10 Greatest Wonder Woman’s Sidekicks & Other Supporting Characters

10 Greatest Wonder Woman’s Sidekicks & Other Supporting Characters

Wonder Woman is still one of the, if not the most iconic, superheroine of all time. She first appeared in DC Comics in 1941, and since then, went through many major events and teamed up with most notable fellow superheroes. She is one of the big three of DC Comics (with Batman and Superman), but she isn’t notable for her sidekicks as the Caped Crusader is. However, she did have some great supporting characters that eventually became their own people.

For this article, we will list the ten greatest Wonder Woman sidekicks and other supporting characters in her eighty years of existence and explain each entry on how they improved Princess Diana of Themyscira. If you’re interested, stay with us until the end.

10. Mala

10 Greatest Wonder Woman’s Sidekicks & Other Supporting Characters

We start this list with Mala, one of the earliest Wonder Woman supporting characters. This Golden Age character first appeared in DC Comics in 1941, and she was the one that accompanied Diana when she found Steve Trevor. Moreover, Mala was the one to support Princess Diana on her journey to the Man’s World and one of the few Amazons that actually traveled outside of Themyscira.

Despite being a very important character for Wonder Woman in Golden Age, Mala was slowly but surely forgotten – she did appear in modern times as part of the dream sequences and what-if scenarios. New 52 and, eventually, DC Rebirth did “revive” the character but in a much more subtle role. Despite not being relevant anymore, Mala was considered one of Wonder Woman’s first proper supporting characters in the Golden Age.

9. Phillipus

10 Greatest Wonder Woman’s Sidekicks & Other Supporting Characters

Well, who would we be if we didn’t add Wonder Woman’s stepmother to the list? Phillipus is a major character in Wonder Woman’s life, especially when she was growing up as a young Princess of Themyscira. Phillupus is an Amazon general, Queen Hippolyta’s chief counselor, lover, and mentor to Wonder Woman.


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She taught young Princess about combat and life as an Amazon warrior, which helped Wonder Woman tremendously as one of the Earth’s Mightiest Heroes.

8. Yara Flor (Third Wonder Girl)

10 Greatest Wonder Woman’s Sidekicks & Other Supporting Characters

Yara Flor is still a fairly new character in DC Comics, but her “ascension” as the third Wonder Girl in DC Comics. This interesting character was born to an Amazonian Warrior, Aella, and an unknown Brazilian man, leading mother and daughter to settle in the secret Amazon tribe called the Esquecida.

Aella tragically died, and Yara was taken to the United States, specifically Idaho, where she grew up. Yara meets Wonder Woman during the Trial of the Amazons, where she fights against the Amazon Princess, but they are interrupted by the monster Echidna. After seeing her bravery and potential, Wonder Woman accepts Yara as part of the Three Amazon tribes and passes on the mantle of Wonder Girl.

Since then, Yara has been involved with Justice League and helps Wonder Woman whenever possible.

7. Nubia

10 Greatest Wonder Woman’s Sidekicks & Other Supporting Characters

Nubia is definitely one of the best and most loyal sidekicks/supporting characters of Wonder Woman. She is an Amazonian warrior and the former guardian of Doom’s Doorway, the rift between Themyscira to Hades, and the Queen of Themyscira after Queen Hippolyta abdicated, becoming the Queen of all Amazons.

Besides being an amazing warrior and leader, Nubia was born simultaneously with Princess Diana, prompting them to become close and even consider themselves sisters. Nubia even takes on the mantle of Wonder Woman after Diana sacrifices herself during the ‘Dark Knights: Death Metal’ storyline, among many other Amazon candidates.


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6. Artemis

10 Greatest Wonder Woman’s Sidekicks & Other Supporting Characters

Artemis is an Amazon of Bana-Mighdall who leaves her home to acquire the mythic weapon, the Bow of Ra. During her journey, she went through a lot and even met some other major characters, like Red Hood, with whom she had a brief romance.

When it comes to her affiliation with Wonder Woman, Artemis worked many times with Diana. The Amazon Princess even dispatched Artemis to help her in the hardest battles she had to endure. These days, Artemis does her own thing, specifically in the Bana-Mighdall tribe, but she still answers the calls of Diana.

5. Cassandra Sandsmark (second Wonder Girl)

10 Greatest Wonder Woman’s Sidekicks & Other Supporting Characters

As you can see, there are three Wonder Girls on this list, and each of them is pretty close to Wonder Woman. When it comes to Cassie Sandsmark, she is quite established in DC Comics, especially as a Young Justice and Wonder Woman’s ally.

She is actually a niece of Wonder Woman because Cassie is the daughter of Lennox, Diana’s brother, and granddaughter of Zeus, the mightiest God of Olympus. During the Titans’ hiding across Earth, Cassie Sandsmark meets Wonder Woman, who immediately likes her, and accepts her as the new Wonder Girl and her niece. Since then, the aunt and niece have worked closely together.

4. Etta Candy

10 Greatest Wonder Woman’s Sidekicks & Other Supporting Characters

Etta Candy is a major character in Wonder Woman’s character since the Princess considers her a best friend. Etta also works closely with Steve Trevor, Diana’s first true love, and since then have been great allies.

Etta was Diana’s first true friend in the Man’s World and the one who always supported her during the toughest times. Interestingly enough, Etta was briefly in a relationship with Barbara Ann, a villain of Wonder Woman known as Cheetah. One of the most important characters for Wonder Woman, especially at the beginning of her tenure as the superheroine.

3. Queen Hippolyta

10 Greatest Wonder Woman’s Sidekicks & Other Supporting Characters

Queen Hippolyta is Diana’s mother and the Queen of the Amazons of Themyscira. She was mostly a good mother, but she lied to Diana for years about her origins – that Diana was Zeus’ daughter. This didn’t set with Diana, who was devastated, but even after that and many other setbacks, Hippolyta always loved her daughter and every Amazon living in Themyscira.


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Queen of Themyscira always tried to support her daughter despite the obstacles that were in their way of happiness. Unfortunately, during the ‘Trial of Amazons’ storyline in 2022, Queen Hippolyta was killed, and since then, Nubia has taken over as the leader of Amazons in Themyscira.

2. Donna Troy (first Wonder Girl)

10 Greatest Wonder Woman’s Sidekicks & Other Supporting Characters

Donna Troy was initially created to murder Wonder Woman and take over her spot as Wonder Woman, but she was “saved” by Amazons, who altered her memories as she was always living in Themyscira.

Of course, this is only a new origin story of Donna Troy, whose origins were changed many times in the last few decades, but her connection to Diana was always respected and preserved. During her existence, Donna Troy is one of Wonder Woman’s closest allies, who would most likely take over Diana’s place if she suddenly dies. She is a great character whom Diana considers her sister.

1. Steve Trevor

10 Greatest Wonder Woman’s Sidekicks & Other Supporting Characters

Steve Trevor is Wonder Woman’s ultimate sidekick and supporting character from the first day. Even after the Golden Age and death in Silver Age, DC Comics couldn’t resist bringing back one of the most notable characters in Wonder Woman comics and reimagining his origin story.

Steve Trevor was the one who inspired Diana to leave Themyscira and become Wonder Woman, one of the most notable superheroes on Prime Earth. Since his return to DC Comics post-DC Rebirth, Steve has been working closely with Diana, and the two rekindled their romance.

Many other characters, like Supergirl or Julia and Vanessa Kapatelis, could’ve made this list, but these ten are irreplaceable, making them the closest to Wonder Woman’s sidekicks.

What are your thoughts on the list? Let us know in the comments below!

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