Is Hades Wonder Woman’s Father? Explained

Is Hades Wonder Womans Father

Wonder Woman is among the most iconic characters in DC history and has quite a long history that has been reworked numerous times. Due to this, fans often have a lot of questions concerning Wonder Woman’s parentage. Every single version of Wonder Woman was, so far, a Amazon warrior hailing from the island of Themyscira, but the circumstances of her birth have varied significantly over the ages, with several figures being mentioned in the context of being Wonder Woman’s father. Today we’re going to discuss Hades, a powerful Olympian god, and answer the age-old question, is Hades Wonder Woman’s father? Is he related to her in any way?

Hades is not Wonder Woman’s father, Zeus is. Wonder Woman believed for a long time that she was fashioned from clay. This turned out to be false as her mother, Queen Hippolyta, admitted that Wonder Woman is the result of her affair with Zeus. Something that Hippolyta had to keep hidden for numerous years out of fear of Hera’s retribution. Even though Hades is not Wonder Woman’s father, they are biologically related. Hades is Zeus’ brother and hence Wonder Woman’s uncle.

Now that we’ve covered the main question, it’s time to analyze the answer to the fullest. If you want to know all about how Wonder Woman truly came to this world, stay with us and keep reading!

Wonder Woman believed for a long time that she was created from clay

Over the years, Wonder Woman’s origin story was changed several times, but Greek influences and mythology remained pretty much a constant in her origins. We know that Wonder Woman hails from Themyscira, the so-called paradise island inhabited by a proud race of female Amazon warriors who share a strong connection to the Olympian pantheon of gods.

Amazons are superhumanly strong and, thanks to the fountain of youth, live for a very long time. Originally Themyscira was imagined as a place where no man was allowed to linger. This brings us to question how Amazons reproduced. They didn’t. Wonder Woman was allegeldy the first child on the island for a very long time. And her origin story was as fantastical and magical as any mythological story.


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Originally Diana was fashioned out of clay by her mother, Hippolyta, the Queen of Themyscira. Hippolyta was desperate to have a child and created Diana out of clay she found on the shores of Themyscira. Wonder Woman would remain a lump of clay if it weren’t for Olympian gods who breathed life into her and created out of this clay a living, breathing superhuman. Wonder Woman was destined to become as beautiful as Aphrodite, wise as Athena, strong as Hercules, and swift as Hermes.

She also received blessings from various deities, making her the most powerful Amazon, which Wonder Woman later used to fight crime in Man’s world.

But as we all know, the DC universe is rebooted every few years, and her origin story was significantly revamped, as well as her powers and abilities, to make the character more interesting and more appropriate for the current sensitivities.

Wonder Woman is Zeus’ daughter and thus related to the Olympian pantheon

Following ‘The New 52‘ and ‘Rebirth,’ Wonder Woman found out the shocking truth about her origins after being teased by Strife. She wasn’t fashioned out of clay. She was conceived and born the old-fashioned way. Only Hippolyta kept it a secret for all these years for a good reason.

So, the story goes like this. Hippolyta and Zeus, the god of gods, were locked in combat, fighting each other for a long time. As these things usually turn out, an attraction developed between them. Hippolyta described it as dance, as songs, something that only warriors would understand.

Hippolyta and Zeus starting affair

Anyway, Hippolyta and Zeus had a physical affair, and Hippolyta ended up pregnant with Wonder Woman. Since Zeus was married to Hera, and Hera is, for a good reason, known to be jealous, Hippolyta knew that if the word of Wonder Woman’s true father got out, Diana would be murdered in her crib.

Wonder Woman learns she was not created from clay

Hippolyta made up the story about Diana being created out of clay. Only her closes confidants knew the whole truth.

To make matters even worse, Hippolyta was pregnant with twins, but she sensed early in her pregnancy that one twin would be male.

Since Themyscira is a place where men are prohibited, she realized that it would be impossible to explain or hide the presence of a male child, so she made a deal with Argonaut Glaucus to hide Jason from Hera’s jealous wrath.

Jason Born Wonder Woman twin

After Wonder Woman found out the truth, she was mad at her mother for making her a fool all these years. In great shame, Wonder Woman departed from the island.

Wonder Woman leaving paradise island

She found out the truth about her twin brother later, when Myrina, an Amazon assassin, revealed that the night when Diana was born, two more children were born alongside her. One was her brother Jason, her twin, and the other was Grail, Myrina’s and Darkseid’s daughter.


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How is Wonder Woman related to Hades?

Now that we’ve cleared up that Zeus is, in fact, Wonder Woman’s father, it’s time to clear up her connection to Hades. Most of the gods from Olympus are related, and Zeus himself has plenty of brothers. One of them was Hades, the god of the Underworld. Since Hades is Zeus’ brother, this makes him Wonder Woman’s uncle.

But the confusion mostly stems from a two-part episode of the animated ‘Justice League’ series titled ‘Paradise Lost.’ In this episode, Hades claims to be the god that sculpted her from the clay, and it is implied that he is her father.

This isn’t consistent with former or present Wonder Woman’s origin story, originally, she was blessed by various gods, but Hades didn’t have such a great role in her creation, and he certainly isn’t her biological father in the comics.

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