Deadpool vs. Batman: Who Would Win in a Fight?

Deadpool vs. Batman Who Would Win in a Fight

Deadpool and Batman are two iconic comic characters that approach their “heroic” efforts in a vastly different manners. Batman is cold and calculated. He is the world’s best detective and has a strict no-kill rule, and strives to uphold his principles at all times. Deadpool, on the other hand, is impulsive and enjoys as much violence as possible, sometimes without any decent cause. This is why a matchup between the two of them would be interesting to watch. We set out today to compare both Batman and Deadpool and to see who is more powerful and who would ultimately win in a fight between them. 

Batman would undoubtedly be able to defeat Deadpool in a fight due to his careful planning and tendency to exploit the weaknesses of his opponents to the max. He is a better fighter between the two and far more intelligent, but if he is persistent enough, Deadpool will win. Deadpool has an amazing healing factor that makes him functionally immortal, and no matter how many different angles Batman approaches this problem, Deadpool would be able to outlast him in a straight-up fight. 

Now that we’ve covered that the fight would be more complicated than we would have anticipated, it’s time to analyze why. We’re going to compare the current mainstream versions of both characters until you can see how we came to our conclusion. If you’re interested in more, stay with us and keep reading! 

Powers and abilities

Batman doesn’t have any special powers or abilities. He is an ordinary human that tackles criminals and evil-doers using his mind and special gear. He does have a history of superhuman feats in the comics, but those are mostly attributed to either his batsuits or inconsistency. On paper Batman is a mere mortal. He had numerous opportunities to give himself superpowers, but ultimately, the lack of superpowers is what makes him iconic in the world of comics and so relatable. 


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Deadpool, on the other hand, was also born human but acquired his status as a mutate during the experimental Weapon-X program he was forced to undergo in an attempt to cure his cancer. He was imbued with a portion of Wolverine’s healing factor which resulted in him developing his own version of the healing factor that ended up being among the most potent in the Marvel Universe. It’s not that Deadpool is invulnerable. It’s the fact that his healing factor is so powerful he can return from the dead. 

Besides that healing factor, Deadpool doesn’t have anything else going for him. Still, he gets the point because Batman doesn’t have superpowers at all. 

Points: Batman (0:1) Deadpool

Strength and Stamina 

Batman has peak human strength, which means that he can lift far more than an average human without being placed in the superhuman strength category. He can mostly lift anywhere between 450 and 1000 lbs, and he is often seen dealing with heavy objects and throwing people around. His levels of stamina are also greatly increased compared to average humans due to his indomitable will and long years of training. 

Batman supporting a large pillar

Deadpool, due to his mutate physiology, has superhuman strength and generally can lift anywhere between 800 lbs and 2 tons, depending on the source. He is superhumanly strong but not enough to be considered among the physically strongest characters in the Marvel universe. Due to his unique physiology and healing factor, Deadpool has access to greatly enhanced stamina reserves as his body produces next-to-nothing fatigue. He can fight for several days without stopping before tiredness catches up to him. 

Deadpool rips of head

The outcome of this comparison is obvious due to Deadpools advantage related to his superhuman physiology, and this is why the point goes to him. 

Points: Batman (0:2) Deadpool


Batman can reach up to 40 miles per hour which puts him at a level well above Olympic level athlete. Even though Batman is far from being a speedster, his speed is still impressive. What Batman truly excels at is his combat speed. His practically unreachable in combat. Batman often appears as merely a blur while he is fighting. This is all due to the long and arduous training he was subjected to in his youth and what makes him one of the fiercest fighters in DC. 

Batman outrunning heat missiles

Deadpool, like Batman, was never known for his running speed, but like Batman can reach incredible speeds in combat. He is incredibly agile, and his reflexes are unparalleled. Deadpool has increased agility, flexibility, dexterity, balance, and other senses associated with movement in general. This is what makes him an extremely adaptable and capable fighter. His reflexes are known to be better than those of the finest human athletes.  

Deadpool acrobatics

When it comes to movement speed in combat, Batman and Deadpool are more or less at the same level. The point goes to both of them. 

Points: Batman (1:3) Deadpool


Batman has no increased durability or healing factor. Even though he has increased pain tolerance since he gets beat up a lot, despite his lack of superhuman healing abilities, Batman is often seen surviving what no human could survive objectively, and he regularly tanks punches from beings far more powerful than he is. Batman’s secret is in his specialty gear, gadgets, and suits.

