Deadpool vs. Spider-Man: Who Would Win in a Fight, Merc With a Mouth, or Web-Slinger?

Deadpool vs. Spiderman Who Won the Fight & Is He Really Stronger

Marvel Comics is full of great rivalries and battles among its superheroes. Of course, the conflict usually stems from something that happened in the past or the deed one made during a major event that endangered the world. In the case of Deadpool and Spider-Man, well, their relationship is extremely interesting, even hilarious, in the grand scheme of things. But who is more powerful between the two, Spidey or Wade? Who would win in a fight?

Spider-Man would win in most fights against Deadpool. Besides it happening in Marvel Comics multiple times, Spidey is objectively stronger in almost all aspects besides speed and healing regeneration. Merc With a Mouth is a formidable opponent who has proven his power and abilities against some great and powerful opponents, but Spider-Man’s strength, physiology, superior senses, and intelligence would prevail in this fight.

Besides Deadpool losing a few fights against Spidey, most of them resulted in the Web-Slinger winning. However, for the article’s sake, we will use standard versions of Deadpool and Spider-Man from Earth-616 to determine this fight easier. As usual, I will use the best-of-seven scoring metric, and the character that reaches four points first will win the fight. Buckle up because we’re starting!

Powers and abilities

Deadpool vs. Spiderman: Who Won the Fight & Is He Really Stronger?

Let’s immediately jump into the arguably biggest section of the battle – power, and abilities. Deadpool is a human who eventually suffers a fatal cancer that makes him desperately seek a cure and treatment to save his life. The Weapon-X program results in Wade Wilson becoming a mutate with an incredible healing factor that prevents him from dying and enhanced physiology, which made him possible to become a skillful fighter and a formidable mercenary.

Most of his power comes from the aforementioned healing factor that will be more featured in another section, but his abilities mostly lie in his melee combat skills, fire weapons like guns, and most notably, his Katanas.


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On the other hand, Spider-Man was also a human who gained his powers after being bitten by a radioactive spider, which gave him Spider Physiology – essentially, his genes were mutated by the radiation that gave him such vast power. As Deadpool, Spider-Man’s fighting involves a lot of hand-to-hand combat, but his web shooters, great healing powers, Spider-Sense, and overall great superhuman “status” makes Spidey one of the most powerful superheroes on Earth.

It was mentioned that Spidey’s moral compass does limit him in realizing true power, as we saw with Superior Spider-Man and Doctor Octavius, but when we gather all Spidey’s powers and abilities together, they are stronger than Deadpool’s arsenal.

Combining his powers with his incredibly good moral compass and indomitable will, Spider-Man seems more formidable than Deadpool, hence why he gets the point in this section.

Deadpool 0 : (1) Spider-Man


Deadpool vs. Spiderman: Who Won the Fight & Is He Really Stronger?

Deadpool’s Weapon-X gave him superhuman strength, and overall physiology, allowing him to lift up to 2 tons. This was proved in many comic book issues, including using his raw strength to punch up some strong aliens, but when compared to Spidey, Merc With a Mouth doesn’t have anything to overshadow the Web-Slinger. Spider Physiology gave Spider-Man vast strength that he showcased multiple times in the comics.

At one point, Spidey was literally lifting a whole side of the concrete building, trying to save the innocent citizens, but he also used his raw power to punch up holes in his opponents. Spider-Man can lift up to 25 tons, which trumps anything Deadpool tried to lift in his Marvel Comics tenure.

It might be too harsh, but Spidey could lift a whole truck and Deadpool with it if he wanted to, earning him a point in this section.

Deadpool 0 : (2) Spider-Man

Durability and stamina

Deadpool vs. Spiderman: Who Won the Fight & Is He Really Stronger?

This is a tricky section since both fighters could take points from here. As we already mentioned, Deadpool is quite known to have an incredible healing regeneration that (in most cases) prevents him from dying.

His incredible healing power saved him from being chopped to pieces and alive after he was beheaded. Moreover, in the ‘Cable & Deadpool’ comic book run, we saw Deadpool being dismembered and his body parts growing back together.

Spidey is also extremely durable, even seen experiencing some gruesome strikes during tough fights in major events or against the members of his rogue gallery. However, even Spidey cannot survive being dismembered, which gives the point to Deadpool.


