

6. Ninja Spider-Man

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Deadpool is referred to as “Ninja Spider-Man” with the release of A + X #8 – and, for a few good reasons. Many fans have made the comparison between Deadpool and Spider-Man over the years, whether it be as a result of their mostly red attire, their fun and whimsical personalities, or the fact that they are both seen as outsiders and lone wolves to a certain extent.


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Either way, Deadpool is the only one of the two to flaunt blades as his primary choice of weapon, and he’s known to have an appreciation for Asian culture, locations, and foods. Topped off by his more ninja-esque costume, stealthy tactics, and nimble fighting style, he is seen as a Ninja variant of Spider-man by many individuals.

5. The Crimson Comedian

Deadpool is infamous for cracking stellar jokes and occasionally breaking the 4th wall – a trait that really sets him apart when put up against powerful Marvel heroes. His nickname “The Crimson Comedian” was featured with the release of Deadpool (Vol. 4) #2, in reference to his crimson costume and his inherent sense of humor.

4. Wildcard

The nickname “Wildcard” is definitely appropriate for Deadpool as a whole, being featured with the release of Deadpool (Vol. 4) #25. Out of all the Marvel figures and heroes out there, Deadpool is considered the most unpredictable – while he gets the job done, he is truly the wildcard that many would only call on in severe cases.

3. Despicable Deadpool

The name “Despicable Deadpool” is one of the most iconic nicknames to date, being the official debut alias for this hero with the release of Despicable Deadpool (Vol. 1). While many other nicknames have gained notoriety, this one still proves true to the character years later – after all, Deadpool truly is despicable in his own special and loveable way.

2. A Corpse on the Loose

The nickname “A Corpse on the Loose” is grim for Deadpool, but it’s nevertheless popular. It could be in reference to his attitude toward life or due to the fact that Deadpool is essentially an “immortal” dead man walking.

1. Merc with a Mouth

“Merc with a Mouth” was featured with the release of Deadpool (Vol. 2) #1, and it’s still considered the most well-loved Deadpool nickname out there. Besides its catchiness and ring, this nickname is accurate for the witty and snarky hero who spends his time taking on mercenary jobs.

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It’s directly referred to how Deadpool’s extreme behavior and eccentric nature translate into his unfiltered remarks. While he is an undeniably tough and resilient fighter, what really makes Deadpool stand out is that his tongue is always sharper than his blades – apart from his blatantly blunt statements.


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Those are all of the best Deadpool nicknames and aliases of all time, with stats thanks to the Marvel Database. Deadpool has a ton of cool nicknames, used by other Marvel characters as well as by comic fans. Regardless of what he goes by, he’s still a kind-hearted jokester deep down, guaranteed to hand out some unforgettable Deadpool lines and brutal combat moves to match.

What do you think about these Deadpool nicknames and aliases? What’s your favorite Deadpool nickname? Let us know in the comments below!

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