Batman durability

Made from Kevlar and a small percentage of titanium, his batsuit provides him with an unparalleled level of protection. He can easily tank bullets and even fall from great heights without appearing damaged. When injured, Batman will heal perhaps slightly faster than the average human due to his peak human condition. 

Deadpool is another story altogether when it comes to healing and durability due to his aforementioned healing factor. His body is capable of recovering from even the most severe damage and is completely immune to poisons, drugs, viruses, and bacteria since his extremely fast immune system deals with pathogens at a rapid pace. He is functionally immortal. His healing factor also slows down aging and cell decay. If it’s needed, Deadpool can regrow entire limbs and can even survive beheading.

Deadpool healing factor

All in all, Deadpool is extremely hard to kill, and Batman would have to think long and hard about this one if he aims to take him down. This point goes to Deadpool. 

Points: Batman (1:4) Deadpool


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With an estimated IQ of 192, Batman is the second smartest human on Earth, behind only Lex Luthor. Batman has plenty of feats to showcase his intelligence, such as aviation, business management, chemistry, hacking, and disguise. He is a super genius with an eidetic memory who mostly relies on his own inventions in combat. Batman also excels as a leader and investigator, demonstrating proficiency in a wide range of technologies and weapons. His prep time is legendary, and his contingency plans are even more so.


With enough time, Batman has managed to take down some of the most powerful characters in the DC comics. He is cold, calculated, and ruthless when he needs to be, and his intelligence is what makes him so dangerous and keeps him afloat. 

Deadpool was never among the super-genius crowd in Marvel comics. He has average intelligence but is rarely showcased as being reasonable. Deadpool’s focus is on comedy and dramatic effect, and due to that, he is often shown as being erratic, impulsive, and going headfirst into anything without rarely paying attention to possible consequences. This is most likely due to his healing factor. He never practices being careful since he can recover from pretty much anything

Deadpool’s insanity and impulsivity are something that Batman would be able to turn against him in the long run, as Batman is far smarter than he is and often monopolizes on weaknesses such as these. 

Points: Batman (2:4) Deadpool

Combat Skills 

Batman is among the greatest fighters in the comics in general, as he is a master of numerous martial arts. Before he took over the identity of Caped Crusader, Batman spent 12 years wandering the planet looking for the best martial artists to train him.

Batman mastered all combat forms

He studied boxing at Roxbury Fielding Academy and received further training from Wildcat in this style. Additionally, he developed a unique fighting style called “Bam Pow,” specifically designed to fight with the Batman Who Laughs. Batman is also skilled in Dim Mak, an ancient martial art that focuses on striking vital points of the opponent’s body to induce paralysis, intense pain, or even death.

He possesses knowledge of Ninjitsu, Karate, Krav Maga, Muay Thai, and Tae Kwon Do, showcasing his diverse training. Despite fatigue and blood loss, Batman demonstrated his wrestling abilities by engaging in a match with a bear. He is also skilled in stick fighting and has trained his proteges, the Robins, in using bo-staffs. 

Deadpool was a professional mercenary before he was experimented upon. He is considered to be a master combatant in Marvel Universe in both armed and unarmed combat and has mastered several combat forms and martial arts. Deadpool’s most popular and favorite weapon are his Katanas, which make him quite the deadly opponent and one difficult to deal with in a conventional manner. 

Deadpool combat skills

Both Deadpool and Batman are skilled combatants, but Batman is, due to his experience and knowledge, a better and more careful one. 

Points: Batman (3:4) Deadpool

Deadpool vs. Batman: Who wins?

This would be an interesting matchup because the first answer is, “Batman would win, of course.” He faces enemies more difficult than Deadpool, and Wade has several obvious weaknesses in how to dispatch him. Batman is more intelligent. He plans ahead; he has the better gear and is a better fighter despite Deadpool being better than Batman in almost every physical aspect. Still, Bruce has nothing to deal with Deadpool permanently. Deadpool is immortal and able to recover even from being beheaded. He can recover from even the most severe injuries before Batman can figure out what to do with him. 


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Due to Deadpool’s unlimited reserves of stamina and the fact that physical damage doesn’t slow him down, he would eventually outlast Batman in a fight and would ultimately win. 

Who do you think would win in a fight between Deadpool and Batman? Let us know in the comments below!

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