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Stamina is another aspect that each fighter needs to keep an eye on if they want to survive the gruesome battle. We already mentioned the powerful healing regeneration of Deadpool that keeps him in the fight for days, but Spidey is no slouch in this aspect.

In terms of physiology, Spider-Man is more adept than Deadpool, who still lacks in that aspect, and even if he’s cut to pieces, the Merc needs some time to return to the original state to continue his fight. However, even if we consider all those aspects, Deadpool’s healing regeneration is so vast compared to others that it cannot be ignored without the points in this section. Deadpool gets his first point.

Deadpool (1) : 2 Spider-Man


Deadpool vs. Spiderman: Who Won the Fight & Is He Really Stronger?

Regarding speed, both characters are quite fast, but one is slightly faster. The speed section will include the raw speed but also reflexes and agility. Deadpool is an incredibly skilled and fast mercenary who mostly relies on that aspect of his superhuman physiology.

However, even Merc’s superhuman speed cannot beat Spider-Man, who is recorded to move almost 700 miles per hour, outmaneuvering the likes of Daredevil, Captain America, and Black Panther, and at times, being faster than the bullet itself.

Deadpool does have a special teleportation device that he mostly uses to get himself into trouble, but because of his ego, he doesn’t often use teleportation during fights, and frankly, knowing Deadpool, he would most likely choose not to use the device during his fight with Spider-Man. Spidey gets a point in this section.

Deadpool 2 : (3) Spider-Man

Fighting skills

Deadpool vs. Spiderman: Who Won the Fight & Is He Really Stronger?

Merc With a Mouth is an incredibly skilled fighter. Besides having a vast arsenal that stems from bombs to knives and guns, his Katanas are the ones his opponents should really be aware of. Deadpool’s Katanas are not just swords – during combat, Deadpool could reinforce the weapons with his suit’s help and increase the blade’s durability and strength.


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This is a game-changer in most battles, but when he combines his incredible swordsmanship with excellent martial arts skills, Deadpool is a melee combat nightmare. Spider-Man is skilled in combat and uses his web shooters to immobilize his opponents, but if the web comes into contact with Deadpool’s swords, Spidey can say goodbye to them.

Hand-to-hand combat is a different beast, but Merc has more experience in this aspect since he had a background in the mercenary business and just overall fighting game than Peter Parker. For that, we have awarded Deadpool with his point in this section.

Deadpool (3) : 3 Spider-Man


Deadpool vs. Spiderman: Who Won the Fight & Is He Really Stronger?

Finally, we have intelligence. Of course, this section involves the basic knowledge but also the strategic and tactical part of the combat. Moreover, the overall mental state of the participants is greatly observed in this section; frankly, Merc With a Mouth is truly unstable here.

He’s far from dumb or less intelligent than Peter Parker, but Deadpool’s biggest weakness is his mental instability. Even though the Weapon-X program saved Deadpool and gave him a remarkable healing factor, Merc’s mental health was greatly affected.


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One of, if not the biggest, weakness of Deadpool is his tendency to lose his mind during high preassure situations and overall annoyance to himself and his surroundings.

Spider-Man is the opposite – besides being one of the smartest people on Earth, Spidey has the incredible will, mental strength, and stability that won him many fights in his tenure as the superhero of Marvel Comics. He did fail to resist some evil forces, like Carnage or Venom Symbiotes, but even then, Spidey managed to free himself. The mental warfare goes in Spidey’s way, ultimately deciding the fight in his favor.

Deadpool 3 : (4) Spider-Man

Deadpool vs. Spider-Man: Who wins?

Deadpool is far from less strong than Spider-Man. His incredible healing factor, combat skills, and ruthlessness differentiate him from most Marvel Universe characters. Of course, his speed and strength cannot be ignored, but even against Spider-Man, Merc cannot achieve greater power than the Web-Slinger.

Spidey lacks combat skills against Deadpool but is overall stronger and physically enhanced than the Merc, which automatically puts him in a slightly higher tier. Moreover, being a genius compared to Reed Richards is an incredible feat that very few Marvel characters can be proud of, and combined with mental stability, which Deadpool obviously lacks, Spider-Man would win in most fights against the Merc.

What are your thoughts on the battle? Let us know in the comments below!

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