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Billy Oduory

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Billy Oduory is a professional entertainment writer and editor based in Nairobi, Kenya. He has a bachelor's degree in Information Systems from The University of Nairobi. He writes about all things entertainment, focusing on the biggest comic franchises in the industry, including Star Wars, Marvel, and DC comics. He has worked as a senior writer for,,, and He is also a freelance editor for multiple entertainment platforms, including and Fansided. His passion for entertainment sees him glued to the screens most of the time because whenever he is not watching the latest installment of The Flash or Avengers, he is working on the details of the latest comic release and answering the biggest questions that fans may have. He focuses on fine details, often missed by mainstream publications, from what is wrong with Captain America’s new costume to why The Flash probably needs to slow down. Billy believes in balancing passion and expert opinion to answer the real questions that fans have. His love for comics has seen him engage in most DC and MCU fan channels online to get the best angle on fan opinion for each article he writes.


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