Here’s Who Sabine Wren Is Related To: Family Tree Explained

who is sabine wren related to

The story of Mandalore is full of betrayal, pain, and loss but also strength and resilience, and no one mirrors it better than Sabine Wren. Sabine continues to rewrite Star Wars history in ‘Ahsoka’ as one of the few Mandalorians ever to train as Jedi. While her newfound family in Ahsoka and Hera will change her future, her past is still an important part of her personality. Being one of the new fan-favorite characters, many want to know where Sabine comes from and who she is related to in Star Wars.

Born to Alrich and Countess Ursa Wren in Mandalore, Sabine Wren is a warrior from the Wren clan of House Vizsla. While her clan is not Mandalorian royalty like Bo-Katan’s Kryze clan, it holds a high standing in the planet’s politics. Sabine remains a respected warrior and leader on her home planet, although her familial connection to other famous Mandalorians in Star Wars is distant at best.

Being a Mandalorian, many fans think Sabine is related to the likes of Boba Fett, Jango Fett, Bo-Katan, and Din Djarin. However, Clan Wren isn’t related to any of these great Mandalorian warriors by blood. Sabine’s family is still a game-changer in the franchise, so let’s look at her family tree and how it fits into the rest of Star Wars.

Who is Sabine Wren’s father?

Sabine Wren and her father

Sabine’s father is the Mandalorian artist Alrich Wren. Alrich and Ursa have two children, Sabine and Tristan. Alrich took up his wife’s family name after marriage because of its high standing in Mandalorian society. Unlike Sabine, whose art became the symbol of the resistance, Alrich is not credited for creating any famous works of art.

Although Alrich is not a warrior like the rest of his family, he is a good father, enjoying a friendlier relationship with both Sabine and his son Tristan than their mother. However, when Sabine spoke against the empire, he was forced to side with his wife and support the empire to protect their family and the clan.


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Despite denouncing his daughter, Alrich was imprisoned by Gar Saxon on Mandalore while clan Wren moved to Krownest to keep his family and the clan compliant. He was later sentenced to death by Saxon’s brother after Sabine and Ursa defeated and killed Gar Saxon.

Sabine combined forces with the rest of clan Wren and the Spectres to save Alrich and ambushed the royal convoy carrying the prisoners. Alrich was forced to take up arms alongside Sabine when she agreed to destroy the arc pulse generator called the Duchess, which she invented while serving as an Imperial cadet.

Alrich’s fate after the massacre of Mandalore remains unknown. Sabine still feels guilty for some of the events that led to Mandalore’s destruction, and her family’s death could be part of that, although it hasn’t been revealed in ‘Ahsoka.’

Who else is Sabine related to?

Ursa and Sabine Wren

Sabine’s mother, Countess Ursa Wren, is the leader of Clan Wren. Like Ahsoka and Hera, Ursa has a frosty relationship with Sabine. Ursa decided to denounce Sabine when the latter spoke against the Empire in a bid to protect her family and the clan.

Ursa Wren was also a member of the terrorist organization called the Death Watch, which opposed Satine Kryze’s pacifist rule. She is a seasoned warrior and capable leader who always focuses on what is right for Clan Wren, even if it means sacrificing her family.

In ‘Rebels,’ She was willing to turn in Sabine and her rebel friends to Gar Saxon to buy Clan Wren more favor with the Empire. However, when Gar Saxon tried to kill Sabine after she beat him in single combat and won the Darksaber the Mandalorian way, Ursa killed him. So, despite her tough love, Ursa respects Mandalorian warrior culture and also loves her family.

Ursa’s treatment of Sabine is somewhat unfair, though, because while she insisted on Sabine winning Darksaber in combat, she didn’t protest when she gave it to Bo-Katan, who hadn’t fought for it. Ursa actually led Clan Wren to align with Bo-Katan afterward.


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Sabine’s other known relative is her younger brother Tristan, also introduced in ‘Star Wars Rebels.’ After Sabine joined the rebels, he was forced to join Gar Saxon’s Super Comandos and fight for the empire. However, Tristan was still close to his sister, unlike Ursa, who regarded Sabine as a traitor.

Tristan was leading the team of Commandos on a patrol when they shot down Sabine’s shuttle as she and the rebels came to Krownest to seek Clan Wren’s help. However, he didn’t know it was Sabine at the time. He later worked with Sabine and the rebels to defeat Gar Saxon’s forces.

How is Sabine connected to Din Djarin?

din djarin main The Mandalorian

Both Sabine and Din Djarin belong to House Vizsla. While Din Djarin is not originally from Mandalore, he is considered one after being saved by a member of House Vizsla and becoming a Foundling.

He started his own clan called Mudhorn, consisting of him and Grogu, as declared by the armorer in ‘The Mandalorian.’ However, there is no familial connection between Djarin and Sabine.

Din Djarin also joined Death Watch, which means he might have interacted with Clan Wren at some point. However, a meeting between Din Djarin and Sabine in the first season of ‘Ahsoka’ doesn’t seem likely. However, a meeting between the two Mandalorians is not off the cards in future episodes of ‘Ahsoka’ or ‘The Mandalorian.’

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